Yamaha fg800

A perfect body and classical look. A standard design on a very affordable price.  It’s an FG series edition. It gives a warm tune to easily understand the string’s tune.

Why I Love Yamaha FG800

You don’t need to spend a long time to fall in love with this guitar. Though it’s a factory made guitar. After reviewing this FG800 it blows up our mind.

In any level of guitarist. They can’t help themselves to buy it and want to play it on their own.

In one word if you are looking for a guitar which produce warm tone, has lightweight, also well finished build quality. As well as don’t harm much on your pocket. And good for the money.

Then this is the perfect choice for you.

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Yamaha fg800 Acoustic Guitar

This Yamaha FG800 can be your classical choice among millions of guitar out in the market.

Every beginner, Intermediate & even Advanced Player search for this model.

So, it’s clear that this is the best acoustic guitar you can’t ignore to buy.

How It Sounds?

Effectively, to be honest I need to admit as a higher level beginner guitarist. ”I am really biased for estimating inexpensive acoustic guitar into getting cheap audio also. But Yamaha FG800 will not disappoint in any way! The noise is both well-balanced and tender at an identical moment. 

Even the Yamaha FG800’s dreadnought contour creates standard hot round of frequency array. Notably at the mid and lower. More over, the FG series was designed to continue to this purpose. Which the noise quality increases because it ages.

FG800 Is So Perfect For

  • Beginners who are only beginning to know the guitar.
  • Parents/grandparents who would like to Present their adolescent children/grandchildren a guitar to Get Started practicing.
  • Individuals who Want to Purchase a guitar for a Present.
  • Higher level guitarist who only want to get a guitar to do jamming and Training

Before Pursuing Know It's Pros & Cons


  • Guitar for the money.
  • Best for beginner.
  • Not needs daily tuning.(It is so stable).
  • Enjoy to play.
  • Feels comfort to play.
  • It produces clear bass as well as resonance.


  • Lightweight means not good tone wood.
  • No cutaway.
  • Lower fret board.
  • Advance player need some adjustment.

Yamaha FG800 Review

Grab The Best Quality Acoustic Guitar
Cutting Edge Technology

For this it has a great play ability.

Tone wood Option

It includes five grade featuring.

Dual Features

It comes with both acoustic & electric-acoustic model.

A Perfect Rhythm

Yamaha engineer makes a perfect simulation for it's rhythm.

Best Design

It's a Yamaha 50 Years celebration model.

Yamaha Guarantee

Yamaha makes sure that every FG series Guitar gets the best finishing.

Is Yamaha acoustic guitar good?

Let’s discuss about it. Why you should go for Yamaha FG800 acoustic guitar?

Body & Neck

Like similar model Yamaha FG830. This FG800 doesn't include aesthetic additions such as abalone rosette. But It still 25" non-cutaway dreadnought body.


It gets the higher components like FG830 model guitar. It increases the reliability, consistency and tone of this acoustic. At the bottom there is a rosewood bridge.


In a comparison for budget acoustic guitar. You will get the best sound quality on Yamaha FG800. Friendly speaking on a guitar under 200 this kinds of warn tone sound is so hard to believe.

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