How to Play Electric Guitar through Headphones? In 5 Ways.

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How to Play Electric Guitar through Headphones? Seriously is it really possible? Here is your answer.

Suppose you are a student and live in a hostel. In the hostel, you must share your room with other members.

If there are four members in one place, two of them are exam candidates. Then the guitar practice becomes a bit difficult.

For a guitar player, a guitar is his best friend & will have to spend some time with this friend.

Or your neighbors are disturbed because of the guitar’s sound. Maybe you’re thinking of practicing guitar but children or senior members.

Of your house is sleeping at that time then what should you do?

Technology has made our life more comfortable. By using technology, one can play guitar through headphones.

In our article, we will explain some easy ways so that by using those techniques. Anyone can play guitar through headphones.


Need a good quality headphone set


Audio-Technica ATH M50x


Tired of hearing complaints about guitar playing? Don’t you feel good? Thinking what could be the solution?

Then, go to the market and buy a full set of studio-style headphones. This type of headphone set is expensive.

But it will provide you excellent sound quality. or 1/8″, the cable used for a standard set of headphones.

An adapter is also needed. You will find them on Amazon will less than 10$.

According to many users, the “Audio-Technica ATH M50x” is best for use because of its transparency.


 Use of a Guitar Headphone Amplifier:

How to Play Electric Guitar through Headphones? In 5 Ways. 1

By using a guitar headphone amplifier, one can connect their guitar to the headphone. This amplifier is price friendly and very easy to use.

At first, one has to plug the headphone amplifier directly into the guitar. Then those persons have plugged the headphone into the amp. That’s it. Isn’t it so easy?

One can use an amplifier without any wire and adapter. If you require only specific sounds, then you can go for a 3.5 mm pocket-sized option.

You will find various options, various types of models. According to your music types such as metal, clean, classic rock.

And blues, you can buy your required one. If you love to experiment with sound, then you can collect different types of headphone amplifier.

Many users recommend the “Vox Amplug” guitar headphone amplifier because of its quality. You can buy it for $ 25 from Amazon.

Audio Interface

Audio Interface

If we want to record music by using their headphones. Then the audio interface will be an easy way for you.

If you’re going to connect your electric guitar to your computer via USB at first. You have to plug your guitar into the audio interface.

Provided that, you are a new user, you have to download some essential drivers. Which are suitable for your computer interface.

Most of the users recommend the “Focusrite Scarlett Solo” for beginners. Focusrite Scarlett Solo is an interface with durable built quality. Sound quality is also up to the mark.

It will also provide you enough ports and an extra microphone. Amazon is selling this multi-featured interface below $100.

Isn’t it affordable? Give your opinion into our comment section.

 “Digital Audio Workstation” (DAW) stores the recorded sound. You can record your guitar sounds to your computer.

After completing the interface set up. If you want to hear yourself play. You can directly plug your headphones into the audio interface. You can also listen to your favorite tracks one after one.

How to Play Electric Guitar through Headphones? In 5 Ways. 2

You can also use amplifier or simulator software for playing guitar. You will find thousands of guitar VST plugins available on the internet.

Some of those are free. For some of them, you have to pay. “Digital Audio Workstation is directly accomplished with VST plugins.

Through this accomplishment, users can play. And record on the computer through the headphone.

Paid VST plugins will be the best option. Because there is nothing free in this world.

Free VST will give you a short-time service. But you will get long term service from the paid ones.

Bias FX” is the most recommended VST plugin. “Bias FX” recommends it most because of its genuine sound quality.

It is also very easy and simple to use. It also provides users with various types of amp and pedals. So that users can choose their favorite.

Use a smartphone or tablet for connecting the guitar

How to Play Electric Guitar through Headphones? In 5 Ways. 3

Are you looking for a simple way of playing your guitar through? Then your mobile can help you.

Maybe you think about how it’s possible? You can do it by using a digital guitar interface.

Which is specifically designed for mobile. It’s also applicable to tablets.

Like, VST plugin, you will have to use an application guitar amp simulator. The iRig HD 2 interface will be the best option for an iPhone or iPad user.

IRig 2 is so light and convenient. Jam Up Pro or Bias FX Mobile will provide an authentic grid to your guitar.

After connecting your guitar to an iOS device. You can install Jam Up Pro or Bias FX Mobile.

The iRig 2 UA is certified as best for Android users. You will get Amplitude free with the iRig 2. Amplitude is used for guitar tones.

Try to use a Digital Effects processor


Line 6 Pod HD 500X


Digital Effects Processor is a complete package. Where you will get everything essential for playing guitar through the headphone.

High-quality simulation of amplifiers and effects pedals. Are the best features of digital effect processor.

Without connecting to a computer or mobile device, you can plug your headphones. The digital effect processor is also well known for foot pedal effects.

The digital effect processor has different types of ports. Like audio outputs, USB, and headphone outputs.

It’s very helpful for a live concert. This effect processor is a little bit expensive. You can also use the affordable one.

Line 6 Pod HD 500X” is versatile and not very costly. If you can download MP3 files, you can plug in an external audio source via its audio port.

According to many users, the headphone output jack is the gorgeous part of this processor.

Follow Video Process How to Play Electric Guitar through Headphones

We always try to give our viewers some easy tips. So that, they can apply those without any difficulty. Now you know about How to Play Electric Guitar through Headphones.

We have mentioned some best brands. So that clients can choose the best one. At last, we want to say, “Happy guitar playing.”




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