Buying a Cheap Drum Set

If you go through a market you can find out various types and ranges of drum sets. Among these various drum sets, you can choose according to your requirement and budget. If you are a beginner and you want to buy a drum set or you want to buy it for your child whose age … Read more

How to Make Rap Beats Without a Computer

5 Unique Points of Interest To Make Music With An Online Beat Maker Making music the traditional way is difficult, and any major musician will tell you about that. The long drawn out hours that it takes to master a single or multiple instruments is difficult. You can’t simply learn everything and make a musical … Read more

Where Can I Find Good Drum Tabs?

how to read drum lessons, good drum tabs

My drum students are constantly lamenting the scarcity of good readable good drum tabs on the internet. Like my guitar students, they want to be able to find tabs for their favorite songs and learn them “on their own”. While there are some decent guitar tabs available, the drummers, for the most part, are left … Read more

Rap Beat Maker – The Software Vs Hardware Battle (and Conclusion)

When it comes to making beats, many new and seasoned producers are starting to make the shift towards software. Why would they do that? Simple – software brings more to the table, both in terms of flexibility and workflow. Many new producers looking to jump into the game often have a tough time decided what … Read more

Dubstep Mixing Guide – Kick and Bass Mixing

In this part we are going to look at the Low cut, and mixing the kick and the bass drum. Low Cut First things first, you will want to add a low cut filter on EVERY track except the bass. You can set this where ever you like but should not be any lower than … Read more

5 Tips to Help You Practice Drums

Have you been trying to practice drums on your own? If so, we suggest that you follow some tips from experts. Read on. 1) Always Have A Plan Before sitting down to practice, make sure you have plan about what to do. But if you want to play around for a while, you still have … Read more

Can You Feel the Music? Try Music Making Games!

Music making Games are fun and may help develop your creativity! Music is everywhere! We can hear sounds and rhythms in all forms whether we are in the car or just taking a walk with our headphones on. It’s either for dancing or for singing along with. Sometimes it’s just a theme song through the … Read more

Why I Love Playing the Drums

To some people, Playing the Drums might just be those things that you beat with a stick, but to some of us, they’re so much more. No band, for instance, is complete without someone banging on the drum set. Drummers sometimes appear to be just the background guys on the set, but if you really … Read more

The Four Types Of Drum Rudiments

To have a wide repertoire of solos and fills, you need to learn different drum rudiments. In this article, you will know about the different types of drum rudiments such as drag rudiments, flam rudiments, diddle or para-diddle rudiments and roll rudiments. You will also know their basic character and how to play them. So … Read more

A Brief History of Electronic Drums

It all began in 1977 when Syndrum released the first playable Electronic Drums. Which attracted a number of big names of the time with endorsers including Keith Moon, Jeff Porcaro, Carmine Appice, and Terry Bozio. In the early ’80s, the perception of the electronic drum changed as pop and disco music created a demand for … Read more