Top 6 Best Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Top 6 Best Acoustic Guitar Pickups

List of best acoustic guitar pickups 2019.

We shortlist some item for you

  1. Fishman Rare Earth Blend.

  2. Seymour Duncan.

  3. Dean Markley.

  4. Fishman Neo buster.

  5. Piezo.

  6. Luvay.

The Fishman Rare Earth Blend guitar pickups.

The Fishman Rare Earth Blend an improved microphone offers a warmer. More naturally acoustic guitar pickups tone. Easily accessible the microphone provides easy regulation for better sound capture. For unmatched sound quality and ease of use. It’s hard to beat the performance of Fishman Rare Earth Blend.

The Fishman Rare Earth Blend features neodymium magnets. That provides excellent balance while the pickup delivers low noise. Technology and discreet pickup circuit design. To keep the sound neat and clean with a smooth response over the entire frequency range.

Fishman Rare guitar pickups.


  1. Optimized for the smoother treble response and a warmer, more naturally acoustic tone.
  2. Active electronics and neodymium magnet structure.
  3. Flexible cardioids microphone and microphone pickup control mix.
  4. Assemble miniature batteries conveniently at the bottom of the pickup.
  5. Current bass pre-amp design allows up to 150 hours between battery changes.
  6. Newly designed mounting system and ergonomic body shape.
  7. Output socket Pre-wired can also be mounted endpin.
  8. Easy installation without change – plug-and-play right out of the box.
  9. Output Impedance 1k Ohm.
  10. Recommended 10k Minimum impedance load, Ohm.
  11. 3.6V Supply Voltage 3.0.
  12. Rare Earth Blend.
  13. Maximum Power Level -6dBu RMS.
  14. Noise Level Output <-98dBu RMS, weighted.
  15. 1.1mA Current Consumption.
  16. Battery life> 110 hours.

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The Seymour Duncan guitar pickups.

The Seymour Duncan SA-3SC Woody Pickup is an individual coil pickup. That discreetly fits into almost any acoustic guitar mouth and passively amplifies the sound. This is an easier and more affordable alternative for a microphone amplification setup. While providing the same great response and moderate output. Ideal for the guitar and delicate fingerstyle playing.

Seymour Duncan guitar pickups


  1. Quick assembly mouth, passive, magnetic pickup.
  2. Boca adapts from 3.85 “to 4.10”.
  3. Single Coil.
  4. Moderate output.
  5. Instant-assembly.
  6. Housed in walnut and double potted cover.
  7. Clear and clear tone.
  8. Ideal for strumming and delicate fingerstyle playing.
  9. Includes 14 ‘studio quality cable.
  10. Work with any guitar amplifier or plugged directly into mixing systems or consoles.

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Piezo pickup guitar pickups.

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  1. Violin Silent Violin EQ Pick Up System.
  2. volume and control tone line 3.5mm knobsWith, MIC.
  3. A 9V battery (not included) Material PlasticSize.
  4. Table: Approx. 8.7×5.4x2cm / 3.43×2.13×0.79inch.
  5. Package includes 1x Collect System Headset.
  6. Cable: Due to the difference between different monitors.

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Dean Markley guitar pickups.

Dean Markley ProMag XM pickup for mouth guitar Product no 9000-0005-warranty period. This product only has a warranty against manufacturing defects.

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The Dean Markley ProMag XM mouth pickup is based on the SC-1 ProMag Plus. But with a female jack instead of a male jack. The jack connector you connect to the strap button. Which is where the cable jack normally connects. In this way, you can disconnect the guitar from the amplifier. Or the mixer without having to disconnect the pickup from the mouth. This MX pickup provides the same sound like the famous Plus.


  1. The number of strings 6.
  2. Passive pickup.
  3. Klankgat type tablet.
  4. Weight and dimensions include the package.
  5. Weight (including package) 100 gr.
  6. Dimensions (including package) 15,0 x 16,0x 4,0 cm.
  7. Product characteristics.
  8. Pickup for mouth guitar.
  9. For: acoustic guitar.
  10. Cable with 6.35 mm female jack.
  11. Connects to the strap button.

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Luvay guitar pickup.


  1. Adjustable volume, with a control button.
  2. Fit for most instruments, such as guitar, ukulele, violin, etc.
  3. Easy to install, it can be stuck near the sound hole with auto-adhesive.
  4. The mini design comes with 10 feet of cable amplifier and 4 x stickers, good sound quality / clear/crisp.
  5. Far from feedback squeak, all our products are from the United States SKU 30081830912.

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guitar pickups

Fishman Neo buster guitar pickups.


Microphone for acoustic guitars.


