Why You Should Buy Steel Tongue Drum In 2020

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If you are not a musical instrument expert. But want to play the drum. Steel Tongue Drum can fulfill your dream.

With a great look and easy to travel with this. So lite to carry. It fits for everyone. You don’t need to do a year of training to play it well. You also don’t need to pay a lot to have one.

Tongue Drums are not electronic instruments. Now I am sharing my experience with this item.

Top 10 Best Steel Tongue Drum For You.

Flatsons Steel Tongue Drum Tank Drum Standard C Key 8 Notes 5.5 Inch Percussion...
Standard C key and 8 tones, allows you to play some simple songs
"OcarinaWind" 5.5 inches C Major Steel Tongue Drum Black 8 Notes Hang Drum with...
Beautifully finished: 5.5" C Major hardened steel tongue drum emits pure, soothing notes. Playing a tongue drum can relieve stress and bring relaxation and peaceful energy into your life.
Steel Tongue Drum - 11 Notes 12 inches - Percussion Instrument -Handpan Drum with...
【Specifications】12-inch 11-note steel tongue drum comes pre-tuned to the Mxied C Major with 3 different octaves and 432Hz
12 Inch 11 Note Steel Tongue Drum Percussion Instrument Hand Pan Drum with Drum...
New Arrival-Lotus Flower style 12''-11 note with water-based environmentally friendly paint which is pollution-free and does not fade.
Panyard Jumbie Jam Steel Ready to Play Kit-Silver G-Major with Table Top Stand-Made...
Authentic Steel Pan for all ages and playing ability - Made in USA - All steel high quality & durable instrument Fantastic gift item!
Yinama Steel Tongue Drum Percussion Instrument 11 Notes 10 inches
INTRODUCTIONS: 11 tongues, Diameter:10 inches, Height: 6 inches, Net weight:5 Pounds, Color: Black.
Muslady 5.5 Inch Mini 8-Tone Steel Tongue Drum C Key Percussion Instrument Hand Pan...
5.5" mini steel tongue drum specially for children musical education.
Luvay Hand Pan Steel Drum - 9 Notes 22 inches - Percussion Instrument - with Bag,...
Body is made of Carbonized steel, edge is coated by protecting plastic
Pyle Professional Pan Drum, Steel Drum, Steel Pan Drum Music, Finger Steel Drums,...
MULTI-TOUCH SUPPORTED: You can play your Pyle pan drum instrument either with the included steel drums pan mallets or with your fingers.
Advanced Version"Lark Music" hand pan in D Minor 9 notes steel hand drum + Soft Hand...
"Ocarina Wind" is the only certificated seller sell "Lark Music" Hand Pan on Amazon.We never authorize any other seller to sell "Lark Music" hand pan. If you buy from other seller than OcarinaWind, you will get counterfeit product.

1. Asmuse Steel Drum:

With this checklist, we are advocating the one. Which provides a superb balance between price and quality. This definitely matches these kinds of standards.

It’s a well-made tool that delivers a somewhat loaded tone and superior tuning. It truly is a tune into this F key pentatonic scale.

And it really is a great-sounding scale to its over-tone noise of the metal tongue. Discussing this styling, then there isn’t any fretting about.

This really is just a somewhat easy, common-shaped metal tongue, that favors functionality in excess of visible allure.

Besides top caliber, additionally. It includes few typical bits of components a couple of mallets plus also a fine carry tote.


  1. Melodious and Resonant sound.
  2. Pentatonic Scale (3A, 4C, 4E, 4A, 4G, 5C, 4D, 3G) all in F major.
  3. Build-in quality stainless steel.
  4. Packages Include 1 tongue drum, Mallets in 1 pair, 1 Nylon bag, 1 Tonic sticker.

How does it sound?

