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learn to play guitar

Learn to play guitar? How much time it should take?

How to learn to play guitar by yourself

Learn to play the guitar, like any other art, requires effort and dedication. From the easiest thing to do a paper plane until you get to paint a realistic picture. Because the little moments that you dedicate to practicing the instrument will be your training to get to play a song that you like. Therefore, if you want to know how much time it takes to learn to play the guitar, answer these questions:

1- What level do I want to achieve?

You have to ask this question yourself. Do you want to play your favorite songs to sing with your friends or do you want to get a good level and be competent? The first option is how to make the paper airplane, it can be easy and fast. The second option is the same as being competent in the art of origami. You decide what you want according to your circumstances.

Therefore, if you are one of those who wants to make a plane or on the guitar you want to learn some basic chords and rhythms, you will already know how to play the guitar and you will have fulfilled your goal. If on the other hand, you decide that you want to learn to play faster, play with a good sound, learn many scales, know many chords, or play demanding songs then you will need more time.

2- What do I want to learn?

After knowing the level you want to achieve, you must think about what you want to learn. Here I distinguish two types of students: There are those who want to learn and they do not care about the songs you recommend to achieve their goal and the students who want something in particular.

learn to play the guitar

The advantages of each are important. For the first student, it will be easy to learn if he is motivated by how boring the piece is. The second will be easy to motivate if you play something you like, but you will get tired of what you teach does not meet your expectations or is too difficult.

That said, if you want to learn to play easy songs you will learn to play the guitar quickly, if, on the contrary, you decide that your thing is to learn to play some piece of JS Bach with the best sound possible, to give an example, it will take longer.

3- Am I motivated?

Then we have the subject of motivation. Being motivated with the guitar is like adding fuel to the fire so that the fire does not go out and you do not die of cold in the forest, it is also being aware of the problems and not only of the solutions, of knowing that if it starts to rain it You can put out the fire. so you will need a solution to problems that you already know can happen. In the case of the guitar, the problems that you will have at the beginning are these.

learn to play the guitar

In other words, if you are not looking for small objectives that motivate you, you will die of cold and if you are not prepared for what may also happen.

4- Now yes, how long does it take to learn to play the guitar?

If you have read the previous points, the answer will be in your hands: It depends on what you want to achieve. You understand that learning to play the guitar is playing as Jimmy Page will take more. On the other hand, learning to play the guitar is playing a pop song, it will take less. It’s the easiest way to learn guitar. And both options are valid.

“What steps do I have to follow to play like x”

“What steps do I have to follow to play as and”

And look back and have someone recommend the steps to follow. If on the other hand you are the first type of student that I mentioned above and you want to be guided little by little,  choose a guitar course and later on you will want to play something in particular.

 learn to play the guitar

5- Success stories and 2 examples

There are many failures and many successes when we want to achieve what we propose, so I want to present a few successes of people who have learned to play the guitar and thanks to YouTube have documented.

a) How many days does it take to learn to play the guitar?

The first example is that of Rachel, a young girl who started playing the guitar at age 22 and has been recording her progress little by little. As we see the first months he started with the basic chords, then with another rhythm very used in the guitar that you have here.

All this has been mixed with punctures and the use of the minor pentatonic scale, some techniques and some famous rock riffs such as Smoke on the water, or the Cocaine song through classic pieces that you can find in any corner from the Internet.

Then he started to play arpeggios with his fingers with a Metallica song, other songs like Iron Maiden’s The Trooper, etc. And as you see, he has been playing songs that he liked.

And stay with this that says:

” I have been completely self-taught through different online resources. I tried to play every day when I had the guitar nearby, but with work and other things I had long periods that I could not play. But most of the time I’ve been pretty consistent. “

Learn to play guitar online? watch this

b) How long it takes to learn to play the guitar: Pleun Stork

Some guy also searches this like how to learn to play guitar by yourself. This guy started to play the Spanish guitar with fifth chords, then he decided to play chords, having some problem because he could not easily change chords but he got over it.

