How to learn guitar at home?

How to learn guitar at home?


learn guitar at home

How to use an acoustic guitarlearn guitar at home?

To learn guitar at home is the most important foundation to take into account is the posture, that is, how to properly hold the guitar.

If you hold the acoustic guitar wrong from the start, you will never learn to play as well as you would like.

People say, “Before acquiring your target, 1st thing don’t shake your gun”.

learn guitar at home

How to have a perfect posture while playing the acoustic guitar?

It is very important to take into account the place where you are going to sit down to play your acoustic guitar.

Do not sit on a low couch, as it will restrict your movements and make it harder to play the guitar.

learn guitar at home

Do not sit in a chair with arms, as it will also restrict your movements to see. You forced to keep your left elbow attached to your torso. This is terrible to learn guitar at home.

You also do not sit on a high stool. As these chairs tend to cause your thighs to tilt down and this means. That the guitar will slide away from you when you start playing.


So to achieve good posture when playing your acoustic guitar you should avoid the above-mentioned chairs and take into account the following. Your knees should be at a 90-degree angle or lean slightly towards you. And both arms should be completely free of obstructions.

If you take into account these tips, you will learn to play the acoustic guitar faster and with less frustration.


What are the notes of the strings of the acoustic guitar?

If you do not know the notes of the strings of the acoustic guitar, it will be much harder to learn to play it. In standard tuning, the stringslearn guitar at home have a name and a number.


learn guitar at homeThe thickest string is the sixth string and is tuned to E low; this is the lowest and deepest guitar note you can play.

The fifth string is tuned to Alearn guitar at home, so it is usually referred to as the A string.

The fourth string is tuned to D, so it is usually known as the string D. The third string is tuned to G, so it is usually known as the G string.

The second string is tuned to B, so it is usually called string B.

And the first string is tuned to E high; This is the thinnest of all the strings.



Difference between chords and notes? 

A note is a solitary tone, it is what you hear when you pull a string. Instead, a chord is a group of notes played together at the same time.


learn guitar at homeIf you want to learn to play the acoustic guitar you must understand the chords.

For example, if you rip the strings G, B, and E, you are playing a chord. Since you are tearing a “group” of notes at the same time.

Both the notes and the chords are important. However, in the beginning, it is better to concentrate on the chords.





Touch with the tips of your fingers before learning guitar

When playing, be sure to use the tips of your fingers. Do not touch the fingertips-or the fleshy part. Where your fingerprints are-since using the tips of your fingers you leave the maximum space between each string.

Allowing the middle notes sound more clearly without being dampened by other fingers.

learn guitar at home

When playing, each note should be clear and clean. Also, be sure to place your fingers in the middle of the frets on the guitar, not on the frets.

This helps stop muffled notes and is a crucial part of learning to play the acoustic guitar in a clean and articulate manner.



The most popular brandslearn guitar at home for learn guitar at home

Music can be considered as a pleasure of life and accompanies the day to day of many people in different cases.

Others may prefer to create their own music using instrumentslearn guitar at home and one of the most popular is classic guitarslearn guitar at home. Below, a summary of three of the most recognized brands:

IBANEZlearn guitar at home:

learn guitar at homeIbanez is a company dedicated to the development of world-class musical instruments.

Its different products, including guitars, basses, and amplifiers, can be adapted to the musician’s learning levels.

Ibanez was owned by Hoshino Gakki, who is dedicated to distributing the guitars made by Salvador Ibañez, a Spanish craftsman.


In the beginning, the company distributed guitars all over Japan and, being of excellent quality, they soon gained their place in music.


Although it had a temporary closure due to the recession of 1920. Gakki returned to elaborate them after a time given the demand for them.

He maintained his operations in the Japanese country until 1960 when he acquired all the rights of the brand and began importing them to the United States.

You can still see original productions manufactured by Salvador Ibañez which have a lot of value. Some famous models belong to artists of the stature of Eric Clapton and Julian Bream.

YAMAHAlearn guitar at home:
learn guitar at home

Yamaha Corporation is a company of Japanese origin dedicated to the development and distribution of musical and electronic equipment.

The catalog of Yamaha is incredibly varied and you can find products as different as guitars and jet skis.

The founding of this company dates back to the year 1887, specifically on October 12 when Torakusu Yamaha constitutes it.


At first, it was thought as a factory of pianos and harmonies, but this was soon changed by incorporating various musical instruments in its operations.


learn guitar at homeYamaha is credited with building the world’s first acoustic research room. Where the instruments were tested to ensure excellent sound quality and performance.

This revolutionized the way teams were made and gave the brand its personal touch.

Among the Yamaha musical products, you can find electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses, violins, cellos, pianos, drums, among many others.

In addition, they are quite respected and appreciated by the musical environment in general. Likewise, their instruments are played in all parts of the world at the beginner, intermediate and professional level.

EPIPHONElearn guitar at home & GIBSONlearn guitar at home:


learn guitar at homeIt was not until the year 1924 when, by a combination of names, Epiphone was born.

At this time, Epiphone was the main rival and competition of the renowned Gibson. A company also dedicated to the development of instruments. However, Epaminondas dies in 1943 and the company loses its shine a little.


It is at this time when it was acquired by Gibson that he becomes a subsidiary of his company.

Even so, Epiphone maintained its style and quality which is recognized to this day.

Although it is necessary to mention that Gibson keeps the Epiphone products below the price of their professional models to make them more accessible to the public.

learn guitar at home

Probably one of the most famous models is the Les Paul guitar. Which was conceived by Ted McCarty, designer and Les Paul, an American jazz musician?

It is a solid body guitar and professional finishes that has an unrivaled sound. Which caused a great popularity that still remains.

Epiphone is headquartered in the city of Philadelphia, United States.

I think the above post will help you about to learn guitar at home.

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learn guitar at home
learn guitar at home
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