Music Lessons: Choosing an Instrument

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Learning how to play an instrument by taking lessons on music offers a lot of advantages. It can help you improve your memory, boost your self-confidence, and discover your musical talents. This is why a lot of kids and adults are joining music classes. Now if you wish to discover your talent, you can start by choosing a musical instrument you're comfortable with. To help you out, here are some of the most popular instruments you can learn to play:


Invented during the 1700s, the piano started out as an instrument for the royal and wealthy families of earlier centuries. However, over time, as the middle class began to prosper, pianos became a mainstay at many homes. Several musical eras were highly influenced by the invention of the piano, since many legendary musicians and composers were also expert pianists. These include Johann Sebastian Bach (Baroque), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Classical), Frederic Chopin (Romantic), and Igor Stravinsky (20th century). Today, piano music lessons are quite popular among young and adult students.


Early versions of the guitar are the sitar, setar, and tanbur that were used in ancient Central Asian and Indian civilizations. Throughout the centuries, the use of this instrument spread throughout Europe, and different types have evolved such as Baroque and Renaissance, Classical, flamenco, and steel string guitars. In the 1930s, jazz musicians' need for a stringed instrument that offered better sound gave way to the creation of the electric guitar. Today, the guitar is a musical instrument used in a variety of genres such as jazz, classical, rock, pop, blues, metal, and R&B. Famous guitarists known for their signature sounds include Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, and Carlos Santana.


Drums have been used by ancient civilizations but it was not until the Vaudeville Era that drum kits were played by musicians as part of an act. During the 1930s, musicians such as Ben Duncan paved the way for the basic four-piece kit that consists of a floor tom, tom-tom, snare, and bass drum. Advancements in technology during the 21st century led to the inclusion of electronic equipment in a drum kit. These electronic devices include sound modules, tempo meters, and small PA systems. If you want to take a music lesson on drums, listen to the works of Gene Krupa, Carl Palmer, Steward Copeland, Max Roach, and Ringo Starr for inspiration.


The violin is thought to have been originated from Italy during the 1500s. The earliest makers of the violin were Andrea Amati, Giovanni Maggini, and Gasparo da Salo. Noted luthiers during the 17th and 18th centuries were Jacob Stainer, Giuseppe Guarneri, and Antonio Stradivari. At first, the violin was a popular instrument. However, composers and musicians such as Claudio Monteverdi, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Antonio Vivaldi started using this instrument, making it popular among many musicians.

When planning to take lessons on music, it's always best to choose an instrument that you're really interested in. Taking into consideration buying and maintenance costs is also a good idea when selecting the right instrument. But keep in mind that no matter what type of instrument you choose, you'll definitely gain a lot by taking lessons on music.

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