Using a Chromatic Tuner for Better Performance of Your Guitar

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Whether you are practicing or performing, you want your songs to be perfect. This makes a difference in your ability to progress as a musician and to invite your waiting fans into enjoyable music as a professional musician. The first key to the perfect approach with your music is to use a chromatic tuner. This makes a difference in how you sound to others and can help you to stay at a perfect pitch during every rehearsal or performance.

A chromatic tuner for a guitar is able to tune every string to the exact frequency it is supposed to be played at. More important, if you decide to have a different tuning, you can use a chromatic tuner to change the key that you are in or to alter one of the strings. This allows you to have a perfected sound with every practice. You then have the ability to play in any key signature and at the right tones with your guitar.

There is a large difference between using a chromatic tuner for your guitar and using your ear. There are many musicians that decide to tune by ear, using the lowest string on the guitar for tuning. However, if this particular tone is off, then the rest of the guitar is going to be off pitch. This often occurs because the strings stretch or change after playing for a short period of time. If you continue to tune in this way, then the guitar may even begin to slide into playing in a completely different key, making it difficult for you to sing and play at the same time and causing the chords and structure of the song to sound different.

There are also other problems that often occur when tuning by ear. Even if you have perfect pitch, tuning from one string to another can cause the strings to not be at the perfect resonance that they would be with a chromatic tuner. Even if your strings are slightly sharp or flat, it causes the chord progressions and tones to sound amateur. By using a tuner, you will avoid the slight problems that can lead to your entire song sounding like it is off key.

When you use a chromatic tuner for your guitar, you will find that it is easier to listen to any song you are playing. If a string is slightly off, then the chord or progression may sound like it is perfect. However, you will find that when the string is tuned exactly, any missed note or chord will stand out. This allows you to make every practice session perfect.

If you are working on perfecting the craft of music, then you can begin with the proper preparations. Working with a chromatic tuner can help you to create the perfect song while truly expressing yourself in every performance. The accuracy and effectiveness of a tuner is one that exceeds tuning by ear and allows you to boost every performance to the next level of professionalism.

Source by Debbie Barak


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