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We all know the name and reputation of this brand. Why do I like this one most? Because I will get the exact quality that I pay for. With excellent design and build quality.

Taylor’s brand is also famous for its high quality and low pricing acoustic guitar. I personally like all the GS mini category.

I personally have the Taylor GS mini. That’s why I review this guitar for you. I know what are you looking for.

The main fact is you can get a thousand dollar guitar features in just 500$. This guitar is the finest tuning and easiest guitar in the market now.

  • When Taylor Guitars introduced the Baby Taylor, a 3/4-size dreadnought.
  • In 1996, it well-tried that scaled-down guitar designed for travelers or youngsters.

Maybe well-built, attractive, and extremely playable—and a lot of significantly, they may sound sensible.

Here are some different models also.

Taylor GS Mini-e Walnut/Spruce Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
Body Body type: Grand Symphony Cutaway: No Top wood: Solid Sitka Spruce Back & sides: Layered Walnut Bracing pattern: GS Mini with Relief Rout Body finish: Matte 2.0 Varnish Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: Taylor GS Mini Profile Nut width: 1.687 in. (42.8 mm) Fingerboard: Genuine African Ebony Neck wood: Sapele Scale length: 23.5 in. Number of frets: 20 Neck finish
Taylor Guitars GS Mini-e Walnut Left-Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Layered Walnut Back & Sides with Solid Sitka Spruce Top
Taylor Limited Edition 114ce-N - Natural with Ovangkol Back Sides
6-string Acoustic-electric Nylon-string Guitar with Solid Sitka Spruce Top

Taylor GS Mini Review.

This model is considered to be the easiest to understand and easy to play especially for the newbie also. Once experimenting with variations on Baby’s bracing. Prime thickness, and different specs.

Taylor and Merchandise developer David Judd refocused their attention on the company’s grand symphony (GS) body.


  • GS Mini-e Acoustic-Electric Bass Regular Natural.
  • Taylor GS Mini’s scaled downsize.
  • Impressive voice of a full-size instrument.
  • That mix has proven to be a winning combination.
  • It’s not too big and it’s not too expensive.
  • Scaled Down Grand Symphony Body.
  • Sitka Spruce Top with Layered Rosewood Back and Sides.
  • Includes GS Mini Hard Bag.

Form hoping to capture its solid bass and made tone in an exceedingly diminutive instrument.

Taylor gs mini review koa

Caution About Taylor GS Mini Review 2020 1

A smaller variation of the GS body form and engineered with straightforward woods. With a worth around $500. The corporation additionally introduced some accessories.

The ES-Go (an easy-to-install, GS Mini–specific soundhole pickup). And Taylor V-Cable (a 1/4-inch cable with intrinsic volume control).

And ES-Go pickup in action. On the couch, outdoors, and at a music pageant.

Taylor 214ce Grand Auditorium Sitka/Koa Laminate ES2 w/Hardshell Bag
  • Body Body type: Taylor Grand Auditorium Cutaway: Yes - Venetian Top wood: Solid Sitka Spruce Back & sides: Layered Rosewood Bracing pattern: Taylor Standard II Bracing (Forward Shift Pattern) Body finish: Gloss 6.0 Top, Satin 5.0 Back and Sides Orientation: Right-Handed Neck Neck shape: Standard Taylor Profile Nut width: 1 11/16" (42.8mm) Fingerboard: Genuine African Ebony Neck wood: Sapele Scale length: 25 1/2"

Big Sound Comes in tiny Packages.

The GS Mini’s deep body not solely makes it want a life-sized stringed instrument. It additionally makes it sound sort of a life-sized guitar.

But gently I strummed the stringed instrument. It matched my effort with equal volume.

Strummed softly or with a medium attack, the mini produces heat. The clear tone that slightly favors the mid-range however with bright trebles and a fashionable bass.

Our review stringed instrument came with a low, factory set action. That created it straightforward to play.

However, a lot of aggressive players would possibly need to boost the action.