Then he decided to switch to the electric guitar and this motivated him a lot more since his evolution was fast.

As you can see, if you are constant and being self-taught you can get it. Therefore, I invite you to keep that fire burning and keep learning more and better.


Factors that influence learning to play the guitar

There is no easy answer to this question. But The 5 Simple Keys of Teaching Yourself the Guitar

There are a lot of factors that influence how fast you progress. They stand out from them:

  • Your guitar. Easy to play or difficult.
  • Your dexterity with your hands You are a skilled person with your hands or not so much.
  • Your level of motivation. Much or little.
  • Your way to learn. With a quality guitar lesson plan from the beginning or learning things at random.
  • Your practice habits. Conscious and daily or rambling while you practice from time to time.

These are just some of the elements that can affect your progress. Notice that “YOU” are the one in control of almost all the factors.

Before Write Own Songs


What do you mean, learn to play the guitar

The answer to how long it takes to learn to play the guitar is also different depending on the type of skills you want to develop with the guitar.

Do you want to learn some simple chords so that you can accompany yourself with your guitar when you are singing? (or they are singing others)
Do you want to play solo guitar in a band?
Is your goal to be a semi-professional or professional musician?
Again you are “YOU” who has the answer.

Factors + Objective = Approximate time

If you put the maximum of the factors that I mentioned before, these are some general terms of what it takes to learn to play the guitar:


If your goal is to learn some simple chords to accompany your voice, it will only take around four to six weeks to start playing.

The biggest obstacles to overcome are:

The pain of fingers.
Learn simple chord forms and switch between them fast enough.
Understand how chord progressions work so you can learn and memorize songs.
After a week of daily practice, you will be able to play a basic song. It will not sound perfect but it will be recognizable.


If you want to play the guitar in a band and be able to be in a stage give twelve to eighteen months to lay the foundations.


If you want to play the guitar like a professional you need to know that it is a lifelong study that never ends.

How much do a course and daily practice influence as soon as it takes to learn to play the guitar
The importance of following a structured course and above all of a daily and conscious practice is vital.

A novice guitarist

Who practices every day for at least one or two hours with some type of guitar or teacher course.
Who practices for at least 30 minutes in a somewhat inconsistent manner going from two to four days between sessions.
That he plays the guitar very occasionally without a fixed schedule or plan.

Within two months

He will be able to play a variety of chords and have a basic understanding of how to play the guitar. In addition, he will be able to play at least one song from beginning to end.
You will be able to strum awkwardly a song from beginning to end. But it is likely to get stuck and make a lot of mistakes. However, he will be making progress.
You will be wondering why learning to play the guitar has to be so difficult.

Within a year

He will be looking for a band to play or forming his own band.
Be able to play several songs in front of his family with hardly any problems.
He might be able to strum at least one song to the end.

These are general deadlines to show a simplified view of how long it takes to learn to play the guitar. Each person is a world and I do not want to say that your progress will be like that. What is certain is the importance of organized and daily practice.

I hope I have helped you to see a little clearer the answer to How long does it take to learn to play the guitar?

Before Quit Watch This!!!!

The easy way to learn the guitar within a short time

Subject index

1. The different types of guitars
2. More than a matter of time, it is a question of means
3. Easy tips for learning to play the guitar quickly
4. The basics for learning to play the guitar
5. The position of the hands when you learn to touch
6. Learn to play the guitar with an App: myth or reality?
7. It takes a minimum of 3 months before knowing how to play the guitar

Hello everyone, my name is Ayon Chowdhury. I am a professional guitarist and guitar teacher in the USA.

learn to play guitar

Learning to play the guitar is within the reach of everyone, both children and adults. I have been a guitar teacher for 8 years now.

I am therefore used to regularly having future clients on the phone in order to schedule one or several guitar lessons.

