Popular Guitars Under $500 And Why They Are

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After doing a poll on twitter about Which acoustic/classical/electric is best under budget nowadays. I have got some suggestions from my followers.

popular guitar

The main good sign is. All the popular guitar is under your budget. I will start with the classical guitar.

Classical Popular Guitar:

My choice for Classical guitar.

  1. Cordoba Mini II MH.
  2. Cordoba Mini II EB-CE.

Cordoba Mini II MH:

After a huge success rate of mini-series. Cordoba has released a new model in 2018.  With three models. Now we are discussing the MH model. Which is the best traveling guitar in our choice? We are looking at the MH model today. The provider says that it will deliver the best a normal or a travel guitar can be like. So, now we discuss does it provide what we actually looking for?

Cordoba Mini II MH
  • Comfortable 1/2 size guitar, with standard tuning
  • Layered Mahogany top, back and sides
  • Nub one nut, 1. 875" Width
  • C-profile Mahogany neck; 22. 875" Scale Length
  • Satin polyurethane Body and neck finish

Neck & Body:

They made no mistake about it. This Cordoba Mini MH is a handsome little ukulele instrument. The Top is binding with Black ABS with an abalone-style of soundhole rosette. And I must mention the satin finish. I can bet you won’t find this kind of beauty in a cute shape body on your box.


The overall quality feels too premium. On the top, there is an open geared tuning machine. The bridge and fretboard made from the truss rod. You can’t get a gig bag with this. But it can be considerable.


This is the most prime question. And the answer is YES. The sound quality is premium. The tone is not that complex and full-size wood Cordoba. It can produce enough rich sound to performed in a little space.

Welcome, this cute travel guitar. It’s about (22 7/8”) scale length. It tunes so perfectly at standard E.For the deeper body depth. It can create a warm body tone. It comes with nylon guitar strings.

The frame is Mahogany top. It has an exotic look with sounds mellow.


  1. Elegant Looks with a robust build.
  2. Very good in playability.
  3. Within affordable prices.
  4. Premium look with rich sound quality.

Cordoba Mini II EB-CE (1)

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How is Cordoba Mini II MH sound?

Cordoba Mini II EB-CE:

Here is another model of acoustic-electric guitar from Cordoba is Cordoba MINI-II-EB-CE. This a solid ebony body with a solid spruce top can find a pickup hole with an onboard tuner.

This is another popular travel guitar for guitar lovers. This one is slightly bigger than the previous model I just explained. With 22, 7/8” scale length which perfectly suite standard E tuning. You can also tune this guitar down to standard c tuning. Read how can you do. This ukulele can produce resonant with a clear tone.

Cordoba Mini II EB-CE
  • Comfortable 1/2 size guitar, with standard tuning
  • Solid Spruce top, with stripped ebony back and sides
  • NuBone nut, 1.875" width
  • C-profile mahogany neck; 22.875" scale length
  • Satin polyurethane body and neck finish


  • Family: Cutaway & Electric.
  • Style: Small Body.
  • Body Top: Solid Spruce.
  • Scale Length: 580mm (22 7/8″).
  • Neck Shape: C Shape.

Welcome the most popular mini travel guitar. With its small body. It can produce a well deeper sound. It’s a nylon strings guitar. Build with a spruce top and striped ebony both back and sides.

I mainly like its onboard pickup system. So you can amplify the sound anytime, anywhere.

Cordoba Mini II EB-CE

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How Cordoba Mini II EB-CE sound?


Choose your favorite classical guitar collection from this.

classical guitar collection

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Acoustic Guitar:

Donner DAG-1C Acoustic Guitar Review:

This is not an old company in the field. But they know what their customer wants from them. So, they never compromise with their product quality. When I look at the product quality over the price range. I am so shocked. This Donner DAG guitar has passed all the exams I take from this.

This is not a single product comes with that price. You can get some bundle of accessories within that price. They will include all the necessary items you will need to buy.

This guitar is a laminate made.


  1. Full-sized guitar.
  2. Entry-level guitar.
  3. Cutaway is good.
  4. Full accessories in a bundle.
  5. The price is reasonable.

Donner DAG-1C Beginner Acoustic Guitar Full Size, 41" Cutaway Guitar Bundle with Gig...
  • Full-size 41 inch cutaway dreadnought body for full and vibrant tone, suited for all styles of music.
  • Right-hand design, spruce top and mahogany back and sides bring you richer and brighter sound.
  • 20 Brass Frets with Fret position Marks at 3th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th and 17th frets on neck and top of fingerboard
  • Comes with gig bag, guitar strap, guitar capo, strings, digital clip-on tuner , polishing cloth and guitar picks as gifts.
  • 30 Days Unconditional Money Back Guarantee Backed Up By Our Awesome Customer Support, you can rest assured to buy our products.

Recording King RPS-9-TS Dirty 30’s Series:

This is not known by general people. This Recording King brand has some great guitar in their warehouse. This spruce top provides the basic classic acoustic tone. It comes with a tobacco sunburst color. It has only two colors. Available in Tobacco Sunburst and Matte Black.

Recording King RPS-9-TS Dirty (1)

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How Recording King RPS-9-TS sound?

Electric Guitar:


Ask any guitar player. Which electric guitar he likes most? Of course, he will reply to the brand name FENDER. I also like this for its “C” shape smooth feeling. When you visit to buy one of these guitars at any showroom.

Or online shops like Amazon, Musicgear, etc. You will notice that it has only a few in stock. Because everybody wants this popular guitar. So, don’t miss your chance. It will be a great Christmas gift for you and your friend as well.

Squier by Fender Contemporary Stratocaster Electric Guitar (1)

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  • Neck Material. Maple.
  • Neck Shape. “C” Shape.
  • Scale Length. 25.5″ (648 mm).
  • Fingerboard Material. Maple.
  • Number of Frets. 22.
  • Bridge Pickup.
  • Ceramic Humbucker.
  • Strings.
  • Nickel-Plated Steel (.009-.042 Gauges).



There are a tons of things you can do with your FENDER CONTEMPORARY STRATOCASTER Guitar. The easily process you can do with your guitar pickup upgrade option. It will do a great impact on your sound experience.

The main fact is when you buy a lower-priced guitar. You will get a lower quality inbuild pickup. So, if you change your pickup with higher quality. It will give a higher experience in your guitar play.

I will suggest you replace your pickup with this. Fender Generation 4 Noiseless Stratocaster Single-Coil Pickups.

Fender Generation 4 Noiseless Stratocaster Single-Coil Pickups

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