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SJC Custom Drums NV-S6514CH

SJC Custom Drums Dun Signature Crowd Box

The SJC Custom Drums twit Dun signs “Crowd” side drum could be an SJC snare firm. Designed together with twit Dun ‘Twenty One Pilots’.

SJC Custom Drums

The snare options one.0mm rolled steel shell. Providing sensible shades with a fantastic projection to chop through any combine. The Black Flat Armor Hardware is complemented by a powerful flat black powder coating end. Whereas the signature SJC red twit Dun badge remains the middle of attention.

With 1.6mm triple hoops with flanges and a drop sort of kick. The SJC Custom Drums twit Dun signs “Crowd” side drum is that the good snare for any percussionist or twit Dun fan.

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Signature Snare Series

The SJC Custom Drumstwit Dun signs “Crowd” side drum combines a signature style distinctive to the legendary twit Dun, 21 pilots, with a high-end drum from SJC.

The snare options a matte black powder paint end on a one.0mm steel shell. Which is supplied with black hardware floor as well as one.6mm triple hoops with, a drop-style kick and SJC classic shoe protect.

SJC selected a one.0mm steel shell for the snare. Providing very bright and penetrating tones which will be detected higher than any combine or performance.

With heat media to accompany the made bass and clear the signature Dun of twit “Crowd” of high frequency. Side drum options distinctive, personalized look with precise and sensible tonal response.

SJC Custom Drums

Proudly handwoven in Taiwan

The signature of SJC Custom Drums twits Dun side drum is with pride crafted in Taiwan by a team of fanatical drum builders. WHO share an identical vision as SJC.

Taking a replacement approach to increasing its business. SJC visits factories around the world to ascertain relationships with alternative drum builders.

Permitting SJC to extend its market whereas providing identical attention. To detail and quality drums that every one SJC Custom Drums square measure. famous for.

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SJC drums wiki

The signature SJC twit Dun Snare offers prime quality flat black hardware. To match the matte black aesthetic that the snare offers.

1.6-millimeter triple hoops work along with the classic SJC shoe. Protect to stay your snare perpetually attentive throughout your performance, permitting you to specialize in your drums.

The snare options a convenient drop vogue return and straightforward access to disengage the boxes. Whereas the boxes supply a good mixture of shell tone and snare snap. Improve the dynamic sound definition of wire boxes.

To make sure that you just get the most effective out of your snare. Every individual drum is tuned and compete so they’re able to compete upon arrival.

Which implies that the stunning tone of SJC is straight away on the market to the player.

Josh Dun

At twenty pilots one in 2011, twit Dun quickly established himself as an attractive, energetic musician.

Having printed 3 studio albums since connection the band. Dun has captive to the forefront of recent percussion. Twenty-one pilots in a very two-piece format. And afterward, Dun’s drum character stylistically has shone.

Dun is presently within the position to influence thousands of young musicians around the world. And has become an Icon of the rock figurehead.

This signature SJC twit Dun snare is supplied with a custom SJC and twit Dun signature badge. With a batter head brand SJC and twit Dun to end the signature style of Boxes.

 SJC drums the profit

With humble beginnings in the electro-acoustic transducer and Scott Ciprari (SJC) grandma’s basement. SJC has since developed into one in all the world’s leading drum makers and suppliers.

At first, the brothers determined to pioneer the sound of a generation. While not rest making an attempt to enhance themselves and their batteries till they’d reached a state of perfection.

His brother’s skills progressed and he improved within the building. It looked like a decent plan to induce a number of his friends to play his games and begin spreading the word.

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Bands like ‘A Wilhelm Scream’ and ‘Strike Anywhere’ were a number of the brothers’ few mentions.

Inflection purpose of SJC once the musical sensation ‘Panic. At the cabaret ‘he competes for the MTV music awards in 2006.

SJC Custom Drums

This important moment allowed the complete to vary and back a spread of larger and additional various bands like ‘Hawthorne Heights’, ‘Aiden’ and ‘Cobra Starship’.

Increasing his spectacular creator list, SJC began to succeed in new heights and managed to maneuver out of his grandmother’s basement. And into a warehouse, permitting SJC to introduce an atiny low quantity of latest employees.

Embracing the sport of innovation. SJC has perpetually created drums that turn out prime quality tones and a definite character, typically to the precise specification of status artists.

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Within the last 2 years, SJC has signed drummers Branden Steineckert (rancid). Cyrus Bolooki (New Found Glory), Zach soprano (Jimmy Eat World) and Tre Cool (Green Day).

With of these world-renowned artists is antecedently supported by giant international firms. Speaks volumes of SJC for his or her want to vary aa custom company.

Always at the forefront of innovation. SJC Custom Drums has continuously targeted on creating the percussionist the focus of any performance.

With an associate nearly endless list of custom choices. SJC prioritizes the drummer‘s specific necessities and ne’er compromises its classic and distinctive sound.

SJC Custom Drums

With an associate ever-growing list of massive names on his role. SJC has been an identical selection for several world-renowned drummers, accentuation their commitment to quality and sound.


“I’m real and honest: I am terribly proud to play drums at SJC Custom Drums. They’ve treated Pine Tree State thus well since I started enjoying them five years past.” Thanks! ” Rian Dawson-All Time Low


1.0-millimeter steel shell
Signature Badge by twit Dun
rings with triple one.6 mm
SJC protect shoes
Black plane hardware
Get obviate drop vogue
SJC and twit Dun brand head mass
Shell material: one.0 mm steel
Shell dimensions (diameter x depth): fourteen “x six.5”
Finish: Coated in flat black powder
Hardware: Black
Rings: 1.6-millimeter Triple projection hoops
Terminals: SJC protect shoes

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