/Sabian B8X 16″ Ballistic Crash
Sabian B8X 16

Sabian B8X 16″ Ballistic Crash

Sabian B8X 16 “Crash Rock Saucer

Sabian B8X 16 ” Rock Crash cymbal provides a fast and explosive response with a crash cut and a lot of volumes.

The B8 bronze metal alloy combined with the heavy, medium weight saucer shape offers an incredibly focused tone and enormous sonic capacity when needed.
Combined with a medium bell for the cut rings when necessary, B8X 16 ”
Sabian B8X 16

B8X Series

The Sabian B8X 16 ” series is the evolution of the B8 series.

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The Sabian B8X 16 series includes additional percussion, including fully hammered bells, a tight profile, and a new attractive logo.

The B8X series is superior to its predecessor, the B8 series, in everything it is at exactly the same price.

The result is an improved projection, much more complexity. The overall tone of the sound adds a new bright appearance.


  • Offers an explosive, powerful attack and a quick lightning response
  • The precision of shape, hammering and canning characteristics
  • The explosion of bright, bright tones with larger, fuller accents
  • They offer pure and tight tone sounds
  • Ideal for any beginner advance

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  • Style: Centered
  • Sound: Bright
  • Alloy: Bronze B8
  • Step: Medium to high
  • Weight: Medium to heavy
  • Finish: Natural

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Sabian B8X 16
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