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The GX700 Multi-Effects Guitar Processor From Boss

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Boss is an extension of the Roland Corporation, one of the largest and most well-known producers of musical instruments in the world. Products released under the Boss trademark tend to be focused toward the guitar-oriented market. One example is the Boss GX-700, which was released in 1996 and at the time was Boss’ flagship multi-effects processor.

With an original price tag of £495, the GX-700 was engineered to give professional musicians a selection of standard and modulation effects, all integrated into a single rack-mounted unit.

Included on the Boss GX-700 are a number of typical effects such as noise gate, tremolo/pan, compressor/limiter, delay, reverb, noise suppressor, overdrive/distortion and chorus. Some less ordinary effects made their way onto the unit as well, like a preamp, speaker simulator, wah, 3-band equalizer and various modulation effects (flanger, phaser, pitch shifter, harmonist, vibrato, ring modulator, humanizer). However, only a single modulation effect may be enabled at once.

One feature not commonly found on other effects processors in the same price range is that distortion is generated using analog circuitry. Another plus of the GX-700 is that users may link effects into an effects chain. The unit sets a default order of the effects but it can be rearranged so you can apply the effects in any order you chose.

Besides the aforementioned effects, the GX-700 also includes a chromatic tuner, which is especially useful for guitarists.

The preset effects on the GX-700 are designed specifically with guitar players in mind. Particularly, its distortion and amp simulators have been widely-used by rock and metal guitarists. An unlikely side effect of including such harsh distortion effects on the unit has been the widespread use of these same by various industrial bands for processing both vocals and instrumentals.

Source by Taylor P.

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