/Handmade leather guitar straps with some vintage look
handmade leather guitar straps

Handmade leather guitar straps with some vintage look

Guitar Strap – Buying Guide, Opinions, and Analysis in 2018


The handmade leather guitar straps are a very important accessory for bassists and guitarists, suitable to hold various types of guitar. Relieve weight on the back, keeping the musical instrument closer to the body and thus have greater comfort.

In order to choose the handmade leather guitar straps that best suits you, it is necessary to take into account various fundamental aspects such as materials, color, size, and subject.

After conducting research on different models we want to present some options that may be of your liking and benefit. For example, the Ernie Ball EB4037, a strap suitable for professional musicians, in addition.

It should be noted that it has black leather ends and a system to adjust the length between 96.5 and 172.7 cm. In another order of ideas, Rayzm Calaveras is available.

Which is made with cotton, in addition, we mention that this shoulder strap has a width of 5 cm and a length that can be adjusted between 97 cm to 154 cm.


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This strap has been made of polypropylene material and has a beautiful design. In the same way, we mentioned that it is an adjustable strap to any size you want.

Because its length varies between 96.5 and 172.7 cm.

Some users have found a slippery belt. However, it should be mentioned that, in general, it is very comfortable, which compensates a little that disadvantage.

Thanks to its black color it is possible to buy it for use with different models of electric guitars and basses, even with banjos.


It is made of cotton material and also has a skull print that combines with different styles of guitarists. On the other hand, it should be noted that it provides an adequate balance of the weight of the guitar, in this way the musician has a better balance when playing on his feet.

It would be good to come with other prints, for those people who do not want the skulls on the strap, of course, this does not affect the functionality of it.

In general, it can be said that its material is of good quality, in addition, it is very practical since it has a small compartment for barbs.

handmade leather guitar straps

Straps for Guitar Set for Acoustic and Electric Guitar

It is a very elegant strap and is made of cotton, a material with a soft texture. In addition, it should be noted that it combines very well with the strato electric guitar models, acoustic guitars and electric basses.

According to some users, this strap is not very secure in terms of fastening, however, most buyers are satisfied with its purchase, because it can be fixed with lock buttons.

This strap is a good choice for those who like simple designs because it is brown without prints.

What is the best guitar strap on the market?


If you plan to change or buy a new accessory for your guitar, with which you can feel much more comfortable and relieve discomfort in your back, we present this guide to buying the best guitar strap. Through this article, we hope you choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

handmade leather guitar straps

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The materials that count the different straps are very important when choosing one of them. Because, generally, to be a comfortable strap and of good quality come in materials such as cotton. In addition to leather, and which are durable and resistant.

Another product with which these handmade leather guitar straps are made is nylon. A soft and durable material that can give a touch of elegance to your instrument. Because almost always the straps of this material come in different colors and designs.

It should be noted that regardless of the belt you choose. It must be of good quality since there are guitars that weigh 5 kilograms or more, so it must be resistant and adequately support the weight.

On the other hand, it is important to know that the type of material recommended should be adapted to the wood with which the guitar is made.

Such as linden, mahogany, fir, rosewood, among others. Of course, this would apply to guitars that do not have artificial colors, but their paint finishes highlight the natural color of the wood.

For these cases, some leather strap would be a good choice, also cotton, for being of soft texture and avoids much more possible scratches to the wood. However, the final decision should be made by you.

We also mentioned that depending on the choice you make regarding the material. The strap will be more or less secure. For example, a strap made of plastic or nylon could be stiffer, while a cotton strap would be weaker.

As if that were not enough, we mentioned that this feature is quite determinant with respect to the price of the belt. But reviewing several on the Internet you may find a good and economical.



If you are thinking about acquiring straps for guitars, the type of restraint is a very important issue. Since it will depend on the musician to feel comfortable when using it. While avoiding the instrument suffering possible knocks or falls.

For this reason, not only have to worry about the fact of how much it costs. But make a comparison of handmade leather guitar straps in the most objective way possible, because the important thing is the safety of your guitar. Also, it should be noted that it is useless to have a luxury strap that does not prevent discomfort like getting loose in the middle of your musical practices.

In addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that there are blocks for the guitar buttons. Which we recommend buying once you acquire a strap. So these will help you not to lose your guitar while you are playing and walking through the whole scenario.



Depending on the model it is possible that its color varies. In this sense, it is recommended to acquire one that goes with your personality. As this will influence you to feel more at ease.

