Lava Me 2 Best Acoustic Guitar Review 2020

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Lava me 2 Guitar Review


If you’ve never heard of a Lava me 2 Guitar, you’re not alone. But read on and you will soon discover how versatile the Lava me 2 guitar is, and what wonderful music it is more than capable of producing.


This is a hybrid guitar that functions as a traditional acoustic guitar and high-performance electric guitar.


The unibody design is made from the highest quality carbon composite materials. The fretboard and bridge are made from high-pressure laminate. This means Lava me 2 is weather-resistant and not prone to warping or damages due to weather or humidity.

Lava me 2 can be played without any electronics, just like a traditional acoustic guitar. However, using the built-in electronic soundboard with Lava me 2’s FreeBoost system you can quickly adjust the reverb, delay, and chorus settings.

One nice feature is the built-in effects work without having the guitar plugged in – and no batteries required! Simply charge the guitar using the provided USB cord and you’re good to go for hours of enjoyment.

With Lava me 2 you can create four unique sounds using the onboard electronics:

  1. Unplugged
  2. Unplugged with FreeBoost
  3. Amped
  4. Amped with FreeBoost

All-in-all, Lava me 2 creates a lot of sounds for its small size. 


Why Lava me 2 acoustic guitars?


  • Unique, attractive design
  • Lightweight, making it ideal for travel
  • Carbon fiber construction makes it extremely durable
  • FreeBoost system for infinite sound effects
  • Small size is ideal for kids or people with smaller hands
  • Battery performance is long enough to cover a full day live concert.
  • The Build-in Preamp system is just awesome.
  • Includes a quality travel case, instruction manual, USB cord, cleaning cloth, and guitar picks


Here are the new LAVA ME products. Pick your choice.

After buying one guitar you have to buy an amplifier. And some essential accessories to boost your experience. Right!

So, don’t hassle. It has a built-in amplifier. You are thinking about what’s new.

Lava Me 2

Image Credit: Amazon

To develop your sound quality. This company has invented an Airsonic a new type of carbon fiber composite. It has an extraordinary performance.

  1. Expect Brazilian rosewood it has 30%-40% more so it’s not affected by the weather.
  2. For the ARC design for this guitar. It’s so close to the human body while playing it.

“So that long-time playing has become effortless”.  It has also a lightweight to carry.

The Sound Quality:

  • Practicing the guitar appears unique! I used to be impressed with the fullness of this sound and also the quantity in that it functioned.
  • I’ve already been a longtime advocate of living acoustic guitars and even a longtime hater of guitars just like the Martin Backpacker.
  • What will you get from lava guitar far better than Martin backpacker acoustic one?
  • Price, look, build quality, smoothness, lightweight each and everything.
  • So why you should not buy this guitar. Give me just one reason in the comment section. 
Sound quality, Lava ME 2 Guitar

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I feel as though little pellets such as the Martin by no means create an appealing sound. However, this guitar achieves additional of the full/dreadnought sound.

My sole thinking is the fact that while the sound is still exceptionally filled with all bright highs and booming lows.

There’s a shortage of thickness. I attribute to the supernatural substances found. However, I really could be wrong with this.

Here is the Lava Me Pro All New Features:

LAVA ME PRO Carbon Fiber Guitar.

  • Lava me pro is one of the best carbon Fiber acoustic guitars designed by Lava music, especially for stage performance.
  • It has a powerful preamp system built-in.
  • They developed a deep partnership with L.R baggs: for making the system most powerful.
  • One of the features of this guitar is that it has built-in effects like a professional electric guitar but it doesn’t require pedals for that.
  • Which means you can now travel or do live performances without any pedalboard.
  • The portability of this guitar made guitarists more attracted to this product besides the built-in effect feature.
  • The guitar is two-third in weight than the other guitars which mean it is very light in weight.

The soundboard of the guitar is made of Lava music’s own Aircarbon material, that combines all carbon fibers in a honeycomb structure. It works well on any kind of condition and produces loud and organic sounds.

