Take Care Of Your Guitar Cables

by | Dec, 2019 | Blog

Much have been talking about the art of refining effects control and of effect pedals. Today, I like to turn your attention to another crucial component of your guitar effect chain. The guitar cables. All right, I’m not gonna bore you with which cable works best for producing quality sound cos I wouldn’t know myself. But what I do know know that the cables are like the blood stream of your effects. Take care of them well and they’ll provide you with a lifetime of happiness. Failure to do so results in unexpected unpleasant surprises and incidents.

The Quarter Inch Cable (Both Guitar to Effects and Effects to Amp)

As guitar players, these are our lifeblood. Keeping them in working condition is of utmost importance. When putting mine away, I do a little trick, I fold them in half several times, then tie them in a loose knot. Then they’re easy to store, they come apart without creating a spaghetti mess, and they’re less prone to damage from constant rolling and twisting.

The Effect Pedals Link Cable

Go for the shortest. This will reduce unnecessary signal degeneration between effect pedals thus retaining the original high quality sound which your pedals offer. Also, never unplug any cables when the power in still on. Switch off first before unplugging anything.

10 Golden Rules to a Life of Abundance

1) Always keep your unused guitar cables LOOSELY tie up.

2) NEVER drop your guitar cables.

3) Go for the shortest length guitar cable available for maximizing sound quality.

4) Store your guitar cables in a dry, room temperature environment.

5) DO NOT unplug or plug your guitar cables when the power is on.

6) DO NOT subject your guitar cables to over stretching, spaghetti mess, lying around unattended.

7) ALWAYS have spare cables with you in case of emergency.

8) REFRAIN yourself or band mates from stepping on your guitar cables.

9) Lay your guitar cables in an orderly and easy to reach fashion.

10) BE 100% SURE that the voltage passing through your guitar cables are of acceptable strength.

Source by Andy Ng