How To Tie A Guitar String Indifferent Ways 2019

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If you are a guitar player it’s natural to change a guitar string often.

But how to tie a guitar string perfectly? Do some people say How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar also?

So, next time you don’t anyone’s help to do that.

The sound and tune everything depends on your string position.

If you want to be a perfect guitarist. You need to know all the tricks about changing the strings process. How to do it properly? Right!

I will tell you all the strings changing process step-by-step.

How To Change A Guitar String (Steel)

Buy a set of strings:

The standard size of guitar strings is. Gauge size will be .11 or .12.  Low gauge means heavier strings and high gauge means lighter strings.

Guitar Position Before Changing Strings:

You can lay it on your lap. Or on a flat surface. Make sure your guitar’s neck is in a parallel position.

Best Way To Change Guitar Strings:

Is it bad to remove all guitar strings at once? The answer is damaging your guitar percentage is very low.

But it will change the guitar bridge setup. So, you have to reinstall it. If you are a newbie. Don’t do it.

Start changing strings from the thickest one. E strings 6th one.


  • Sometimes the guitar strings are very old. And I had an accident often changing it.
  • Consider a wire cutter to change it. Sometimes it makes bleeding on your hand. If you are not alert.

Remove Strings:

Put on new string:

Open the E string from the packet. You will find it like an E-string thickness one. Or like Number 6th string.

Attach the string with tuning peg:

Bring the string by lightly pulling up the neck. Wrap the strings around the peg twice. Then roll it anti-clockwise.

It will be started tuned. Use a tuner app to tune your guitar strings.

You can use this free android and iOS application.

How To Clean A Guitar?

If you remove all the strings of your guitar. You can clean your guitar easily.

I suggest vinegar to clean the guitar. With a damp cloth.

It is also necessary to know. How to clean a guitar fretboard? Yes.

Make your guitar fretboard clean with that damp cloth. But if you have a guitar fretboard cleaner. I personally like these guitar accessories.

It will be perfect. Because it’s only made for guitar fretboard cleaning. And fully made of cotton.

How To Tie A Guitar String In Nylon Guitar?


How To Tie A Guitar String In Nylon Guitar_1


Buy a best set Nylon Guitar Strings:

You have to be choosy for this. Nylon-string buying is a tough process. It’s natural that a newbie or even an advanced guitarist. Can break the string. If you don’t know which string to buy.

I recommend replacing the whole set. It helps a lot. A perfect set of a string is the secret behind a professional guitarist.

How to check the truss rod?

You can easily check the state of your truss rod. If the truss rod is perfect.

You can see with bare eyes. The neck will be in a parallel condition.


If you didn’t do that before by yourself. Don’t try this. It will damage your guitar.


Don’t store your guitar in a garage or in a closed room. Where the air is hardly reached.

Make sure you are taking care of your guitar especially in winter and rainy season.

It must because of that time. Guitar lost it’s tuning and the wood became swelling for the warm weather.

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