Other than that it has a mix-control feature which will give you the option to mix the sound between the body mic and piezo. With this, you can achieve a natural and customizable sound.

lava me pro

Image Credit: Amazon

The adjustment of delay tempo has never been this easier. You can control the speeds with your fingertip in seconds in the lava me pro. Besides that, with the turbo button guitarists can enhance the volume and tone only in one push. This option will be helpful for guitarists when they do live performances.

The design of Lava me pro is very unique and classy. It has only one color which is black gold.

The guitar neck is made of carbon fiber and aluminum for good stability. Other parts like the bridge, nut, and saddle are also made with high-quality materials. The guitar has 6 strings that are made of phosphor bronze.

All these components play a great role in the transmission of sound vibration. The FlyNeck+ makes the playing experience of the guitarists more enjoyable.

For the body, design Players do not have to worry about the weather condition at all when they are playing. If you are a stage performer then this guitar is the best pickup option available in the market. The price is also moderate if you compare it with any other guitars.

And as it has built-in effects playing gets more fun and easy at the same time. From all the guitars that lava music ever featured this one is the upgrade of the carbon fiber guitars range.

Main Specifications of the Lava Me Pro.

Item weight: 22.1 Pounds.

Batteries: 1 lithium-ion battery.

Item model number: Pro.

Color name: Freeboost-Black gold.

Body material: AirSonicTM Carbon fiber composited.

The number of string: 6.

Size: 41inch unibody guitar.

Guitar bridge system: Double.

Pros of the Lava me pro.

  • Mix control feature.
  • Unique design and lightweight.
  • Very powerful preamp.
  • Suitable for any weather condition.
  • High-quality components.
  • Built-in effects like professional electric guitars.
  • Moderate price compared to other acoustic guitars.
  • Great portability.
  • Adjustable sounds.

LAVA ME PRO Carbon Fiber Guitar with Effects Professional Acoustic Electric Guitar...
  • Stage Performance: LAVA ME PRO is specifically designed for the stage performance. A powerful preamp system built-in with an ultra-reliable, portable form define this purposeful design.
  • LAVA X L.R. Baggs: To create the most powerful L2 preamp system, we’ve developed a deep partnership with L.R. Baggs based on sharing the same value on innovation. The L2 PRO preamp now has the iconic features from L.R. Baggs, yet super easy to use.
  • Effects with No Pedals: The L2 PRO has a preamp system built-in, you could now go on tour without carrying your pedalboard. TAP-TEMPO DELAY: You could now precisely control the speed of the delay with the tip of your finger, right on your LAVA ME PRO. TURBO MODE: Here comes the solo part. Push the Turbo button to boost up your volume 50% with a standout tone.
  • Works Well on Different Conditions: The AirCarbon Soundboard is designed with the combination of carbon fiber layers and honeycomb structures. With a gentle pluck, you could produce a loud, organic sound. The Phantom structure transfers the vibration from the strings to the entire soundboard with a purposeful frequency. No matter you’re in the Sahara desert or Iceland, the LAVA ME PRO would always works for you.
  • Always Easy to Play: An ultra stiff carbon fiber rod and an aluminum neck connection structure built in. Combining with the Plek process that achieves 0.01mm accuracy for the fret work. The FlyNeck+ makes the playing experience always enjoyable.

Here is the new Lava Ukulele Guitar. But these are the new collections From Lava.

Try this new look. Must have this collection in your room.

The streamlined guitar design and style come with a soundboard made with Lava’s new music’s personal Air Carbon cloth.

  • Which unites carbon dioxide levels at a honeycomb framework.
  • This usually means it is as rigid as ordinary carbon-fiber.
  • However also at approximately two-thirds of your fat loss reduction.
  • Lava Me 2 new music additionally says the materials will not compromise tone.

Supplying “the quality of some expert operation in a small percent of the magnitude.”

lava me 2 travelling acoustic-electric-guitar

Image Credit: Amazon

These are the latest collection. Pick your favorite color. 🙂 

Lava ME 2 Guitar

Image Credit: Amazon

  • Practicing the guitar’s neck structure can be likewise exceptional.
  • Including carbon dioxide and aluminum to get a solid nonetheless stable assemble.
  • That ought to deal together with adjustments in humidity and temperature without even affecting drama skills.
  • The weapon, saddle, and nut, are Made out of high-stiffness polymer.
  • Here, is the actual point. It has 3 different modes. You can tune your guitar in any tone.
  • You can’t think how beautiful it sounds.

