Wish You Were Here Tabs – How to Play the Melody on Your Guitar

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Wish You Were Here tabs is one of those song and tabs all guitarists would love to learn I am sure. In this article i will shall you just that. To be precise, I will show you how to play the recognized melody from the Wish You Were Here tabs on your guitar. So let’s make a start.

This melody is formed around the open G major chord so it is easier to form that chord and play around that chord.

1. Pick the 3rd fret, 1st E string.

2. Then play the open A (2nd) string and then hammer on the same string.

3. Play the open D string (3rd string) and then play the same string at the 2nd fret

4. Play the open G string (4th string)

5. Next form a G string and then just play the top half of this chord strumming three times with the top being the thinnest strings (this looks like the bottom when playing) and the strum fretting the 2nd fret, D string once and then back strumming the top end of the open G chord again for a couple of times.

6. Play the open G string followed by the 2nd fret D string.

7. Again play the open D string followed by strumming the top end of the open G chord for a couple strums.

8. Repeat this whole thing again a couple of more times this over again –

And that is it for the Wish You Were Here tabs melody. In the proper version variations are made around these notes but the overall melody is the same. David Gilmour never plays this the same twice, he improvises around the main notes!

Use an acoustic guitar for this however, officially this melody and intro is performed using two acoustic guitars with the second being a 12 string acoustic.

Source by Ameen Jabbar


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