Things to Remember When Buying a New Guitar

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Buying a beginning guitar can be a tricky problem for a new guitar student. Sometimes it can be a hard job to find a guitar that will last through many years of practice and performance. In this article you will find some guidelines to find a guitar that is comfortable, produces nice sounds while remains on the budget.

The first step is determining the style of guitar you would like to learn; the electric, acoustic or classical guitar. The choice of your guitar will vary according to the style you would like to implement. The choice of strings will also vary depending on the type of guitar and the type of music you play. But as a general rule, nylon strings are preferred by many beginning guitarists since they are easier on the fingertips until calluses which helps to produce clearer sounds with less effort as you press on the strings will develop on your finger tips.

Another important factor when choosing a guitar is the width of the neck. Whereas acoustic guitars have narrow necks with easy to grip and play feature, the classical guitars have thick necks which may be challenging for the beginner students. The height of the strings above the frets on the neck is also important because it can be hard to press the strings and thus produce a quality sound when the strings are far from the neck of the guitar. Make sure you measure the height of the strings where the neck and body of the guitar met and is around the ideal height of 1/8.

When buying a new guitar, you should also consider purchasing a case if you intend on travelling with your guitar for lessons or performances. There are two kinds of cases on the market; soft covers which are much lighter and cheaper than the hard cases which are heavier and more expensive but will provide a better protection against outside forces. Depending on the type of guitar you want to buy, you may need some extra accessories as well such as an amplifier and cord for an electric guitar, and also you may need guitar picks and extra strings and strap for all types.

The price range is another big problem when deciding which guitar to purchase. Cheap ones may give you a poor quality guitar sound which may frustrate you. So always keep in mind that you purchase an investment. As you test and play different guitars before purchasing it, you better be flexible with the price as you might find a really good one for yourself. In case you cannot afford the price of a new guitar, you may purchase a used guitar as well. In such cases extra attention should be given to check the condition of the instrument; i.e. you examine it for any cracks, damage or other defects that may affect the sound of the guitar.

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