Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Ayon here from Bestmusically.com and today I want to talk about a guitar.

That I absolutely love for so many reasons.

It is the Taylor GS mini-E Koa.

Now after reviewing over 500 guitars across the spectrum super expensive guitars.

Highly custom guitars this guitar from the first time I reviewed it all the way up until the last blew me away.

Taylor gs mini review
Taylor GS Mini

It blew me away the first time in fact I was completely shocked.

And it continues to stun me every time I play it.

I am just wowed by its impressive qualities let me share with you what I love so much about this particular guitar.

Number one, it’s extremely affordable for what you get it’s under $600 solid Sitka spruce top x-bracing.

That has tailors relief route a hard bag.

Reasons Behind Loving This Taylor GS Mini

  • It’s a huge value bomb it’s unbelievable.
  • Its tone has a solid Sitka spruce top paired with that X bracing.
  • Taylor GS Mini also has a sweetness of tone for such a small guitar.
  • But also the depth of tone that it offers it is.
  • By no means a tinny guitar it’s very full-voiced is incredible.
  • Its versatility is unmatched as far as a travel companion it’s incredible.
  • It goes on a plane fits in your car you can take it hiking.
  • It’s light it comes with a bag as I mentioned.
  • It’s unreal and if you want to take it out to gig with it.
  • It actually has a mounting system for pickup already.
Taylor gs mini
Taylor gs mini

All you have to do is get to pick up plug it right in no big deal.

And I also feel that it’s often pegged as just a travel guitar.

Best Experience

  • But it really is so much more.
  • This is one of the best couch guitars I think I’ve ever experienced.


It’s easy to play it’s a great practice companion.

And last but certainly not least is it’s comfortable as I mentioned it’s a couch guitar well it’s that way for a reason.

It’s small you can get your arm around it it’s just a great match for any type of player whether it’s a beginning kid guitar or an adult.

That’s looking for a practice companion or somebody that travels all the time.

It’s it’s really an outstanding instrument and I just I believe in this instrument so much.

I actually give one away on Bestmusically.com every single month I think it’s a guitar that everybody should have in their guitar senal.

Which is your guitar arsenal which knows as your guitar collection as I mentioned.

I give one away every month on Bestmusically.com challenge and I encourage you to go to click the link here to learn a little bit more about.

That and I certainly hope you’re able to get your hands on the Taylor GS Mini soon because I think you’ll be absolutely amazed thanks a lot for checking it out you.

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