Jazz guitar-Buying Guide and Analysis in 2018

Jazz guitar-Buying Guide and Analysis in 2018

Jazz Guitar – Buying Guide, Opinions, and Analysis in 2018

Among the different types of guitars that are offered in the market. One of the models that most often use the members of the jazz guitar is the archtop. These have a series of characteristics that differentiate them from common guitars. Of course, they are also commonly known as the jazz guitar.

It is necessary to look for a guitar that has the capacity to provide a good sound and is made of quality wood. That is resistant and guarantees its adequate durability. In fact, according to users on the Internet, one of the most recommended models Yamaha TRBX174 Old which has an attractive design. Thanks to its gradient tone with a shiny finish and its neck made of maple wood.

The latter allows you to make clear sounds. On the other hand, there is a simple guitar, whose cover was elaborated in cedar. Which helps the instrument to emit a good sound.

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What is the best jazz guitar on the market?


In order to help you answer this question, we have developed a guide to buying the best jazz guitar on the market. Where we introduce you to some of the features of these instruments. And we offer you some tips that will make your choice easier.

It should be noted that when making your comparison of jazz guitars. You will find a variety of models made in different woods and offered at different prices.

Therefore, you should consider your budget. In order to decide between expensive options or look for one that is good and economical.

Jazz guitar

Shopping guide

Type of wood

The fact of knowing how much it costs has a lot to do with this aspect. One of the woods most used in the development of guitars is the maple.

Which gives this instrument the ability to emit accurate highs and lows. It also helps you maintain a clear tone that people will appreciate clearly while you are playing.

The fir is also another of the woods that is used frequently. According to experts, this material helps improve sound and is often used in the construction of the covers.

Cedar is another wood that is used to make the cover of these guitars since it gives a good level of vibration. For this reason, these instruments usually offer good volume and resonance.

On the other hand, mahogany gives guitars the ability to emit their notes in a balanced way. Because their sound is warm and offers precision in tuning.

Other woods that are usually used are ebony and rosewood. Which are used for the construction of the tuning fork. In the elaboration of this part, the rosewood is also used.

Jazz guitar

All these are exotic woods. Some in danger of extinction, which guarantee the adequate resistance of the instrument. They are materials that, with the cold or heat, do not lose consistency.



Unlike classic models, jazz guitars have a deep and wider resonance box than electric models. So, if you have doubts, this is one of the main aspects that you should look at.

The size of this piece usually varies. You will find in the market some that are from 15 to 18 inches. To make sure you choose the right one. It is best to look for one that is proportional to your measurements.

Because in this way you will be able to hold them more easily when playing.

The thickness of the box can be from 4 to 9 centimeters. In addition, it is recommended that if the model you choose is solid wood. Opt for those guitars that have a thickness of 7 cm, to avoid problems when loading.

Another aspect to analyze before buying it is its cutaway. Which is a slot located next to the mast and at the beginning of one of the sides of the body? This can be Venetian, it is not so deep, or Florentine. It has a more round shape.

In general, it serves to type the highest notes of the fingerboard. There are experts who recommend choosing those guitars that do not have a cutaway. Because this form can reduce their volume since it decreases the size of the soundboard.



The style that the guitar has is also variable. For that reason, it is necessary that you have the different design elements that each brand offers you.

There are bands that have a more classic style and, therefore. If you are in one of them, you can select a guitar made in more natural or caramel tones.

Others prefer a style that goes between classic and modern. For them, models that have reddish tones or those that combine several colors at the same time are more recommendable.

There are guitars in darker tones. For example, black and white, which help to give it a more serious style. But it is not common colors in the development of this type of instruments.

And those who prefer a more conservative style have the possibility to choose guitars made of light wood. Perhaps only with bright lacquer, without color. In the models that carry transparent paint. You can see the veins of the wood, which helps to highlight.

For example, the beautiful reddish brown lines of ebony or rosewood.

In some cases, these guitars are the most expensive, because they are built with imported woods. Some come from the east of India. Others from the South American forests, among other remote places in the world.


