Song Writing

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Choice of the instrument for Song Writing.

One of the simplest instruments to write brand new songs with is the electric guitar. You could also use a piano or keyword though but you can’t take one of those out on a sunny day, sit beside a river, and get inspired!

Electric guitars can have a great sound but, again, taking them outside to write songs can be difficult. That’s where an acoustic comes in handy. But if you’re writing songs indoors then an electric guitar with an amplifier is a good choice.

It’s because of the fact that it’s played by using an amplifier. Most amplifiers (amps) have many knobs that can be adjusted to get the kind of sound that you’re looking for. Different sounds can inspire songwriting.

If you choose a guitar to write songs then use an electric guitar with a good amp.

With regards to guitar amps, you may commonly adjust all the levels of bass, treble, gain as well as the middle. Several amps have other settings that you can use to “dial-in” a plethora of different tones, for instance reverb plus chorus.

These can all help to inspire the songwriting process. Reverberation, often shortened to reverb, is the form of very limited delay and could be used to include depth in the outputted audio.

A chorus effect thickens the sound that the amp creates, it’s almost like playing many guitars in sequence. A few amps available have built-in effects, which could add delay, a flanged effect, and distortion.

In terms of music, there are few things that are nicer than a driven valve amp which is cranked – sweet saturation, oh man! Although your amp may not include all of these effects, you could buy pedals that produce any of them.

Just dial in a nice tone and if you’ve got writer’s block then it will be easier to write songs using guitar effects pedals simply because of the inspiration that it will provide you with. Another reason to use effects is to prepare a song utilizing fewer effects since the effect will do a lot of the job for you.

Adding lyrics.

Some guitarists who are singer/songwriters write the lyrics before that create the melody, whilst others might come up with guitar parts then whistle or hum over it before the lyrics even exist.

Some use a mixture of both. Whichever method you choose just make sure that you enjoy the whole song writing process because writing songs should be fun!
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