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How to Play Electric Guitar Songs – 5 Tips to Play Any Rock Guitar Song & Improve Your Playing

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A lot of people want to know how to play electric guitar songs and begin impressing their friends and family with their playing. By following these 5 tips you should be playing your favorite rock songs in no time.

The first tip is the most important tip and it involves familiarizing yourself with the electric guitar. You should learn the names of the different parts of the electric guitar and get comfortable with holding it.

The next tip is to go out and purchase a guitar chord chart. By going out and buying a guitar chord chart you will save a lot of time during your learning experience, as a good chord chart will give you a great visual reference.

The third tip when trying to learn how to play electric guitar songs is to learn a few chords. You’ll be able to start playing a majority of the rock songs when you learn the G, C, D, A, and E chords, so focus on these.

The best way to learn these cords is to practice going back and fourth between these chords until you can do it quickly without slowing down.

The fourth tip is to learn how to read guitar tabs. Learning guitar tabs is a critical part of your success because they show you what not to play in a song.

The fifth and final tip to learning how to play electric guitar songs is to practice playing a few of the basic songs. Choose a few simple songs to master first.

A three chord rock song is very easy to master. You can buy a basic music lesson look at a local music or book store. Continue to play these basic songs until you can play them with few mistakes. Learning how to play electric guitar songs is easy once you follow and practice these basic tips.

Source by Zack Glenn

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