Is it Difficult to Build Your Own Guitar?

by | Dec, 2019 | Blog

Maybe you’ve wanted to try to build an electric guitar but your fear was holding you back.  Maybe you thought you’d need a lot of specialized tools, or woodworking skills.  Maybe you thought it would be too expensive, or the guitar wouldn’t look good or play well.  All of that depends on your willingness to try, and take your time and be careful. Most electric guitar kits are around $100 – less than it would take to buy all the parts separately.  The rest of it is up to you. Lets dispel some of the reasons you might have for not building your own guitar kit.

You Need A Lot of Tools to Build an Electric Guitar Kit.

You do need some tools, true but not as many as you might think. Basic hand tools will do the job. The only electric tools you’ll need are a drill. You can build one  with a screwdriver, sandpaper, hand drill, utility knife, wood file, and jigsaw.  You could use a coping saw, instead of the electric jigsaw, it just will take a little longer.  I didn’t even need a soldering iron, the electronics just snap together.  Most build your own guitar kits come pre primed, so you can paint your guitar with high quality automotive paint and get a great finish.

I Need a Lot of Woodworking Skills to Build a Guitar Kit.

Not really, you just need to be able to take your time and follow directions.  If you can drive a screw or cut a line with a saw then sand it smooth, that’s about all the woodworking skills you’ll need.  Holes are predrilled, the body is pre cut, and the cavities for the electronics You’ll need to be able to use a can of spray paint.  You don’t need to be able to solder, on many kits the electronics snap together.  

It Won’t Be a Good Guitar.

That can be true but it depends on the quality of the kit, and the care you’re willing to take.  If you just slap everything together without reading the instructions than it might not be a good guitar.  But if you take time to read everything through, go slowly and carefully then you can come out with a pretty nice guitar.  The kit I put together had good quality components, about what a $200 dollar guitar would cost.  The quality of components from a cheap to expensive guitar aren’t that different.  The biggest difference is the fit and finish, and that’s up to you.

Source by David Verde