How should beginner perfectly use an electric guitar?

How should beginner perfectly use an electric guitar?

Learning to play a new electric guitar can be a fun experience for music lovers.

For this, you must know the steps necessary to make good use of the instrument. So, below we show you a brief summary with the correct way to use an electric guitar.

Tune the guitar

The first thing you should do before starting to practice is to properly tune the guitar.

You can ask for help from an expert who will teach you the right procedure to refine. Slowly turn the pegs, which are on the fretboard or neck of the guitar until you get the harmonious sound of each string.

Use a tuner to corroborate that the sound of the strings is correct. Currently, you can access online tuners that help you much more to accomplish this task in an easy to understand way.

Connect the guitar to the amplifier

After tuning your instrument, continue to connect with an amplifier.

electric guitar

An amplifier is a device designed to make the sounds emitted by the guitar clearer and stronger. Connect the end of the amplifier cable to the hole on the bottom of the instrument and turn on the appliance.

Maintain a correct posture

It is very important that when you start playing the guitar, your body is in a comfortable and adequate position.

If you want to play the guitar sitting, look for a chair not too high. Support one of your legs on the ground and the other leg can semi support it on a smaller chair.

If you want to do it standing, it is necessary that you adjust the instrument to a strap at the height of your body.

Keep your shoulders and back straight at all times. If necessary, bend your back slightly for a better grip of the ropes.

Support the guitar on your leg

Being a heavy instrument, you need a support surface to maintain yourself.

Place the body of the guitar on your right leg diagonally on your body. This way your guitar will be safe and ready to be used.

Put your hands in the right place

It is important that your hands and fingers are in the right place at the time of playing.

Place your right hand on the strings delicately without applying pressure. At the same time, your left hand should surround the neck of the guitar.guitar

Put your thumb on the back, while placing your other fingers on the strings.

Use a plectrum if necessary

Electric guitars are characterized by the thickness of their strings.

The strings tend to be thicker than the strings of an acoustic guitar. Therefore, it is recommended that a plectrum is used to touch them since due to the thickness blisters.

And calluses may appear on your fingers that will slow down the movement between the strings.

Start with simple notes

If this is the first time you play an electric guitar, begin to learn the basic notes on the guitar.

You can consult with a teacher or videos on the Internet what are the appropriate exercises according to your level of learning. As you progress through the process, try to practice harder songs and combinations until you become an expert.

Store the guitar in its case

When you finish your lessons with the guitar, disconnect it from the amplifier and proceed to clean it.

Carefully clean the guitar with a dry cloth removing any dust and dirt adhering to it. This will keep your instrument in optimal condition and with greater durability.

Then, store it in its original box in a place away from sunlight.

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