The sound begins to interrupt up, particularly within the bass.

Creating it a much better suited enjoying solo or in an exceedingly tiny cluster. Than single-handed supporting a bluegrass jam, for instance.

I used the GS mini to back myself up at a vocal workshop. And therefore the amplified tone. I totally supported my singing and carried across 10 yards of grass to the attendees.

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar , Sapele, Mahogany Top
  • "Body Body type: Taylor Grand Symphony Mini Cutaway: No Top wood: Solid Mahogany Back & sides: Layered Sapele Bracing pattern: GS Mini With Relief Rout Body finish: Matte 2.0 Orientation: Right-handed Neck Neck shape: Taylor GS Mini Profile Nut width: 1-11/16"" (42.8mm) Fingerboard: Genuine African Ebony Neck wood: Sapele Scale length: 23-1/2"" Number of frets: 20 Neck finish: Matte 2.0 Electronics"
  • "There's something undeniably inviting about the Taylor GS Mini's scaled-down size, yet a single strum reveals the impressive voice of a full-size guitar
  • That mix of portability and musicality has proven to be a winning combination that fits into so many scenarios in life, from the couch to the campfire to the concert hall
  • It's not too big, it's not too precious, and it's not too expensive
  • That broad-based accessibility has given it a resounding universal appeal, not to mention a built-in fun factor

As I flat picked fiddle tunes, the notes were crisp and clear. Articulating the melody on all six strings.

This snappy tone helps bass runs rise higher than ringing chords. And additionally suits less busy melodies, like bluesy single-line riffs.

Quick runs pop off the string, however long notes control for as long as I needed them to.

Though’ sometimes I had to use palm-muting to induce a cleaner sound. The sustain fills within the chords on cross-picked tunes, and on “Norwegian Wood”.

It’s straightforward to induce the robust drone higher than dynamic bass notes.

The outstanding mid-range brings a punch to jazz chords. Which, with the guitar’s comfy works setup and neck, area unit straightforward to play up and down the fingerboard.

I fingerpick with a lightweight bit. However, I used to be able to effortlessly get a balanced, even tone.

And that I extremely appreciated the full-sounding bass. no matter what I threw at the GS mini, it handled with poise.

ES-Go: Install, Plug-In, and Play.

Taylor sent our review stringed instrument with the ES-Go, a magnetic. Stacked-hum bucking soundhole pickup supported the company’s Expression System technology.

However, designed specifically for the GS mini (and sold-out one by one for $98).

Per Taylor, “all you would like could be a screwdriver and some minutes” to put in the ES-Go.

Designed to be visually unnoticeable, the black pickup clips into a bracket. Within the stringed instrument below the fingerboard then floats within the soundhole.

Instead of clamping onto the perimeters like most soundhole pickups. Even for a novice like Pine Tree State.

It took a fast and painless twelve minutes to loosen and take away the strings, swap out the endpin.

Get the pickup within the stringed instrument, and tune the instrument to keep a copy.

I obstructed the stringed instrument into a Fender Blues Junior amp. And with the bass, mid, and treble controls straight up.

I may barely hear the bass notes through the amp. The pickup itself has no controls.

Therefore, I cranked the bass on the amp all the far. Dialed the treble all the way down to regarding 10 o’clock.

And turned the degree up 2 a lot of notches. To match the plugged-in voice to the balanced acoustic voice.

The resonant frequencies of the GS mini. That gave it such a satisfying sustain acoustically were amplified by the Blues Junior.

However, palm muting and different minor technique. Changes helped Pine Tree State get a clean sound.

Once I tried it with associate degree AER Compact sixty amp. Those resonant frequencies disappeared, however, the sustain remained.

I turned the bass up to regarding 3 o’clock to even out the tone. That was a lot of pleasing than that of the many under saddle pickups I’ve detected.

Ideal for Road Warriors and Couch Potatoes.

The couch-, car-, and airplane-friendly compact size of the GS mini makes it a good go-anywhere.

