Is Bass Easier Than Guitar But Why? 5 Reasons.

by | Sep, 2019 | Blog

Is bass easier than guitar? So, you choose to play strings musical instruments. But confused about Bass or Guitar.

Because these are the same instrument to look at. But bass has only four strings and low tune.

But the main question is. Is bass is less or more hard to learn than guitar? The answer is depends on your capability.

Bass guitar is a heavy gadget than a normal guitar. It has a long Fred-board. The strings are heavy. The overall answer is learning things is on your personal interests & preferences.

Don’t worry. I will discuss in detail which one really for you. And also which will be good for you to learn first.

Which is Better to Learn First Guitar of Bass:

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This is not my choice. Yours, so you should involve yourself in the field.

I am telling you how to involve.

If you answer “YES” for these five questions. Go for Guitar.

  • Do you like the center of attention in your friend’s zone?
  • Do you want to write music and lead your band?
  • Are you free with learning music theory?
  • Do you want to play with music by your creativity?
  • Do you want to enjoy the outing, traveling and also want music relax-ion?

If you answer “YES” for these five questions. Go for Bass.

  • Do you want to be a part of music but want to remain in the backhand?
  • Do you want to be a part of a team, not to become the main leading?
  • Do you prefer melody more than rhythm?
  • Do you okay with not being popular?
  • Don’t you want the center’s attention?

What’s the Difference between Bass and Guitar?

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Standard Tuning/ Pitch Range: 

Normally guitar has this E standard tuning (E-A-D-G-B-A)  but for the Bass standard tuning  (A-A-D-G). Know what is C Standard Tuning?

Number of Strings:

The guitar has six strings & Bass have four strings. Guitar strings are much thicker than Bass.

More tension will be applied to Bass than Guitar.

Body Design:

Usually, Bass has a longer neck than the guitar. But in durability Bass is in the long run than Guitar.

Otherwise, Guitar takes a little time than the Bass. The guitar is about 24 Inches and Bass is about around 34 Inches.

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Role Play in Music:

Bass is a Backbench-er to Guitar. It’s hard to identify bass sound on the song.

But most bands prefer Drum and Guitar to focus. Bass takes less priority.

Technique To Play Guitar & Bass:

In a guitar, you can do a lot off style to play a song. Like Strumming, Hammering, Sliding, Break-Down and so on. But for Bass, you can do only “Picked” & “Plucked”.

Price of a Guitar & Bass:

To consider making time, cost, raw materials, service charge, tax, durability, Bass is more expensive than Guitar.

Now you are known to the core difference between a guitar and bass.

To know about the bass vs guitar difference visit Spenditty.

Which is easy to play Guitar or Bass?

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Don’t go at is look. To consider all the matter at a glance. Bass is much harder than Acoustic Guitar. But why?

People seem that due to having only four strings it will be easy to learn.

You are wrong. A lot of things you have to use with it. For playing it so perfectly.

At first the longer neck it has. Then the heavier strings and the weight also.

But, for the Guitar. I know there are six strings. But weight, travel free, easy to carry, fewer weight strings, small size.

Ow yeah, If you are a small person you can’t play the bass guitar. Because you have to handle a longer neck.

But in the guitar case. You can go for a small guitar, or Ukulele, Or travel guitar and so on.

I personally like Taylor GS Mini as a beginner guitar or travel guitar.

So, if still, you have a question that Is bass easier than guitar. As I earlier said that, both these things you should consider before learning it. They are your own comfort zone and preferences.

On the other hand, both this music instrument has their own way to learn. For someone, it will be easy or hard. It varies from person to person.

Future For Guitarist And Bass Player.

The first thing. It is not mandatory that if you play musical instruments. It’s your choice either you want to be a professional or just to enjoy the moment.

Knowing both is not an offense. If you don’t like the first one. You can easily shift on 2nd one. It’s a simple process.


A bass guitar wants more physical demands than an Acoustic Guitar.

Body, Weight, Strings, Effort, Engagement. By all means from my personal point of view.

If you ask me is bass easier than guitar? My answer will go to Guitar.