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How to Choose Your Cort Acoustic Guitar Models?

Cort Acoustic Guitar Models

Cort Guitars is a manufacturer of guitars based in South Korea. Cort Guitars is a well known and largest guitar manufacturer on the planet. It also produces various instruments for other companies.

How did Cort Guitars start? Jack Westheimer went to Japan and built commercial connections with various Japanese guitar manufacturers during the ’60s decade. Some of the brands connected to Westheimer were Cortez, Pearl, Kingston, Teisco, Cort, Silverstone, to name a few.

Jack Westheimer subsequently founded Yoo-Ah Company, with Y. Parkas his business partner, in South Korea. Later, it became known as Cor-Tek Company and later, Cort Guitars.

Despite being a famous brand name in guitar manufacturing and producing, Cort’s main production is not on creating Cort brand guitars but rather contracting work for other companies.

Many large companies contract Cort to built guitars at a low price, and place their brand name and price it at a much higher price.

Here are the available Cort acoustic guitar models:

* AS Series.

* CJ Series.

* Classic Series.

* Earth Series.

* EVL Series.

* Jade Series.

* Luce Series.

* SFX Series.

* Acoustic basses.

Available Cort electric guitar models:

* Matthias Jabs Series.

* G Series.

* Jazz Box Series.

* VX Series.

* Zenox Series.

* M Series.

* X Series.

* KX Series.

Available Cort bass models:

* Gene Simmons Axe.

* Artisan Series.

* Action Series.

* GB Series.

* T Series.

* Curbow Series.

Notable guitar players that used the Cort acoustic guitar include Larry Coryell, Ricky Garcia, Billy Cox, Matt Murphy, Neil Zaza, TM Stevens, Brendon Urie, Hiram Bullock, and Francis Dunnery.

Unlike other guitar manufacturers like Gibson, Fender or Guild that have their own ‘signature’, Cort does not have one. Instead, Cort Guitars produces a variety of guitars to fit different guitarists for every genre of music: rock, folk, jazz, ska, acoustic, electric rock and more.

Their large line of guitars includes a variety of Cort acoustic guitar models, bass guitar models, electric guitar models, electric bass guitar models and more. Everything is available for whatever type of guitarist, a good quality product set at a highly competitive price.

Companies that contract Cort include ESP, Ibanez, G & L, Schecter, and Avalon. Avalon notably, based on Northern Ireland, reportedly sold 8,000 guitar models and increased their income by more than 50% in one year when they contracted Cort to build lower-priced guitars for them.

Aside from manufacturing instruments for other companies, Cort guitars also created a line of high-quality instruments under Parkwood that does not feature Cort’s name or logo. The brand is sold exclusively in big box stores like Guitar Center, all manufactured in South Korea while the Hybrid series come from Indonesia.

Cort acoustic guitar models, bass models and electric models are all available in major music stores and online music stores. For more information on their Cort acoustic guitar and other models, you can browse for reviews or simply check their official website. Find the one you want and get ready to be discovered! See more detailed in http://cortacousticguitar.com/

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