/Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

The features of the Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums are the new 180 KD Digital Bass Drum, an 18 ” acoustic shell with advanced pre-installed kick electronics.

It also has a pen drive and USB host connection, the Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums works as a MIDI controller that can be used to play along with your favorite songs via USB or audio input.

Unrivaled expressivity and sound

The Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums offers a superior drums experience, thanks to Roland SuperNATURAL Behavior Modeling technology inherited from the TD-30 flagship games.

The sound processor responds naturally and organically to its reproduction in all senses, providing the dynamic, interactive sensation. That is essential to reach the highest levels of musical expression.

From edge shots, rolls, flams and spirit notes on the snare to dramatic crash hits and sustained cymbals swells, each nuance is detailed, accurate and ultra smooth.

Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

Adaptive kits

Providing simple editing and personalization of sounds, the Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums features a quick stroke selection.

Simply press the desired pad to call the assigned sound and then use the module’s controls to jump through instruments, adjust the pitch, damping and levels.

Also incorporating fast track shortcuts, the Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums allows you to adjust the sound, damping and adjusting the entire toms simultaneously to avoid matchless tones and save time on Edit on the fly.

All editions are automatically saved in the module but can be undone and returned to its original state.

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Gameplay and realistic feel

When you sit on the Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums, you will enjoy expressive gameplay that rivals the high-end V-Drums set.

 There is a full complement of head coupling pads for the legendary V-Drums sensation. With positional detection on the snare pad that provides subtle, organic tonal changes depending on where the pad is struck.

The cymbals have a natural drowning support and movement, bow/roll edge sounds in the crashy sounds of the arch edge bell on the ride.

Mounting on a standard hi-hat stand, the VH-11 V – Hi-Hat features open/close, arch/edge and motion sounds for the execution of traditional playback techniques for perfection.

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Acoustic style bass drum

The TD-25KVX offers a range of bass drum recently introduced to the V-Drum series. The drum KD-180 offers the presence on stage and the familiar feeling of a full-size bass drum for the Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums.

Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

The drum is an all-birch 7-layer bass acoustic drum with pre-installed Roland’s advanced trigger electronics.

Roland’s innovative air regulator mechanics works alongside the 18 ” acoustic shell to provide resistance.

The striker hits the head, providing stable and accurate shot with an authentic, acoustic touch. The KD-180 accommodates double pedals.





Record your game and Jam with tracks

With a built-in USB connection, the Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums allows you to connect a USB stick and play along with all your favorite WAV or MP3 songs.

Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums also incorporates unique features like the placement section and reduces playback speed, allowing you to learn it fills up quickly and work on sections of the particular song.

In addition, you can connect your smartphone or portable music device through the audio input to play with tracks and use the USB connection to record audio copies of your performance.

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  • Expressiveness and professional sound quality
  • Advanced SuperNATURAL sound processor based on the flagship TD-30 series
  • A simple and logical interface of easy exchange and personalization of each drum and cymbals
  • Double layer mesh, 10 ” snare pad with support for positional detection and the edge of the shot playing
  • Answer V-Hi-Hats Mount acoustic standard for realistic movement and natural feel
  • 12 ” crash offer cymbals natural movement with two zones and shock sensors
  • offers 13 ” three riders of natural area swing movement with shock sensors
  • 180 KD acoustic shell bass drum provides stage presence and authentic family acoustic sensation
  • Along with WAV / MP3 songs and capture performances as audio tracks to USB memory
  • Fast access metronome with a dedicated display, on/off button and tempo
  • USB host port for audio / MIDI communication with the computer

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Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit


  • Configuration

    • Sound module: Roland TD-25
    • V- Snare Pad: PD-128S-BC x 1
    • Pad Toms: PDX-100 x 3
    • Hi-Hat: VH-11x 1
    • cymbal Crash: CY – 12 C x 2
    • Cymbal Ride: CY-13R x 1
    • Drum: KD-180 x 1
    • Drum support: MDS-9SC x 1
  • Extra trigger inputs: 1 (AUX)
  • Accessories: Configuration Guide

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Roland TD-25KVX V-Drums
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