Myths in Learning Music and Piano Lessons for Beginners

Many myths surround learning music and piano lessons, especially for beginners. A common misconception is the idea that students should start as young as seven years old to become virtuosos in adulthood. Adults can absorb new concepts and learn the fingering skills as effectively as children can. Other perceptions about taking classes in learning to … Read more

Beginners Piano Lessons – Learning the Basics

Aspiring pianists or those who simply want to learn how to play the piano can benefit from beginner’s piano lessons. Before learning how to play the piano, one must first know how to read notes and musical compositions. This can be learned in the early phase of the lesson wherein the basics and fundamentals are … Read more

Beginner’s Piano Lessons – What You Need to Know

If you are thinking about starting piano lessons for the first time. You may be wondering what to expect in your lessons. The first few piano lessons, regardless if they are in a traditional private lesson. A group piano class, or even a method of self-study. Usually, focus on a few simple concepts and exercises … Read more