A stringed instrument for frequent travelers. Out of doors varieties, and even living-room pickers.

With its wide dynamic vary, clear tone, long sustain, and reasonable worth. It’s a satisfying and fun stringed instrument to strum, fingerpick.

Or flat-pack and would be a good second. Or even first guitar for any player World Health Organization must have a high-quality instrument invariably accessible.

Taylor Academy 12e Grand Concert Sitka Spruce/Sapele w/Maple Neck and Gig Bag
  • 6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar with Sitka Spruce Top
  • Tayl ES-B Electronics - Natural Satin
  • Layered Sapele Back Sides
  • Hard Rock Maple Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard


GS mini body size: Solid Picea sitchensis prime. Laminate Sapele back and sides.

Sapele neck: Ebony fingerboard and bridge. X-braced prime, bracelets arched back.

Nub one nut and saddle: 23.5-inch scale. 111/16-inch nut dimension. 21/4-inch string spacing at the saddle. textile end.

Chrome tuners: Elixir medium-gauge Nano-web strings. created in the United Mexican States.

Inspection of Taylor GS-Mini.

Herein this specific Taylor GS Mini review article. You can know the reason why that really is hailed as an exceptional multipurpose instructional instrument.

The moment it has to do with learning just how you can play beginners. Taylor was refining its own miniature types for at least 15 decades today pristine reliability.

Ideal projection, and continuing play-ability.

Because of its bodily characteristics. It’s wider and heavier compared to Taylor’s other miniature lines.

Arriving at roughly 36-⅝ inches in span, 14-3/8″ in diameter and 4-7/16″ in thickness. Which makes it portable since the Baby but marginally larger to boost the noise quality and quantity.

However, this dimension is streamlined enough to superbly matches newbies and people. That would like to perform with guitar using modest palms.

GS-Mini’s physics additionally permits the proficient guitarist to assign that guitar like an acoustic guitar as a guitar.

An attractive, timeless version in all ways that the conventional splendor of the guitar as it pertains to timeless nature.

Yet it’s glossy, really conventional in aesthetic and appearance rendering. It a popular and a theory incredibly on fad in these times.

The puffing towards top causes it stands out apart from different competitions using its black-tie design. Which matches the traditional rosette enclosing the soundhole.

It’s finished off with a lace gloss in the prime to finish which retains it appearing. That brand new nevertheless this can cause issues due to their move journeys and substantial travel.

Even the GS-Mini’s magnificent immaculate beauty pushes any well-seasoned guitar enthusiast’s admiration.

For the two-time resonant appears it strums as well as also the real tidy. An accurate construct and elegance of this tool.

If you should be likely to perform with. You have somebody that appears this very good and appears that amazing!

Taylor 200 Series Deluxe 224ce-K Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar Shaded...
  • Body Body type: Grand Auditorium Cutaway: Single cutaway Top wood: Solid Hawaiian Koa Back & sides: Layered Hawaiian Koa Bracing pattern: Taylor Standard II (Forward Shift Pattern) Body finish: Gloss Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: Standard Taylor Profile Nut width: 1.9 in. (48 mm) Fingerboard: Genuine African Ebony Neck wood: Solid Sapele Scale length: 25.5 in. Number of frets: 20
  • Taylor's 200 Deluxe Series delivers all the essentials of a great guitar - exquisite playability, a full and articulate voice, impeccable intonation up the neck, and Taylor's top-of-the-line, professional- grade pickup - at a price that's within reach of many
  • This collection strikes a sweet balance between tasteful design constraint and aesthetic variety, bringing Taylor's signature tonal clarity and playability into a stage-worthy mix of guitar options
  • The Deluxe moniker refers to the addition of a fully-glossed body as opposed to a glossy top with satin back and sides
  • In addition, all 200 Deluxe Series guitars ship in a deluxe hardshell case made by Taylor for optimal fit and protection

Reputable Build-quality.

Produced in cubic Sapele hardwood sides and back. It has full human anatomy makes it possible for us for optimum quantity, and also a cooler, wealthy tone once strumming.