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  1. For acoustic guitars with steel strings, with integrated anti-feedback, passive system.
  2. Neodymium magnets, easy installation, it is not necessary to alter the instrument.
  3. It adjusts to approx. . . . 101mm (4 “) diameter.
  4. 3m cable with 1/4″ connector.
  5. Fishman’s Neo-Buster combines the popular Neo-D single coil passive pickup with an anti-feedback mouthpiece.
  6. A great acoustic tone, even in situations of high volumes.
  7. This single coil has the same neodymium magnet.
  8. Its low profile and high impedance design do not need a battery.
  9. If you need to play in high volume situations. The integrated mouth cover reduces the buildup of energy inside the mouth.
  10. Made of a flexible elastomeric, it does not require tools for installation and does not react with most finishes.

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How to install a Fishman matrix infinity.

The upper choices are the best acoustic guitar soundhole pickups.

It may seem a contradiction to want to mount electromagnetic guitar pickups on an acoustic guitar. After all, you get one to play in environments and circumstances. And when weighing between different models, it is clear that what is sought is that characteristic and. In some way, pure tone that is generated by the mere interaction between fingers, strings, wood and resonance box. What we have ended up calling the natural tone of an acoustic guitar.

Acoustic guitar pickups buyers guide.

Why, then, add an electrifying element to an equation as old as the first string instruments? The answer lies in contemporary reality. That is to say, from a few decades ago to today – the direct one. To record an acoustic guitar in a studio, you only need to choose a good mic. Or a couple of them, place it carefully in the most appropriate position to capture the nuances. That you want to capture from the instrument and give it to REC.

Live things have been complicated for a long time. Not only is it not very practical to use the same microphone technique on a stage. Especially if our guitarist wants to move minimally. The microphone is an indispensable condition due to the size of the room and the audience. It is also very common to encounter feedback problems, especially when there are monitors in between. And to a large extent, that’s why the need arose to find alternatives to amplify an acoustic guitar. What happened to add some type of transducer? That is a pill.

However, the main challenge facing different solutions. That has been applied to solve this need has always been basically the same. That the tone, that timbre that we said natural and pure, was not adulterated. Or not much. Today, fortunately, we are already at a point where among the main options in the market. Almost any guitarist can find one that satisfies their demands and pleases their ears. Without feeling that its precious acoustics is being mistreated without mercy when amplified.

If you, a dear reader on the other side of the screen, find yourself facing that same need. These are the different types of pills that you will find out there.

Pills in the resonator.

They are the oldest. Also, those that many guitarists revile for the sound they produce. But, on the other hand, are those that. In general, are easier to install on an immaculate guitar and whose installation is not permanent. Quite the contrary, they are easy to put on and take off.

They became popular in the 1960s and, as their name suggests. It is coupled to the acoustic resonator hole itself. These have the shape of a traditional tablet. Although some brands opt for aesthetics closer to wood than to the industrial magnet. And like these, they capture the vibrations of the strings and transform them into electrical impulses that are then amplified. For this, precisely, they are also those that offer a less natural and more electric tone. That’s why they are being reviled by some guitarists. Who is looking for an unadulterated acoustic tone?

Contact transducers.

They are the other option that can be easily installed and uninstalled. Whenever done outside of course. It is a small transducer. Usually the size and shape of a coin, which is attached or pasted directly on the acoustic cover. This vibrates also when we play the guitar, and that captures that vibration and. You can imagine how the thing goes, transforms it into an electrical signal. In systems designed to capture more shades. Several are used in different points of the lid. And when we highlight the “outside”, it is because. Just as they can be installed on the cover. It is also possible to do it below if a more permanent and protected installation is sought.

Guitar Pickups Pads under the bridge.

Also called endorsable pickup, if you browse websites of manufacturers in English. They are today, the most popular system to amplify an acoustic guitar. They also work by contact, since, like the previous ones, they are made of a piezoelectric material. But unlike those, they are located in the saddle of the bridge. Or under it, or rather. That is where they pick up the vibrations so that the material they are made of. Electrically charged, transforms them into electrical impulses.

The advantages, beyond the obvious ones because of their barely perceptible location to any non-expert eye. Is that they tend to offer a brighter sound, respecting more the nuances of the timbre of our acoustics. They also minimize potential feedback problems. They are somewhat more expensive than surface piezo pieces. But generally, incorporate some preamp system that multiplies the available options.

Guitar pickups Internal microphones.

Finally, the most respectful option with the tone of our guitar. But also the most expensive. Is a system that directly mounts a microphone inside the body of the guitar. Although they may be somewhat more prone to feedback. The timbre is translated in a much more natural way, offering a signal rich in nuances. Some systems in the market. In addition, combine a microphone with a piezo in the bridge. Allowing to combine to taste both signals in search of the final amplified acoustic tone.

You also want to know about the guitar tuner. We have made the right choice for you.

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