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So you are a wannabe guitarist? That’s pretty cool! Now guess what? You are reading exactly the matter which you should have read long before weaving here and there over the web in search of some titbits about guitar lessons.

You may consider learning guitar to be easy just because of few chords and 6 strings you need to deal with but while you dive into it, things may be turn the other way round. This is not to demoralize people but to state the fact of reality. Besides hard work and dedication, you further need the right track to steer into the world of possibilities. I won’t promise you to make an entry into your favourite band as lead guitarist, but of course you can have a kick start to your guitarist life.

  • Mission I-m-possible one: Choose your guitar. Whether acoustic, electric or bass guitar. Whether the bass guitarist or the lead. Ask your mind.
  • Mission I-m-possible two: Set your budget. Although your first guitar, but I will personally suggest to get a second hand. What if you get employed within the FBI? You aren’t going to have that much of time for your guitar lessons. So, waste-proof your money. But try not to get a junk for those cash.
  • Mission I-m-possible three: Since you have a guitar in your hands, you would try surfing through infinite websites for some guitar tutorials which plenty of young wannabe rock-stars do. Don’t do it. I suggest, set your thoughts apart, and seek guidance. Yes, some YouTube videos are well created to show you the way to get started with the guitar. Some websites do have a paid package of whole guitar course. You can search for those sites, compare and ask for some expert reviews before you try those. You can go for some tutors who may teach you few days in a week.

Considering your budget you can give it a second thought, however obtaining those lessons in person may also do the trick. The tutor can help you rectify any mistakes which you might not even consider or may not even feel what was wrong. Online video tutorials, the current trend is good as you can view it, hear it and replicate the moves. Pause it, replay it until you get hold of it. I won’t suggest any books for this, although there are several out there written excellently. Yeah right, books are boring, I heard you!

  • Mission I-m-possible four: Beware of the old saying, practice makes perfect. So practice, practice and practice. No matter if you work for Mr Laden or Mr Obama, you have to get some time for those strings. Never avoid tracks that you discover tough to play. While you have some of those tracks, this is where some expert tutor or that local guitar guy can come handy.

You may stumble upon for some time committing mistakes and just not getting the tune. But never give up. It’s said that failures are the pillars of success (I don’t know precisely how many!). Try to learn from those mistakes and avoid repeating those. Drop the idea that only online videos or weekend classes alone can make you a proficient guitarist. Mix all of those processes, try talking and breathing guitar. And avoid rushing things up. It’s always the slow and the steady who wins the race.

Finally you have read all the methodologies to follow and you are now ready to invest a time span for being a guitarist. If not possible to be a popular guitarist for the crowd, at least you can be that popular among your friends, kids and grandkids in your good days to come. Strings up!

Source by Mark S Cooper


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