The 6 Best Looking Guitar Cases

by | Dec, 2019 | Blog

As you read this I would like you to think of your guitar case. Is it a bland solid color with nothing special? If you said yes to this you are like almost every other guitar player there is.

If you want to be different you can start by getting an exciting case. What you keep your guitar in can say a lot about the player.

The options that I am going to be talking about are what to be considered hybrid meaning they are meant for all different types of electric guitars.

These can be very useful in all sorts of situations especially. If you are a part of a band and you have an assortment of songs where some might require different guitars.

Best Looking Guitar Cases.

That you prefer to play for each song or maybe even if you are in a band that uses different tunings between songs.

If you buy a few of these cases for your separate guitars. You can then keep your guitars tuned the same way at all times and switch guitars between sets instead of having to tune them to the new settings.

So which hybrid are we talking about here anyway? Well, the Phitz hybrid case is my favorite of them all. It is a hard shell with the ability to protect Stratocaster, telecaster, and supertaster body styles so if you have a guitar like one from the Ibanez RG series or a Fender Stratocaster the Phitz Hybrid Hard Case will work for you.

This case also features very nice compartments on the inside where you can keep an assortment of things such as picks, tuners, straps, or even extra tablature paper. The material that this case is made out of is also very nice and durable.

Leaving your guitars in a super safe state no matter where you keep the case. You can throw it in the back of your tour van, on the floor of your room, or even toss it in the attic and you can guarantee that your guitar will be safe.

The Fitz Hybrid Guitar case also comes in very cool and unique patterns really allowing you to stand out. So not only is it functional but it looks really really good at the same time.

If you have more than one guitar that you play consistently at a time, I would highly recommend you give any Phitz Hybrid case a chance as it is a great all-around case and will allow you to look amazing while jamming out.
Source by Alex Cawley