The Truth About Online Christian Guitar Chords and Lessons

by | Dec, 2019 | Blog

Have you always dreamed of learning to play worship guitar but did not know where to begin? To learn worship guitar is a desire of many Christians and others to express their love for God through music and lead others in worship to the throne of God.

However, the thought of learning to play worship guitar overwhelms beginners and even those who already play guitar. There are many resources online offering Christian guitar lessons out there but very few of them address the issues that make learning difficult for those of us who have never touched a guitar before.

I want to give you some things you must look for when choosing which online guitar course so you will know which one is right for you. I am going to list 4 main points that will help you in your quest for the right course for you.

  • 1) Starting point.

The daunting task of learning to play worship guitar can really turn you away. Even before you get started because so many courses don’t really tell you HOW they will go about teaching you to play.

When a student begins, instead of jumping right into teaching scales, and fancy tricks and styles. Students need to be given the big picture of how the instrument is used in the context of worship.

Worship guitar is unique and its application should be understood from the very beginning. Those who take the time to teach this have realized tremendous success in relaying the mechanics of how to play the guitar to their students.

Many students have found that they are quite successful in a short period of time once these concepts are learned. Also, students should not be overloaded with too much information.

Scales and workouts are good and will be needed but to a new player. This can be boring and does not inspire one to learn because the student does not see how this will be used to play songs.

  • 2) Costs.

Taking Christian guitar lessons shouldn’t break your budget. Sitting down with a one-on-one teacher costs a lot of money. $ 40 to $ 60 per hour on average. Teachers are paid for the time to give a lesson.

If you need to work on or practice anything with the teacher. You are going to pay more to them depending on how much time they spend with you. The alternative to this costly method is to go online.

There are some great online courses that are extremely effective in teaching students how to play their favorite songs. While being very easy to follow and effectively helping the student understand various applications and musical styles attributed to worship guitar playing.

Understanding how chord patterns and changes work together. And how they interrelate to each other helps the student understand the concept. That will have them learning and playing songs much faster and in some cases.

Even memorizing chord patterns to some degree and not even looking at a song sheet after a few times playing through it. That is really exciting for a new student! All this while not paying extra for each time they want to learn something new. Some online courses charge a recurring monthly membership fee while others do not.

  • 3) How do we get there?

How do we achieve the goal? Let’s face it, lessons are not a walk in the park. You will have to apply yourself and learn. So there will be a challenge. But you shouldn’t be left on your own as to how and where to go next.

You should decide on your own heart and mind what you want to accomplish and how much time you will spend to accomplish your goals. Many courses don’t do a good job of leading you in the right direction to help you accomplish your goals.

The lesson plan should lead you down a clear path to help you meet your desired goals in a realistic time frame. To ensure success and avoid burning out, the lessons should be well mapped out so that all you have to do is learn.

The other thing that is really important to new students is being able to watch and learn and be able to repeat the process over. And over until it is mastered before moving on. This is the beauty of learning online and at your own pace.

  • 4) Playing Songs.

How many times have you learned a bit of this song and a bit of that song? Never really being able to learn a song all the way through? Because you were limited by how many chords you knew, this is why many students get frustrated and give up.

The other thing that is frustrating is taking the time to go online. Search for Christian guitar chords to your favorite worship song to learn. Only find out it’s too hard because there are chords you don’t know or better yet.

The chords are in the wrong place on the sheet over the wrong words making it near impossible. And frustrating to make it sound right when you play it. Sound familiar? What about how to strum it?

Many lessons don’t teach how to strum or give strumming patterns to the songs being taught. Well, there is hope for you.
Source by Dean Palacio