Play Guitar – Basic Chord Progressions

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Chord and progression are two of the most common words that you will be able to hear in the guitar world. Most of the time, these two are put together especially when you are studying songs and how to play the guitar. This means a series of chords that are played in order to get a tune together. Chord progression is used to create the melody of the song. If you are familiar with the Cranberries, they are one of the most popular bands that use a single chord progression or pattern in their songs. Linger and Zombie are two of the most favorite easy guitar songs played today. They are good songs for you to be able to practice playing the guitar.

Other examples of songs that follow the basic chord progressions are pop songs. You will notice that most pop songs played on air make use of common chord progressions. Most of the songs are written in the key of C. This key does not have any sharps of flats in it, allowing the tune to be very catchy and easy to learn. That’s one of the reasons why pop songs easily catch on with the public.

Most of the songs, as mentioned earlier, were written in the key of C. And most pop songs follow the I, IV, V chords progression. This has been a popular pattern of chords that originated in the 1950’s. The major key allows the song to be very upbeat and catchy. It is easy to write songs in this chord progression.

If you would like to go for the sadder mood, so to speak, you simply have to use the minor key of C. This is done by transposing the chords to Am. One example of a chord progression in this key is VI, V, IV progression. The chords, respectively, would be Am-G-F. This chord progression is popular among rock songs. Other popular rock hits go for the VI, III, IV, I progression in A minor. That is Am-Em-F-C when translated into chords. You will find this chord pattern in rock songs with some variations added to it. You will have to listen closely to be able to hear the chord pattern and the similarities between songs.

The basic idea here is that major keys are for happier songs and the minor key paves way for the more somber mood. The key of the song will be able to give you an idea of the mood the song was written in. This will be able to give you an idea how the song should be played. This will also help you when you come up with your own songs. The chord patterns will give you a head start on the melody of the song. There are a lot of chord progressions or chord patterns that you could choose from. You just have to make sure that it fits the mood of the song you are writing.

As you know by now, knowing chord progressions will give you an advantage when you learn how to play the guitar and when you begin to create your own music. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of songs with the same chord progression. The difference lies on the rendition and interpretation. This includes the tempo and strumming patterns in the song. These will make the distinction between the two songs. If you listen closely to the songs, I Will Survive and Fly me to the Moon, you will notice that they have the same chord progressions. These chords are just played in differently. But you won’t mistake one for the other.


Source by Andy Partridge