And of course, say its own tidy. The simple arrangement will make it be daunting and cozy at the arms of a player that is aspiring.

The pure Sapele bridge has been crammed using a faux bone manage. Adorned by chrome gear along with a solid Sitka spruce top using X bracing.

This really is really a welcome switch when compared with this plastic. You’d locate on the majority of other novice guitars.

The bolt-on throat really is a trustworthy Taylor popular. Manufactured and enhanced with all the traditional New technologies (NT) Taylor is recognized for.

It is different from additional guitar necks using one constant slice of wood entirely into the 19th fret.

To encourage that the fretboard that’s standard easy ebony along with 20 fingered with dot inlays. It really does by correcting the throat with an angle.

In the end, practicing the guitar was included using conventional and also well-crafted. Elixir Phosphor Bronze medium gauge strings together with NANOWEB Coating.


Now at this stage of this Taylor GS-Mini Evaluate let us proceed into the meat of this thing. That the audio caliber.

Even the GS miniature moves with flying colors having its crystal-clear substantial notes. Along with well-balanced melodic mid and low sized notes.

It’s unusually loudly to get a beginner’s guitar. So probably can simply take its location at the control of a specialist having the ability to put on its own in opposition.

To an arsenal of Taylor’s costlier, full-body, full-sized different pellets.

It will not have this feature twisted sound. Which is included with many newcomer models by its own bass may render a few desiring.

The sounds which include the GS-Mini are identifying. Because it’s perhaps not usually seen in newcomer versions. So that will ensure it is an off-beat listing guitar.

The good quality is really on level together with Taylor’s longer costlier, pricier lineup. So thereby showcasing Taylor’s unbelievable excellent controller on the other side of the board.

It’s by no way their own 2, 000 greenback types. However, it’s undoubtedly among the most useful guitars for both rookies and perhaps even intermediary gamer.

There is unbelievable tonal thickness, durability, and resonance. Supplying practicing the guitar its own voice which can vie against most of its own counterparts.

Playability: A magical To Engage in.

For play-ability, Taylor’s and its particular GS-Mini are next to none whatsoever. It’s a piece of cake to engage in with. Your palms will really feel as they truly are dance onto the fretboard.

Fretting is relaxed and easy, necessitating no significant work.

In the finger-picking and select selection. That really is ideal for all those older aspiring Neil Young’s outside there or even maybe an eloquent john-Mayer.

Even the NT neck style enables greater hands compared to every additional guitar in the marketplace.

In general, this leaves the GS-Mini a wonder to perform a siren to listen and also a guitar.

In addition to everyone, Taylor provides you with its own gig bag with backpack straps to retain the dirt. Dust, and neglect away from the handy guitar. And of course, say scrapes.

Experts and Disadvantages.

  • caliber construct and layout.
  • Sound-quality is akin to Taylor’s costly Line-up.
  • The best tool for regular travelers.


  • The sparse blot complete does not shield from street Put on.

Ultimate Phrases.

Capping away around 500 bucks for your collection, this fabulous jewel is actually a bargain to its buyer. Taylor really does a terrific career playing with its advantages.

With all a precise and strong texture of noise. The simplicity of traditional and playing acoustic decorative.

Many amazing acoustic guitars are all costly on such a particular range. A few soaring upward to tens of thousands based on your brand.

You’ve got 3 acoustic-electric Options to Select from GS Mini Collection predicated in human anatomy. The substance inside the Budget of $500 to $800 and versions will be GS-Mini Mahogany, GS Mini e Walnut and also GS Mini E Koa.

If you’re a bass player trying to find a 4-string Acoustic-electric Bass Guitar. There are two other musical sisters readily out there for your own account. Then GS Mini e Bass along with GS Mini e Maple Bass.

Together with Taylor, you’re receiving its superior manufacturer status. In addition to its history at the most top acoustic guitars in greater. Than twenty-five percent of its own routine Grand Symphony Acoustics.


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