12 Inch 13 Note Steel Tongue Drum Percussion Instrument Lotus Hand Pan Drum with Drum...
  • New Arrival-Lotus Flower style 12''-13 note with water-based environmentally friendly paint which is pollution-free and does not fade.
  • Wider Range-With a wider natural range of 13 tones, which could be played with most common tunes, works better than 11- tones-drum does.No musical background needed, just bring a sense of exploration and yourself.
  • Package included -Steel drum, Mallets, Music Book In English, bag, notes sticker, Picks
  • Usage-Easy to use, applicable to a variety of fields, including music education, mind healing, yoga meditation and so on.
  • Guarantee: 30 days unconditional money back guarantees the quality of our after-sales service, you can rest assured to buy our products

2. Moukey Mini Tongue Drum Steel Pan:

It’s an overall total of twenty-five noises in D first. If you should be on the lookout to get a metal tongue. That’s tuned at a flexible secret which is also helpful. For taking part in popular new music then this really is an excellent choice.

This 1 includes an overall complete of 1-1 sounds. So it has really a comparatively substantial 1 at 10 inches. It also comes equipped with mallets you may optionally engage in.

Fantastic noise, quite cheap, and also a very favorite alternative.


  1. Handmade from genuine stainless steel.
  2. Lightweight.
  3. Portable.
  4. Reasonable price.
  5. Easy playing.
  6. All the accessories are in buying a bundle.

How does it sound?

Moukey Mini Tongue Drum Steel Pan Drum 8 Notes 10 Inches Percussion with Padded...
  • Handcrafted by artisans, it can produce a clean, ethereal, Buddha-like sound.
  • Applicable to a variety of fields, including music education, mind healing, yoga meditation and so on.
  • There are a total of 8 sounds in D major, which have a wider range of sound and can play more music.
  • With a large number of musical scores(not included), even beginners can play extremely pleasant music in accordance with the score.
  • 30 days unconditional money back guarantees the quality of our after-sales service, you can rest assured to buy our products.

3. Pearl PMTD9LYD690 9 Note Tongue Drum Lydian:

Pearl is a household name when it comes to drums and percussions. But they make steel tongue drums as well. In accordance with the company’s reputation. This model features very good overall quality.

It is made of high-quality steel and features 9 tongues, or 9 tones if you wish. The distinctive part of this instrument it that it comes in Lydian mode. For those who aren’t that familiar with music theory.

This scale is a perfect example of how just one note can make a huge difference. It heavily relies on a common major scale but adds a very special flavor with its raised fourth degree.


  1. There are pentatonic scales tuned in three 8 notes and three 9 notes.
  2. They used a laser-cut system for accurate tuning.
  3. Can play with bear hand.
  4. The hardened Steel shell is in 10″ diameters.
  5. 9 Note C Lydian scale (G, A, C, B, G, E, C, D, F#).

How does it sound?

Pearl 9 Note Tongue Drum C Lydian (PMTD9LYD690)
  • 10" diameter hardened Steel shell
  • 9 Precision laser cut tongues
  • 9 Note C Lydian scale (G, A, C, B, G, E, C, D, F#)
  • Rubber mallets included
  • Play with fingers or mallets

4. Tongue Hand Pan D Celtic Minor:

The metal tongue is really a genuine hi-quality item. It’s handmade in Russia plus comes with a premium-quality, 2mm stainless metal. It provides exemplary sound faculties.

That can be even on a level with all the noise of a few Hold drums. Its Celtic minor-key assures a whole lot of amazing tones. In the event, that you would like that traditional and spiritual type of noise.

Besides excellent noise and cloth caliber, it is easy to see great art abilities. It will not simply seem amazing, but in addition, it looks incredibly striking. Due to your slightly distorted form and lovely tongue design.

The price might seem too high, but the value is really amazing. Definitely worth the money!


  1. Premium quality.
  2. High-quality product.
  3. Made from 2mm thick steel.
  4. D Celtic Minor key can provide a beautiful tone.
  5. Looks so classic.

How does it sound?

