How To Break In A New Set Of Guitar Strings

by | Dec, 2019 | Blog, Guitar accessories

Have you been noticing lately that after you have put on a fresh set of guitar strings, and rock out your favorite guitar riffs for a while, that the strings just do not hold their tune very long? The reason for this is because new strings need to be properly stretched out. There are a few extra steps that need to be taken when you change your guitar strings.

Proper Steps to Stretching Your Guitar Strings.

  • After you have finished putting on the new strings, start with the 6th string (Low E) and tune it to the proper pitch.

Helpful Tip: When you tune a brand new set of strings, it is suggested that you use an electric guitar tuner. This especially goes for beginners who are not able to recognize the correct tone by ear.

  • Next, take your fretting hand (left hand) and hold the string down at the first fret.
  • Now take your right hand and gently pull up on the string at the fourth or fifth fret. Keeping this same method, start to work your way up the fretboard. At the same time, you should keep your hands about three to four frets apart.
  • Once you have gone all the way down the string, it will be out of pitch. You need to then return it back to the proper pitch and repeat the same process a few times.
  • After you have got the Low E string in tune, move on to the 5th string and so forth.

The gage of your strings will determine just how many repetitions will be needed. However, after each pass, you will notice that the string will hold its tune longer each time. Once the pitch remains constant and accurate, this will let you know that you have properly stretched the string
Source by Josh Scalf