My classes are mainly aimed at beginners and the questions my students often ask me are:

1. How many days does it take to learn to play the guitar?
2. How long before I know how to play this topic?
3. How long to be good?
4. How long before I can master this technique?
5. And above all ” What is the perfect time to play the guitar ?”

Learning to play an instrument takes time
How many hours of class do you need to learn to play the guitar?

Believe it or not, I find it hard to answer these questions, even if I understand them perfectly.

The answer is quite simple: there is no answer.

In effect, it is strictly impossible to give a concrete answer, simply because it is about analyzing each case. Any professional will tell you that the level of mastery of a musical instrument can always be improved, especially as styles are numerous and that is precisely what fuels this passion in a lasting way.

In the meantime, do not forget to never look back from time to time.

It is better to look back and see the progress that has been made and continue to be made feel bad for what you do not get to touch for now.

Play slowly, but safely. And watch your fingers.

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learn to play guitar

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The different types of guitars
Here you can find general information about the guitar that will be of help when it comes to learning to play it.

In general, a guitar has 6 strings. When you play them, they produce notes in the air that are, from the most serious to the most acute, “my, the, my, my, my, my.” You can raise the pitch of a string and change the note when the string is caught between the fingers and the neck.

There are several types of guitars:

The classical guitar

has 6 strings. All are made of nylon, but the three bass strings are covered with metal fabric to make them thicker and thus reduce their frequency of vibration.

The flamenco guitar

The strings of this guitar are identical to those of the classical guitar. In some models, you can find plastic plates in the soundboard on which the musician can hit and add percussion parts.

The jazz guitar

Its neck is narrower and the sharp strings are made of metal. Jazz guitarists play traditionally with a pick and with the guitar hanging and often play standing up.

The rock guitar

It is better known as «Electric guitar». An electronic system allows the vibrations of the strings to be detected and transmitted to an amplifier. These models have volume and tone control buttons.

More than a matter of time, it is a question of means
The answer to this question is variable depending on the profiles. On the other hand, it is difficult to answer in a general way, although I put myself in your place and I perfectly understand the question. I am going to talk about my experience and what I see in my students in order to provide you with a much more general answer to this great question: How much time does it take to learn to play the guitar?

To answer, we must start from the principle that it is not a matter of time, it is a matter of means.

In effect, we are all different. There is no universal rule. But there is a method that I often offer as an answer and if you apply well it will allow you to quickly verify your progress and answer your question.

To learn how to play the guitar quickly, use the OTPM method.

Or for the objective you set, TP for personal work and M for your motivation.

That’s why I said before that it’s about seeing each case.

Do you know that it is possible to learn to play the guitar at any age?

Some easy tips for learning to play the guitar quickly

1 – OBJECTIVES of learning the guitar

Begin to know scratch your instrument
Some of you will set the objective of learning the first bases and the first open chords in order to play some accompaniments or simple rhythmic motifs, some folk or pop-rock songs quite easy, even to start accompanying the singing. (“No Woman, No Cry” by Bob Marley, “What’s Up” by 4 Non-Blondes, “Knockin ‘on heaven’s door” by Bob Dylan, “Jimmy” by Moriarty, etc.).

The music groups do not learn the guitar from one day to the next.

I could give you other examples, there are plenty of them, the list would be very long. However, it is not easy to touch them completely and in a structured way.

For my part, I offer a pack of 12 classes, 12 sessions of 1 hour that give the possibility of getting it. Attention, because that is not done simply by coming to the guitar course. Your motivation has to be maximum and your personal work regular. The role of the tutor is to accompany you in your learning.

Once again, I repeat, it is also about each case. Some people have more time and more facilities than others. That also depends on the age of the guitarist. It’s never too late to learn to play the guitar.

For people who are very motivated and involved, a quarter is enough to start “ripping.”

