How long does it take to learn guitar? 10 Common Mistake Must Avoid

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The common question is for every newbie is. How long does it take to learn guitar? Let’s dig into it.

#0000ff;”>Pick your favorite song while practicing the guitar. It really boosts your performance. I learned the guitar to impress my girlfriend. 🙂 😛 Believe me. 

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  1. The Best way to learn the guitar.
  2. Some songs which will help to learn a guitar faster.
  3. How long does it take to learn Spanish Guitar?

How long does it take to learn guitar?

It’s quite possible, you might have seen a Xoss Guitar Artist Solo YouTube Video. Then you have decided to learn this guitar. All of a sudden you have entered in this music world.

So, how to learn guitar and how much it takes time? You can’t learn this overnight. But can learn so fast than others if you have passion.

How long does it take to learn guitar

We can’t tell you. within a few weeks, you will be a newbie to Jimi Hendrix.

But don’t be disappointed. It’s all about passion and practice. Nothing else. The progression is different from the person by person. It always depends on how attentively you give time to it.

Some Mentor says that, Make 10000 hours to days. Or practice 1-2 hours a day. This is for the general case. Provided that, practice more you can expect faster learning than others.

  • Important Tips:

#0000ff;”>Pick your favorite song while practicing the guitar. It really boosts your performance.

So I had only one day to practice a new song on the guitar. And then had to perform before my GF. Obviously, that was not so good performance. But within a week I can learn the chords and play well on that song.

At first, I choose only those songs which I and My GF like most. So, that was the point of inspiration.

Your 2nd Step to learn the guitar.

There are some different ways to learn guitar. Classic methods, or chords Methods. I like the Chords method most. Some are open chords. Like E, Em, F, G, D, C, A, Am, Dsus2, Cmaj7, etc. Focus the first 3 months to learn these chords perfectly. I beat you the most popular and maximum songs are in these open chords.

At first, if you can’t play your favorite song on these chords. You can just use a capo to mute the note. And you are ready to go.

If you are trying to learn stone chords. It would help guitar players to learn different new chords faster. There are both ways to learn chords Easy and Hard. You should try both the way.

Some player doesn’t understand what is beat. And how to to keep remain yourself with this while playing guitar. It’s really important for every player. Because without having this knowledge you can’t be able to play guitar with a song.

To overcome this problem you have to use a metronome to maintain tempo.

metronome to maintain tempo

It is not so easy to hit the accurate strings every time. But doing a great practice day by day you can do it like a cream.

How long does it take to learn guitar? Step 3.

This is the most important step for a learner. Because in this step you know your limit and passion about the guitar. First some weeks you would be so attentive. But after doing the same things again and again.

It’s possible you would leave this music field. But if you stay that’s the turning point for you.

So, at this time you have to go-ahead to understand your guitar perfectly. Take a challenge to tune your guitar with your ear. Don’t use any kind of software for this. I will write in the end section how you can do tune your guitar by your ear.

How long does it take to learn guitar? Step 4.

After six months you will get to know something about your guitar. And know how to deal with it. Also, you will get comfortable. I don’t say you now can do some amazing solo. But at this time you know some guitar chords. I am sure you already play with some of your favorite songs like me. 🙂

At this time you will get comfort to play before the audience. Not like the stadium. But obviously in front of friends. Now you should go for some medium level guitar chords like F, Bb, Dm. 

What after one-year guitar learning? Step 5.

This is the time to take the most difficult challenge. To learn the barre chords. Yes, the toughest part. But the reward is huge. Now full guitar fretboard is known to you. You can now play any kind of song. Or can make new styles and skills for your song.

How to minimize the time to learn the guitar?

I have been playing guitar for 20+ years today. And also have already been teaching equally secret learners and the internet to well more than ten years. Through time, I have spoken with innumerable guitarists. That has thrown away a lot of time within their guitar travel.

Would you like to learn just what 95 percent of those were performing inappropriate?

They had been :

Practicing the wrong pattern.

Or, not practicing enough.

The rest 5 percent had not Purchased a good guitar yet.

Currently fixing dilemma no 2 is”uncomplicated”. So much time as that you never possess 3 children and a puppy called Vanilla. You merely need to locate the opportunity for the clinic.

Fixing difficulty with no inch is not challenging. However, it is not clear, notably now.

Beginner guitarists are pumped right into learning random videos on YouTube. So possess definitely no leadership. A great deal of individuals waste years attempting to find out and this. Leaping in 1 video into the following.

Do not make me wrong nevertheless.

You will find a few fantastic video clips on YouTube. However, rookies will need to possess leadership, organized courses to find the guitar as fast as economically as you can. That really is essential.

How to tune a guitar by ear? (Tune without a tuner).

This is an achievement for every guitarist. Before doing this you have to easy with all the six strings on your guitar.

Here are the Process you have to follow.


    • Tune the open string to coordinate with the pitch of this fifth fret of the first string series. Repeat due to the fact that many days as it will take before you are persuaded the fifth series is still in song.
    • Perform with the fifth fret on the fifth series and then pay attention to it now.


  • Play with the open fourth series and then tune in on this.
  • Tune the open fourth series to coordinate with the pitch of this fifth fret of the fifth series.
  • Repeat due to the fact that many days as it will take before you are persuaded the final series is in song.
  • Subsequently… Repeat precisely the exact same process to your next series.
  • After you song into the minute series, you first have to play with the 4th fret of the next series (perhaps not the fifth ( like any other series ).
  • And visit the fifth fret on the next series to song into the open string.

Short View Of How long does it take to learn guitar?

1-2 weeks: Perform uncomplicated guitar tunes. (Switching amongst and strumming of chords that are basic. Only series plucking tracks without much series jump, chord arpeggios).

3-6 weeks: Perform a little more troublesome tunes, that require greater technical components. By way of instance, music necessitating easier hammer-on, pull-offs, and also other easier contribute to guitar methods.

1 year old: Perform intermediate degree music, for example, many remarkably popular guitar tracks, riffs, blues, etc. You may likely begin becoming even more authoritative. Really feel for barre chords in approximately this period too.

2 years old: Should you exercise enough, then you might possibly be taking part in most tunes in two decades. Clearly, you have to have to exercise them until you actually play with those. But still learning a track in this phase is incredibly speedy. Since you are going to have mastered most specialized elements today.

2-3 years now: Should you heard guitar thought throughout your guitar travel. You are going to be in a position to picture on your guitar too.

5-6 years now: You are able to call an enhanced guitarist. You will be in a position to engage in whatever you desire.

10 years now: You will discover how much you really never understand but, and also would like to know more. Your guitar collection will soon attain a yearly normal of 7-12 guitars.

20+ Years: You will be participating in with and others all of the moment. From your own 20 pellets, you simply play with 3, your favorite kinds.

The moral of this narrative is the fact that. Learning how to play with the guitar would be an extremely continuous procedure. However becoming into a decent degree, at which you can begin playing your new music. And won’t drive the others mad, could be attained later approximately a few weeks of standard exercise.