The New & quot || Best of James Taylor For Guitar & quot Tab Book

by | Dec, 2019 | Blog

For anyone wanting to learn how to play some of the most famous songs by James Taylor, this book is worth looking at. It’s written in guitar TAB so you’ll get highly accurate notations for all the chords along with the complete lyric sets for every track.

The tracks include Country Road, Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight, Fire and Rain, Shower the People, Steamroller, Sweet Baby James, You’ve Got a Friend and Your Smiling Face among others.

The greatest difficulty when learning how to play tracks by James Taylor is the intricate fingerstyle applications used throughout the chords. Unless you have a well-developed ear for guitar then trying to learn these directly off the record would probably only result in a lot of frustration. This book can save you a lot of time and heartache!

I would also recommend that you invest in dedicated fingerstyle lessons as your technique will need to be developed and secure to stand a reasonable chance of being able to play these songs.

If your fingerstyle playing is not developed or you learned in an incorrect manner you’ll really struggle to get the most out of all this book has to offer.

As with most TAB books, it’s very useful to have the real recordings available to play next to you while you’re your learning.

This will help you a lot in terms of being able to hear the rhythm and timing aspects of each track. Often TAB as a medium for notating guitar does not do a good job in this respect.

Finally, make sure you learn small sections at a time, use a pencil to mark off where you are and progress slowly each day. The slower you practice the better the end result will be.
Source by Payo W Perry