Begin playing the guitar solo
For some, the objective goes in effect further. For them it is about playing complex themes, based on more or less elaborate arpeggios, crossed chords, complicated rhythms or even alone.

In that case, I recommend at least 3 sessions of 12 classes, the equivalent of a full year, in order to begin to master these types of techniques.

Once again, this recommendation is only valid provided that the time invested is the maximum and that your motivation is faultless.

The expression “each case” acquires its full significance here. It may take a month to Pedro, a year to Pablo and several decades to Luis … That may also vary depending on the choice of the first guitar.

2 – Personal work: respect the objectives we have set ourselves
No doubt, we all have a different life and schedule.

In general, each of us has his life as a couple, family, friends, a job, hobbies, obligations, commitments, etc.

Not everyone can invest the same time in a certain activity. Often my students tell me at the beginning of the class: I’m sorry, I’ve barely had time to play the guitar!

Which I do not take it badly, at all, because I understand it perfectly. Is a reality.

However, we must know that personal work is two to three times more important than work during classes. Therefore, priority must be given to practicing at home. Give yourself time, isolate and work. Half of the answer to the famous question: “How long will I know how to play the guitar?” Resides here. While you remember learning!

As a general rule, I recommend at least half an hour a day.

3 – Motivation to learn to play the guitar quickly

It is in this third point that we quickly realize that everything is connected. In effect, your goal is connected to your work time that is connected to your motivation.

On this point, you do not have to walk around the bush: the more motivated you are, the better.

Never give up if you are facing difficulties!

It needs tranquility! It is not necessary to abandon the learning of the guitar from the first difficulties!

Do you think there is an age limit to learn to play the guitar?

The basics for learning to play the guitar
Know how to read scores
A guitar score is very similar to a traditional score. But there are also those in which, instead of staves, there are six lines.

In this way, each line corresponds to one of the strings of the guitar.

On them, there are numbers that indicate to which level of the mast (that appears divided into about twenty sections or frets ) it is necessary to place the fingers and to tighten the ropes.

This type of sheet music is universal and allows you to easily transcribe chords, arpeggios, and melodies. Surely you master it right away!

In the image, you can see how the scores graphically follow the strings and the neck of the guitar.

The six strings of the guitar and their correspondences with the music notes.

The rope of my grave (E) is the thickest and is at the top of the neck (the part that is placed closest to the body). In the scores, it is located below.
The string of my treble (e) is the thinnest and is located below the mast.

However, it is located above the score.
Here is a list of the lines of the score and the equivalent notes, from bottom to top:

Line 1 (the lowest): a rope of my grave (E).
2: a rope of (A).
3: restring (D).
4: sun rope (G).
5: yes rope (B).
6 (the highest): a string of my treble (e).
The order of the lines in the score is inverse to the order of the strings in the neck of the guitar. This may seem a bit disconcerting when you start to learn to play, but surely you master it fast!

Also, it has a trick! Javier tells us:

To avoid confusion, there is a simple solution: slightly tilt the neck of the guitar towards you and orient the string of my bass (E) down, as it appears in the score. Of course, this position should not last long. Use this trick while you get to practice reading scores.

Are you no longer afraid to see the scores?

You may be surprised to see a 0 in the score, but it simply means that you have to play the string in the air, that is, without placing any finger on the neck. The 1 corresponds to the first fret, which is attached to the head of the mast. The other numbers correspond to the frets that follow down the mast.

Often, the guitar score comes along with the pentagram and the treble clef notes. Those are the notes you will have seen a thousand times before at school!

Finally, the guitar score is read from left to right. If there are several figures vertically aligned, you will have to play two notes at the same time, so you will have to press two strings simultaneously.

Play the guitar: read the chord diagrams
Now, let’s go for the chords! The chord diagram represents the strings of the guitar if you wear the neck of the face.