Tongue Hand Pan/RAV Vast 2 / D Celtic Minor / (in case) (Steel Drum/Hand Pan/Tank...
  • Features: unique and very beautiful sound filling harmony, the presence of the protective rim of hard rubber
  • Fine tuning: D Celtic minor D3, A3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4, C5
  • Material: patented hardened steel (2 mm) / Handcrafted by Russian master
  • Size: diameter - 52 cm / height - 18 cm / Case included
  • Sound example (link): youtube.com/watch?v=J-QyTPlboI0

5. GUDA DRUM Freezable:

Unlike many tongue pliers that are quite functional. That one additionally incorporates a very desirable appearance. Designers with the tool place a great deal of hard work into creating exquisite circular layouts.

There’s additionally a wonderful rope ribbon. Exclusively by studying this particular one. You are able to make certain it’s about a few scales that are exotic.

The noise with the metal tongue definitely follows that the styling. Tuned in the so-called Arcane scale, also this provides quite a distinctive saying. Ideal for orient tunes along with similar fashions.


  1. Made from hard stainless steel.
  2. Rope decoration is free.
  3. 1.5mm steel thickness.
  4. 14″ in diameter.
  5. 2kg in weight.

How does it sound?

GUDA DRUM Freezbee with Premium design and Soft Rope Decoration
  • Arcane scale: A C D E F G A C. Custom scale on request
  • Unique design. PREMIUM quality. Engraved by hand
  • Expedited Express shipping on ALL orders
  • CONVENIENT SIZE, diameter 14.7"
GUDA DRUM Freezbee Tree with Rope Decoration FREE Mallets and Quality Travel Bag....
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY * Perfect premium percussion musical instruments. Unrivaled handmade design with incredible attention to details. A steel tongue drum with clear, warm, balanced, wooden overtones and a unique “dry” sound without the kind of distortion and metallic tones produced by other cheap steel drums. Can be played easily with fingers or mallets.
  • IDEAL SHAPE AND MATERIALS * The shape, depth, and dimensions of the half-shells and the placement of the petals are highly precise and are the result of long-term mathematical calculations and experimentation. The drum is made from special high-quality stainless steel to prevent corrosion.
  • PROFESSIONALLY TUNED * By default to the Arcane Scale: A C D E F G A C. A large selection of FREE universal quality scales is available for every taste. Easy for beginners and interesting for the advanced players. Carefully tuned by professional tuners with over 25 years’ experience using unique high-end equipment.
  • PERFECT FOR YOGA, MEDITATION, HEALING AND CHAKRA CLEARING * The tones generated by this pan drum provide healing from stress, depression and most forms of sadness. Its unique sound creates the perfect state for yoga, meditation, creative thinking, and intuitive messages.
  • THE BEST MUSICAL GIFT * The best steel tongue drum on the market right now. An affordable alternative to overpriced handpan drums. A superior, easy to play musical gift for any age.


This ZENKO tongue offers amazing high good quality. Using 9 flawlessly calibrated notes, then you’re able to rely on lots of prosperous noises. Seen as an exemplary resonance. It’s tuned in so

Equinox scale, that might possibly be thought to be a standard minor secret. But using a couple of spices. It may look pricey, however, also the total good quality is remarkable.

Good quality mallets along with also a gig bags may also be contained.


  1. It comes with a deluxe bag.
  2. Tuning in 9 notes: G3 B3 C4 D4 E4 F#4 G4 B4 D5.
  3. A support ring comes with it.
  4. Weight is 2.8 kg.

How does it sound?

ZENKO EQUINOX - Steel Tongue Drum - 9 tones - Intuitive musical instrument - Deluxe...
  • Stainless steel tongue drum, designed and manufactured in France. Fine tuning.
  • 9 notes: G3 B3 C4 D4 E4 F#4 G4 B4 D5
  • weight 2.8 Kg (6.17 Lbs) - diameter 32 cm (12.6") - height 13 cm (5.12")
  • Deluxe bag included - Support ring included - Pair of sticks included
  • Sounds sample: http://metalsounds-zenko.com/zenko-steel-tongue-drum/#equinox

7. Panyard Jumbie Jam Steel Drum.

Named after the “Jumbie,” a playful and mystical spirit in Trinidadian folklore, this Jumbie Jam percussion instrument offers a simple thanks to getting into the instrument, with an outsized hitting surface and every one the notes labeled on the drum.