Sound Effects:

Some of the original features with the guitar would be its builtin outcomes. All these don’t need that you plug in an amp to relish and also are an innovative add-on.

If you’re playing in low-to-moderate amounts, then the ramifications are both noticeable and clear.

  • Nevertheless, you also have ample to play with and also have a tiny pleasure.
  • These attributes usually are probably not always going to become a significant game changer over and above.
  • Merely using something trendy to showoff or incorporate to some couple of tunes.
  • Beyond this, they lack the flexibility to control the ramifications onto an extensive scale permanently.
  • I detected that a bit of a chirpy sound that communicates tighter strokes contrary to the strings.

LAVA guitars are famous for their light-weight body and powerful sound. These guitars offer loud, wide-range frequency tones.

Music lovers adore this brand’s instruments.

They have many popular guitars and other musical instruments. Their LAVA Me 2 guitars are one of their best sellers.

Where is LAVA guitars made?

LAVA Music is a China Based Company. It was founded in 2013 in Guangzhou city.

LAVA Music manufactures guitars with new materials and acoustic construction.

Their goal is to make the creation of melodies easier. In 2017 they launched their LAVA ME guitars, which became an instant hit.

What is lava guitars made of?

LAVA guitars are famous for their astonishing construction. LAVA music has come up with innovative technology to achieve superior sound quality and playing experience, the

LAVA Music has developed Airsonic, which is a new type of carbon-fiber composite. The Airsonic provides an outstanding wide-range frequency performance.

The Airsonic structure also keeps your guitar safe in any weather. It can withstand any heat and humidity change.

How much is a Lava guitar?

There are many types of LAVA ME guitars. Different models have different price ranges.

A LAVA ME pro guitar will cost you 1399 USD.

They also manufacture some high-quality ukuleles. They will cost you around 300 USD.

How much is LAVA ME 2 guitar?

LAVA ME 2 guitars will cost you 799USD.

LAVA ME 2 guitar is one of the leading unibody guitars available in the market. It is comfortable to hold and gives an exceptional acoustic presentation.

The Airsonic carbon-fiber structure of the guitar allows you to play the guitar in any weather. It can adapt to temperatures between 20 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees.

In the music world, LAVA Music has become one of the leading guitar brands. You will not be dissatisfied with their performance, mark my words!

History Of Lava Me Guitar.

Carbon fiber could seem new, but it’s actually been seen in guitar construction since the mid-1960s.

When aerospace industry leader Charles Kaman first used it to make the round backs (combined with wood tops and necks) that made Ovation Guitars big sellers starting within the 1970s.

Kaman’s company would also pioneer fully synthetic guitars with the Adamas line.

Today, additionally to Lava and a rebooted Ovation, companies like RainSong, McPherson, and KLOS, use the fabric for guitars.

Most of the carbon instruments I’ve seen are dark and industrial. Not this particular Lava. The limited-edition red model I tested makes a strong visual statement.

(The guitar is additionally available during a range of other colors.) Because it’s an apparel industry design exercise.

It’d be tempting to dismiss the instrument as a prop better suited to a music video than to sensitive performance.

But looks are often deceiving. Yes, the Me 2 grabs you visually before you hear it Yamaha f325d review.

You can’t miss its matching body and neck, racing oval soundhole, integrated tailpiece, brushed aluminum controls, and unadorned HPL fingerboard and saddle.

Even with the confectionary finish, the review model clothed to be far more than mere visual percept.


  1. I believe that this is a vast traveling sized guitar. I vastly prefer this into any additional traveling sized choice that I have experimented with.
  2. I enjoy my homemade guitars; this wouldn’t be an upgraded.
  3. However, it gives a much more slight sound which is much more akin to the complete sized guitar-like reverb. Compared to that which the console guitar can attain.

If you’re on the market to get a traveling sized acoustic guitar, and also, you need audio, which is comparable to the complete dimensions.

I don’t think an improved option is different. Thank you for reading the description.