12 Reasons Behind Your Slow Guitar Progress.

12 Reasons Behind Your Slow Guitar Progress.

The secret behind guitar progress.

How many times have I not heard these words learn guitar but do not have any guitar progress? Someone writes to me, asks me and says: “Why do not I make progress on the guitar? I’ve been playing for some time and it feels like I do not know anything. ” Relax, this happens to all of us at the beginning”. Below you have some answers. That will make you reflect on why you are not moving anything with your instrument. This is the advice given by a professional guitarist to make guitar progress.

1- You are not constant

The constancy is one of the most important things when it comes to learning to play the guitar as well as in guitar progress.. If you do not have a guitar progression routine of repeating your habit of playing every certain time. Just as you have your habit of having breakfast, you will not advance. This routine can be every two days half an hour, every day for 1 hour, every day 15 minutes, etc. But let it be constant.

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Obviously, we are not machines and there are days when it seems impossible to play the guitar because we have our obligations. However, you have to try to be persistent with what you do and if it can be at the same time better. Therefore, guitar playing is another habit in your life and you see it as something normal. You will begin to notice an important improvement or guitar progress.

2- You get distracted easily

Let’s say you sit down to play the guitar. The first 5 minutes you concentrate well but you pass the barrier and begin to ramble. To think about the food you have to do, put the washing machine. Go to the bank, go to the supermarket, in the movie you saw the night before, in your problems … NO.

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When you are playing and practicing for guitar progression you have to abstract yourself from everything. Put all your five senses in what you feel, what you see and what you listen to. It is true that we are human and sometimes we can have days that we are not attentive. However, make the effort and do not get distracted.

A good way to do it is to divide your practice time into small doses. For example, if you are practicing 3 songs and you only have half an hour. Dedicate the first 5 minutes to warm up with some exercise and another 10 minutes for each song.

You also have to be intelligent and think that if you are motivated with a specific song, devote all the time to what you like. Of course, if you already know how to play from top to bottom do something different.

3- You do not finish what you have started

The last thing I said in the paragraph of the previous point is very important and is related to this. Finish what you have started. Of course, if you see that the song overcomes you, it is because you have chosen it badly and it is too difficult. But in general, if you’ve searched for an easy song to play on the guitar. You start playing it and you never finish it. You’re doing it wrong on guitar progress. (And finishing it I mean knowing how to play it all well).

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Therefore, do not leave the songs half-baked, you have to go building your repertoire and the more extensive the better.

4- You do not have your space to rehearse

I have given private lessons in houses in which some students study and practice in the dining room of the house. With the noise of the TV in the background, with relatives talking on the phone. With the noise of the washing machine, etc. This is the worst that can happen.

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Choose the farthest corner of the house and shut yourself in. Tell the members of your family that you are going to play the guitar a little bit and that they leave you alone for a while. If you can not be alone because you are a mother or father and you have to be with your child. Take advantage of the times when your children are lower in energy and tired to play the guitar. Search time and space and you will not say the dreaded phrase: ” no progress on the guitar

5- You are not learning progressively

This question and I have discussed it in more depth in this post. But in general traits sometimes we tend to practice songs that surpass us. For example, to start playing the guitar from the first day learning a song that has the FA chord with a capo. This is a serious mistake that you have to avoid guitar progress. Try to take a practice plan, either with a book or with a  guitar course.

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The house is not built by the roof, the knowledge is built block by block, step by step.

6- You do not go to guitar class

This is not necessary because you can learn to play the guitar by being self-taught. But in some cases, there are people who need a guide. A person who tells them what they have to practice and who also corrects them. If you are one of these people sign up for guitar lessons. Mind you, do not waste your time with people who do not teach well. If you do not like how he explains it or how he does it, do not continue, we all do not like the same teacher.

7- You are not motivated

Have you been given a guitar and wanted to learn to play? Do you feel like playing and you think you’re wasting your time? Do you keep saying to yourself ” no progress on the guitar “? Well, stop playing and do not follow. It sounds cruel and discouraging to say it but we do not all like the same thing. Maybe music is not your thing, look for another hobby or another instrument if the guitar does not attract your attention.

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Motivation is essential. You have to be willing, even if they are few. Because this will be the engine that pushes you to continue in difficult times. For example when you touch things you do not like because it is necessary to develop a technique or when you do not want to continue because you’re tired.

Motivated people can hate the instrument for a day or two and say: what laziness to play now. But they reconsider the third day and they think: I’m going to try again what I was doing.

8- Your guitar is not suitable

We often buy guitars that may not be right for us. For example, some cheap guitar that you have seen and that is easily definable. For example, an acoustic guitar with the strings too far from the mast (high action). In this last case, learning with this type of guitar can be very laborious. Since you will not hear the notes you play and you will need much more strength to get a clean sound.

This may also lead to pain in the joints, fingers and even the wrist. So be careful when you decide on an acoustic guitar that is not of very good quality. Because you may keep saying “no progress on the guitar” and advance at a snail’s pace until you get enough strength to make it sound.

9- You play too fast

The problem of thinking ” no progress on the guitar ” is linked to the fact that sometimes we play very fast and badly. That is, we are playing the song that we are learning at an excessive speed but stopping every moment. Remember: If you do not leave slowly (as slowly as you can) you will not leave quickly EVER. Well, maybe yes, but it will take longer and this has to do with the next point in guitar progress.

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10- You do not think about what you’re doing

When we go slowly, as I said before, your brain has time to process all the information it is trying to assimilate. If this is not the case, we will learn to play but not as well as we would like.

Therefore, slow down, play slowly and think. Play a piece of the song and think about what you have done. When a small piece already sounds, play the next piece and when the piece number 2 already sounds together 1 and 2. And so you build the song little by little. Try this tactic and you will stop telling yourself “no progress on the guitar”. Video has been rented.

11- Do not repeat

In practice, repetition is essential and when we do not repeat, we do not assimilate. It is important to repeat both the entire song and the other smaller parts in the lesson of guitar progression. Repeat quickly, repeat slowly, repeat looking at the mast, repeat looking at the score, etc. But more importantly: repeat well. If you repeat badly, that is, with a rhythm that is not correct or too fast you will learn it … badly.

12- You do not have patience

This is the last point & the least important. You have to have patience with yourself so as not to tell yourself “no progress on the guitar”. All artistic process takes its time to acquire. Even in other areas of life, for example, when you start working in a new place you have to get used to new ways of doing things.

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So do not be hard on yourself and stop saying “no progress on the guitar. Because our instrument can become a foreign body that has to be domesticated. Think of something that is not good for you and reflects. In my case, I, for example, do not know how to skate and if I started skating now I would do badly. But if I do it for a month followed every day that you think will happen? What if I give up the first day for lack of patience?

And another reflection, let’s see what the rate dictionary says about the word “learn“:

Acquire knowledge guitar progress through the study of experience

That said, a study is something necessary although it sounds like an obligation and experience is also achieved through study. So, cheer up and move on.

This upper guitar progress lesson is both for the classical guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar & ukulele.

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