For little rooms and venues, it’ll work just fine, but if you’re playing during a large space you’ll want something than rings louder.

This set includes these accessories:

  1. The steel pan.
  2. Mallets.
  3. A table-top stand.
  4. Carrying case and a playing guide.

The Jumbie Jam was named “Best in Show” and “Best Tools for Schools” by the National Association of Music Merchants.


  1. Every note is leveled on the body of the drum.
  2. Made in the USA.
  3. Lightweight.
  4. Look classic and antique.
Panyard Jumbie Jam Steel Ready to Play Kit-Silver G-Major with Table Top Stand-Made...
  • Authentic Steel Pan for all ages and playing ability - Made in USA - All steel high quality & durable instrument Fantastic gift item!
  • Fun to Play & Easy to Learn - great for family music making - play along with other instruments
  • Simply strike the notes - you will be filling the air with the sweet sounds of the islands - Sounds as good as a professional instrument at an affordable price
  • Can’t read music…no problem Mon’; the note letters are labelled on the drum matching the notes in the songbooks
  • Ready-to-Play Kit includes; High Quality Steel Pan in G-Major , Mallets, Table Top Stand and Beginners Guide packed in a cool carrying case

Why Not Call It A Hang Drum?

Due to the fact we are on the subject of titles. Why does not predict this type of dangle drum despite me with the definition of most over this informative article?

For the aims of the following piece. I’ve opted to likewise utilize the definition of dangle dramas much more folks. Are conversant using this and so are more inclined to locate. This informative article as opposed to simply declaring dangle or handbag.

Technically, the tool ought to really be known as hardpan. This controversy is comparable compared to that of phoning a steelpan steel drum.

The so-called founders of this hang, both Felix and also Sabina, deny the saying hand pan.

To say it plainly and just: ” We can not create percussion tools, hand pans, or even Hold drums.

Halt being wishy-washy! Exactly what do you really create?! Of course, “dangle” refers only to a new form the part.

However, it’s strange they appear to become preventing perfecting their tool. Effectively, whatever else really.

Can you have your handyman or even have you tried someone of those tools we have recorded previously?

We would really like to know the below from the reviews. Without some other inquiries or things to consider.

Should you imagine we now have some factual inaccuracies. Make sure you hit us out using the contact form and then. We will have matters adjusted onto your own benefit.

What is the Tongue Drum Used for?

A tongue drum is somewhat of a recent invention (Somewhere in 2007 to be exact). It is supported by a classic German instrument called the hang drum which has these dents around them.

These “dips” within the round metal frame are mentioned as tongues. A steel tongue drum creates really soothing sounds and therefore the best thanks to comparing it might be to consider ‘soft’ trance melodies. Yes, add this tiny wonder to your multitrack recorder and record / play the sounds through your favorite synth or midi controller. It’s actually a reasonably cool instrument.

You know that wonderful relaxing sound you hear in those documentaries about the Bahamas or the Caribbean? Well, those are produced on steel tongue drums. Now don’t get confused, these are completely different from your typical drum set. However, they serve an equivalent purpose which is to make “candy” for your ears.

You can easily tune maximum tongue steel drums in various scales. All you’d need maybe a bunch of magnets. Of course, that depends on the sort of steel tongue drum you’ve got (The ones with the holes within the middle) but that’s a general idea.

Here are the simplest steel drums for beginners. Each percussion instrument here comes with its own pair of mallets (Drumsticks for a tongue drum) if you’ll so you’ll be up and running in no time. Not all of them are tuneable (As they’re pre-tuned) except for a beginner like yourself, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Where did the tongue drum originate?


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