Here is a short explanation of the chord diagram:

In horizontal, you can find the different frets of the mast.
The vertical lines represent the different strings: from my grave (E) to the left of the diagram, to my acute (e) to the right.
To indicate the 0 (the string in the air), the first line of the diagram is used, which is usually a little thicker.
To know what string you have to play, just look for the points in the diagram and imitate the position in which they appear.

Next, you can see the correspondence between the numbers and the fingers of the left hand:

T: Thumb (in the thumb, in English).
1: index.
2: heart.
3: cancel.
4: little finger.

To see if you have understood, you can take as an example the following photo. Let’s see if you decode it!

The capo compliment that serves to tighten all the strings at the same time. You can also do it with the index pressing hard against all the strings.

If there are strings where nothing appears, leave them in the air!

Learn to play riffs.

Once you control the chords well, you can take the next step and start playing the real guitar. For this, you will have to learn the riffs, small musical motifs that are a combination of chords.

You will also learn to use the prong: it allows you to tear the strings instead of using the nails or the tips of your fingers.

If you set out to investigate, you’ll find thousands of tips on how to grab the pick. The idea is to hold it with the index and thumb.

There are many websites where you can learn to play riffs, but it is best to talk to a guitar tutor who will guide you in your progression. This method will be faster than self-learning.

Come as you are, from Nirvana, from their 1991 album, has had a lot of commercial success.

When you start to control the guitar, why do not you try playing some famous Nirvana melody?

Surely when you were younger you dreamed of being Kurt Cobain!

Discover also where, how and why learn to play the guitar.

The position of the hands when you learn to touch
We could talk long and hard about the correct positioning of the hands and fingers on the guitar. These are some of the details that you will have to take into account:

You need to force your fingers on the frets to get the desired sound.
Press the string near the fret to prevent the string from emitting unpleasant vibrations.
You can touch the strings with your nails or with the tips of your fingers. The position of the fingers will depend on which option we choose.
You can know more about all this if you go to a guitar course with a qualified teacher.

Learn to play the guitar with an App: myth or reality?

Yes. The applications are not far behind when it comes to teaching instruments. If you wish, you can download various tools on your Smartphone to learn how to play the guitar.

Coach Guitar, available for Android and Apple, is a visual method to learn to play fragments of famous songs for acoustic or electric guitar. And it’s totally free! It is the perfect complement to classes with a teacher! So, get up! You’ve got nothing to lose!

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords can also help you. It works like a gigantic catalog of chords, sheet music and lyrics from around the world. You can learn more than a million chords with her. The updates are daily and free. It also allows you to learn to play the guitar from the lowest level.

Its current price is € 3.19, a fairly reasonable rate. More than 150,000 people have already installed it on their phones and have a note of four and a half stars on GooglePlay.

If you want to learn to play the guitar through online guitar lessons, you will find many announcements about our platform.

It takes a minimum of 3 months before knowing how to play the guitar

You have understood, the question is not to know how much time we can learn to play the guitar, but above all how to get the most out of your learning to reduce this time and start enjoying quickly.

I insist on the fact that these are my recommendations and my opinion. Not all teachers will see things as I do.

On the other hand, even if you have understood well the role of the OTPM (Objective, Personal Work, Motivation), we do not all have the same capacity to apply it.

It is therefore quite likely to start playing simple accompaniments with simple chords and rhythms, or even accompanying yourself singing, after 3 months, with a lot of personal work and motivation.

If the objective is to play much more complex themes, elaborate arpeggios, simple solos, more complete structures, one year is reasonable (around 40 hours of class).

Train often before playing solos on guitar!

To be able to do everything we want?

The magic of music is that it is learned throughout life. It’s what makes it more exciting!

Meanwhile, do not forget to look back from time to time.

This will also allow you to define the best time to practice with the guitar.

It is better to look back and see the progress we have made and continue to make, where we started from, to be constantly overwhelmed by what we can not do at the moment. Play slow, but sure, and watch your fingers!

And why do not you look for a Spanish guitar course or a flamenco guitar course on our platform?

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