What is the best jazz guitar of 2018?

In the following list, you will find several of the most recommended models by users. After knowing its different characteristics. You will be able to find the best jazz guitar of the moment and if any of them is right for you.


Recommended Products

Yamaha TRBX174 Old 

Jazz guitar

Main advantage:

It is a guitar with a very wide resonance box. In addition to a design that helps it generate a sound that could be suitable especially for the interpretation of jazz musical pieces.


Main disadvantage:

The guitar is mounted for right-handed interpreters, so if you are left-handed. You will have to change the configuration, but it will not represent a major problem.


Verdict: 9.9 / 10

It is a visually very attractive guitar, but it also has a good design and adequate materials to provide a sound. According to what would be needed for an appropriate interpretation of different musical styles.

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Of course, a guitar needs to offer acoustics according to what is expected. And in the that is not a problem since being made of fir wood. Gives a warm sound, in addition to an appropriate resonance.

On the other hand, this type of wood offers greater resistance. For this reason, it could be more tolerant to resist a break than other guitars made of wood such as cedar. According to experts in the manufacture of these instruments.

On the other hand, thanks to its large soundboard. The sound is amplified helping to create a greater variety of sounds and can also help to keep it longer during the performance. As for the strings, it is provided with a complete set with the metal wound that could provide you with the sound you are looking for.

Jazz guitar


Although the main purpose of a jazz guitar is to provide a good sound, we can not help but notice its appearance. As for this feature, the model provides us with a spruce top.

With its characteristic amber tone and shaded areas on the outer edge. That highlight its color and that gives it the effect of bright sun rays that many people prefer.

On the other hand, we have an arm with an oval profile, which could be very versatile. Because it will allow you to run fingerings with comfort. This is because it provides good support to the big toe to hold the guitar.

While giving freedom to the rest of the fingers to move easily on the frets.

As far as the tuning fork is concerned, it has a rather low curvature. Which will make it easier to play chords in any area of the arm without the sound interfering.

Which makes it easier for some people to improve the technique.


Another feature that should be highlighted in this guitar model, is that it integrates a pickup with adjustable height of the strings. This gives you greater possibilities of configuration so that you achieve the sound you need.

On the other hand, its equalizer offers two controls for the tone, two to adjust the volume in each of the pads. Which will allow you to enhance the one that gives you the sound with the nuance you need and finally a switch.

Another detail that we do not forget to mention, is that it includes a protective cover for the area below the strings. Where it is more common to damage the wood, especially when you use a plectrum. This will help keep the appearance of the guitar longer.


Dean E09M Edge Mahogany 


Jazz guitarFor some buyers, it is likely that, by its characteristics. This model is the answer to which is the best jazz guitar. This is due to the design it has.

It is possible to use it to play a musical style belonging to jazz, the manouche. Which has a certain level of popularity in some European countries, including France?

Therefore, this guitar manouche has been made in different woods. To help the instrument to emit quality sounds, which many people will enjoy in musical encounters.

Some of the elements used in its development are cedar, which allows it to maintain adequate volume and lightweight. Another material of this guitar is the rosewood, a wood that supports many years of use. Of course, as long as they treat her with care, she remains fragile with strong blows.

What jazz guitar to buy can be a recurring question among those who wish to acquire this type of instruments, to help you make a decision we present the following characteristics.



Wood: It is made of cedar, a type of hardwood that allows it to maintain a good sound while guaranteeing its adequate durability. It also has parts made of mahogany and rosewood.

Design: It is a simple model made in amber, therefore, it has a classic style that will not go unnoticed on stage.

Comfort: According to several users it is possible to hold it comfortably, which will help you to interpret your songs properly and you will even be able to play it for longer without it bothering you to hold it.

Dimensions: It is suitable for people of different ages since its size is standard, that is, 4/4.



Strings: A customer commented that the position of the strings is very high. Which can make you uncomfortable when you touch it. However, you will have the possibility of sanding the bridge, in order to reduce its size.

