Wondrous Rock Performance With Disney Rock Star Mickey

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Introduced as a cheerful, anthropomorphic black mouse with red shorts, yellow shoes, and white gloves, Mickey Mouse is probably one of the most recognizable animal characters that have been featured in comic books, movies, television series, and other merchandise by the Walt Disney Company.

Due to the popularity of Mickey Mouse, his character has been featured in many video games, hands-on game products, and interactive toys, among others.

The Disney rock star mickey is simply rocktastic! The toy is adorable with sweet facial expressions on the toy’s fabric-covered face. Fisher-Price made the toy’s guitar and shoes from hard plastic components so the Disney rock star mickey is likely to hold up amazingly well with average play by a toddler.

The toy is well constructed. You can see it from the way the doll is built. You are likely to find no loose, small parts that could pose choking hazards. Even teenagers and adult Disney fans would love having the Disney rock star mickey to add their collection.

Children ages 2 years & up would love to listen and watch Mickey kicks across the floor. Mickey will be happy to teach you new moves as well as classic ones to get you a step ahead of your dream of being a rock star! You can bob your head down while Mickey is singing his new tunes and sometimes dropping into a Mickey-Split.

Fisher-Price Master Moves Mickey (M3)
  • M3 wows his audience with 360 spins and his signature one-handed handstand, the Windmill
  • M3 has 8 original tracks to share with you, including the catchy beats: M-to-the-I Remix and Who's Da Mouse
  • Master Moves Mickey has over 15 dance moves to groove along to the music
  • Encourages energetic movement and learning through 4 action-packed dance lessons
  • Squeeze Mickey's nose to switch songs and moves and to activate interactive dances

Classic Rock Tunes with a Single Push.

Unlike many other plush Mickey toys, that only work as objects of affection for our little ones, this Disney rock star mickey mechanic plush toy works to get the children off the couch and listen to Mickey’s new tunes.

You can press his right foot and mickey would perform his classic rock tune, “You Really Got Me.” Simply press the right foot once more to see how mickey sings “M to the I Rock Star Remix.” Get the children to watch it jamming on the floor, kicking out his best moves, delivering an energetic performance of genuine rock star while humming clever, mouse-style lyrics.

Learn How to Move Like Mickey.

What if the song were finished before you can learn all his entire moves? Relax, you can press his nose to learn how Mickey kicks or bop his head. It enables children, teenagers, and adults to learn how to move like Mickey by pressing his nose.

In total, Mickey introduces four moves that would get you on your feet. The Head-Bop and the Kick-Step might be the easiest moves, while the Mickey-Split might require more practice from you! Mickey can even play guitar using his snout! To learn his moves, all you need to do is push the nose and follow the steps.

Rock Band Duet.

Now you can be a rock star too! You can buy the Rock Guitar which is sold separately, play the guitar, and start a rock duet with mickey. Have you learned how to tune a guitar? Mickey can teach you how by pressing his nose.

When every string has been tuned up, Mickey would be off rocking the world once again, playing cool music, saying phrases, and jamming on his string equipment. Mickey has taught you about how to do classic rock n’ roll moves in style, and it is your turn to show him your moves, and how to do it right!

In the box.

You can find Disney Rock Star Mickey along with plastic, non-removable sunglasses, a guitar, four AA batteries, and instructions for use. Recommended Ages for 2 Years & Up.

Lambs & Ivy Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Musical Crib Mobile, Pink/Gray
  • Lamb & Ivy Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Musical Crib Mobile, Pink/Gray
  • Imported
  • The Minnie Mouse Musical Mobile is centered around two stylish Minnie's wearing pink polka dot dresses and bows with solid pink shoes and white gloves
  • Ring mobile is covered in a pink ground with moons, stars, and bows
  • Plays for 20 minutes, has an on/off switch and volume control

Product Features:

• A couple of classic rock tunes You Really Got Me and M to the I Rock Star Remix.

• Easy moves to follow.
• Four moves: Head-Bop, the Kick-Step, the Mickey-Split.

• Interactive Disney rock star mickey.

• Mickey plays the guitar with his nose.

• Simple mechanism; press right foot and Mickey sings press nose and Mickey teaches you his moves.

• You can start a band using separate Rock Star Guitar, which is sold separately.

• dimensions 8.5 x 7 x 13.2 inches; 2 pounds.

• Requires four A3 batteries, which are included. Phillips-head screwdriver to replace batteries.
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