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Ibanez Talman TMB100


Jazz guitarAchieving more powerful sounds than common models is one of the advantages you can achieve by using this electroacoustic jazz guitar.

It has buttons to regulate the volume and also the tone, which you can adjust as you wish.

It emits a sound that preserves sharpness and avoids distortion problems when playing sharp or bass melodies.

This is because both the back and the sides of this instrument have been made in maple.

Another of the attractions it has is its appearance. Due to its dark tones with optimal finishes, which allows the user to become the center of attention for the concert.

In short, for some, it is the best jazz guitar of the quality-price ratio at the moment.

Defining which is the best brand of jazz guitars can be complicated. To help you make a right choice we want to present you with the following characteristics.



Adjustment: It has two tone control buttons that allow you to adjust the sounds that the guitar emits. Thanks to this you can adjust its functions so that it sounds just as you wish.

Wood: It is made of maple, a type of wood that, due to its qualities, contributes to a brilliant sound. In addition, its fingerboard is made of rosewood.

Design: Its black tone and retro aspect allow it to stand out among other guitars, for this reason. When using it you will attract the eyes of diverse people who are at the concert.

Utility: Due to its design and characteristics, this model is appropriate for users of all ages.



Bag: This guitar does not include a bag. Where you can store it to protect it from different conditions and transport it more easily.

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Squier by Fender


Jazz guitarThanks to the natural finish design that you have. You probably will not find two similar designs on the market.

Even if it is the same make and model because in the body of the guitar it is possible to appreciate the veins that form the wood.

Which They change according to the cut of said material.

This semi-acoustic jazz guitar has been elaborated with a wooden ash cover. Which helps the instrument to resonate correctly when touched.

Allowing it to emit refined and pleasant notes to the ear.

Another aspect that helps improve the tonality of this model, offered by the SubZero brand, is mahogany.

Which has been used in the development of your body and helps maintain the warmth of the audio.

This model has a series of qualities that allow it to be among the best products. Then we present its main advantages and disadvantages.



Materials: It is designed in a combination of ash and mahogany.  Woods that have a considerable level of hardness, they contribute to guarantee its durability while allowing it to emit a high and aggressive sound.

Bridge: It is adjustable, for this reason, you can adjust it according to your needs. In this way, you will be able to play the guitar comfortably.

Sound: It is a semi-acoustic guitar that manages to emit pleasant tones that will allow your audience to enjoy listening to you.



Case: It does not have a bag, so if you want to keep it so that it is kept in the best conditions you will have to buy it separately.

Strap: It does not have an adjustable strap so that the musician can touch it while standing easily.  So this accessory must be purchased separately.

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Fender 146203532 Standard 


Jazz guitarThe wood of this model is clearer compared to other guitars in the same category. For that reason, it attracts attention, being a conservative and at the same time elegant instrument.

It can be used to play different musical genres. However, because of its design, most people buy it for jazz or blues.

With it, you can interpret very varied chords or melodies, as well as pentatonic, harmonic or wind scales.

The sounds that he manages to emit have a higher level of precision.  Due to the fact that maple wood has been used for the elaboration of the background, the frame, and the instrument box. Therefore, the sound it offers is clear.

The wood in the back room is made of rosewood. So that, even if you touch it for several years, it does not deteriorate, as it is a material that is very resistant to continuous use.

Maybe its characteristics adjust to your requirements.

It is considered by many as the best jazz guitar for 150 euros, also. It is one of the cheapest, for this reason, it is advisable that you know its main qualities. This way you will know if it adapts to your requirements.



Design: It has an elegant and simple style, due to its aesthetics it turns out to be very attractive. Maybe it gets the attention of the public while you use it.

Materials: It has been made in rosewood and maple, woods that contribute to its durability. Also, allow it to emit pleasant sounds.

Settings: It has controls to regulate the volume and tones. For this reason, you will be able to adjust it so that the audios you transmit sound the way you want.

In addition, it is electric and semi-acoustic, so that the user can choose the way to play it.



Finishing: A user indicated that it has some rustic finishes, which may affect its design a bit.

Case: Does not include a storage case to store it.

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Dean Edge 09


Jazz guitarIts colors are one of its main attractions since they give it a style that goes between the classic and the current. It has a bright finish in sunbeams. Its natural wood tones are fused in a black color.

Which will allow the guitarist to stand out visually while playing it live.

The quality of the sounds it offers is another of the elements that the users appreciate. Who consider it one of the best jazz guitars of 2018. This guitar has been elaborated in a fir body.

Wood that helps to raise the quality of the sounds that are played in it. Despite its material, it is one of the cheapest today.

It also has a maple made in maple. Which will ensure that the guitar emits high and low notes with more precision and sharpness.

It has its 6 strings. Whose height you will manage to regulate and accommodate them at the level that you feel most comfortable when playing.

It is considered the best jazz guitar of the moment by many users, for this reason. We present its main qualities, by knowing them you can determine if this model is appropriate for you or not.


Material: It has been designed in a combination of maple, rosewood, and fir. Hard and soft woods that contribute to the guitar having a tonal balance, in addition, they provide a brilliant sound.

Equalizer: It has a two-tone equalizer, MIC switch, and volume. Which will help you to configure it to transmit the sound with the quality you want.

Adjustment: You will have the possibility to adjust the height of the strings, so you can arrange them in the position you want.

Design: It has an attractive design with a bright sunburst finish that gives it an attractive and unique touch, without losing its elegance.



Pills: A buyer indicated that there are times when the pills make a lot of noise, which can be annoying for some people.

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How to use a Jazz guitar


Although at first we simply see a guitar. The truth is that the jazz guitar has its own characteristics that make it sound different and therefore its use may vary.

Here we provide an introductory guide of the aspects that could help you to use it properly.

Jazz guitar

Hold the guitar properly

Among the differences that are obvious, we can find the diameter of the resonance box of the guitar. This means that the hand that will be in charge of controlling.

The pick has a placement some centimeters farther from what could be on a Spanish guitar by example if you have the habit of reloading in the box.

For this reason, we recommend adopting a suitable technique to hold the guitar. Ensure that the back is as straight as possible.

This will help you to play in a comfortable way and at the end of a session. You will not have back pain.

Check the ropes

As with other instruments, it is essential that the guitar has adequate tuning. As part of the normal routine for using this instrument.

It is necessary to verify that each string vibrates to the pitch of the correct note. You can help you get this with a tuner.


Identify the pills

If your jazz guitar is electric then. It will surely have a certain number of pickups that usually tend to be two.

These will be responsible for collecting the sound acting as a microphone so that later, the sound can be amplified.

It is practical to learn to select the appropriate pick depending. On whether it is a melody performed as a soloist. Or if it is a rhythmic melody since the nuance of the sound will vary.

Normally, the tablet closest to the arm or mast is used to interpret. Rhythmic melodies and the furthest one to play as a soloist. This control on the pads can be had by means of buttons or some lever of selection according to the model.

Two other buttons that we find in electric jazz guitars are the volume. That does not represent major complication and the tone.

This last button will help you to give a brighter effect to the sound or on the contrary. More off for the effects that you think it is convenient to apply to your performances.

Jazz guitar

Know the techniques to play the instrument

The execution techniques here have the same base for both classical guitar, Spanish guitar, and other variations. You must know the sounds that each string can offer and its notes.

To identify the options that it provides and in this way to be able to play the melodies you want or create your own.  It will depend on your ability to be able to put into practice what your ear has heard or your mind has imagined.


Basic care

Normally string instruments are not kept in tune all the time. This generates too much tension in the body of the instrument, which could reduce the duration of the instrument.

On the other hand, it also affects the durability of the strings. For this reason, it is advisable that although it is not necessary to remove the ropes every time.

If they must be loosened until they lose the ability to vibrate.

Especially when the instrument will remain unused for several days.


jazz guitar
Jazz guitar
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