Of course, among the colors most preferred by guitarists include neutral colors. Such as black and white, however, this may vary according to the taste of each artist. For this reason, there are red, blue, brown, as well as that have stamped figures.

Choosing the color of your preference means that you can feel comfortable and identified with it. In addition, so you will not run the risk that, after having made the investment, you no longer like it.

handmade leather guitar straps


The handmade leather guitar straps have different sizes, depending on the people who wear them. It is recommended to take into account the measures of distance between the shoulders and the place of the body. Where you would like to have the guitar to play it more comfortably.

Although most of the straps are adjustable with respect to their length. It is best that before buying you see the size specifications, so you can make sure it fits you.

This is not mentioned in vain, but because some people tend to play with stretched arms. For example, some musicians who play rock, punk, funk, rock and roll, heavy metal, etc. In this case, the user must buy an extra-long strap.


What is the best guitar strap of 2018?

With this type of accessories, you will have the freedom to make your best musical performances in concerts or musical practices.

This is regardless of the instrument you play because these products in most cases also serve for electric basses, banjos, and similar instruments.

In the market, you will find different brands and models, but with the purpose of facilitating your search. We present some of the best handmade leather guitar straps of 2018.

Recommended Products


Ernie Ball EB4037


handmade leather guitar straps

If you want the best guitar strap of the moment maybe this is a good option. Because it adapts according to the length you need to play the guitar without having to sit. This is thanks to which it is possible to adjust it from 96.5 cm to 172, 7 cm

According to some buyers, this is a good quality strap. It has a modern design, in addition, it is elegant and has a black color that will combine with many styles of guitars. To make matters worse, we mentioned that it also serves as electric bass. So you can use the same strap with the two instruments.

According to its specifications, it measures 2 cm wide and is made of polypropylene. Also, it should be noted that for greater satisfaction of the buyers is sewn by machine and has a print of Ernie Ball in gold letters.

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Soft guitar straps Canaveral


handmade leather guitar straps

Because it is economical, it is considered by some buyers as the best guitar strap of value for money at the moment.

In addition, for lovers of death metal, heavy metal, rock, and roll or related genres is a good choice. Because it has a style that adapts to those kinds of musical genres. This thanks to the fact that it has a pattern of skulls, an image widely used by musicians who play such music.

With regard to its manufacture, it is made of cotton, taking into account high-quality standards. On the other hand, to improve your comfort and reduce fatigue while you play the guitar standing up. This strap has 5 cm width, which maintains the balance of the weight of your guitar, distributing it between your back and shoulders.

It also has an adjustment system made of metal, a durable and resistant material. It should be noted that its length can be adjusted from 97 to 154 cm. A good advantage for most guitarists. Also, include a string if you want to hold the strap on the neck of the guitar.

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Leather Soft Classic Vintage 


handmade leather guitar straps

This strap model is designed especially for acoustic and electric guitars, as it has two mini button straps for a secure grip and six plastic tines with their respective pockets.

In addition, it should be noted that the prongs have a varied thickness. So you can play with the one you like the most.

On the other hand, the strap has been made in cotton. Which is characterized by a durable material with a soft texture, thus supporting the continuous use of your guitar. All this makes this product very comfortable and practical.

In addition to this, this electric guitar strap has a width of 5 cm, in addition. You can adjust the length between 87 and 152 cm so that you can adapt it to the size of your body without problems. So that you play the guitar in height what do you like?

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Fender guitar straps


handmade leather guitar straps

If you still wonder what the best guitar strap is, the Fender guitar straps could be the appropriate answer. Because it has a design made of cotton fabric, so you can feel comfortable when using it.

It measures 5.1 cm wide, so it fits very well on the shoulders of various people. Also, it should be noted that it has the Fender logo, so some guitarists who have guitars of the same brand choose to buy this strap.

It is also possible to adjust its length, so you can play the guitar at the height you want. In addition, due to its red, yellow and black colors. It combines with various acoustic and electric guitars, even with electric basses.

With regard to your comfort, it fits very well in your body giving you comfort and freedom to play various chords and melodies.

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Mugig Cotton

handmade leather guitar straps

This strap is one of the cheapest on the market and is available for musicians who like varied colors, as it has a floral pattern.

Also, we mention that it is made of cotton, which makes it very soft texture. Also, it is characterized by being non-slip, which helps to have greater security and balance while playing the guitar.

This acoustic guitar strap also serves for electric bass. As it is made of sturdy material to support the weight of both types of instruments.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the length can be adjusted from 95 to 155 cm so that it is suitable for children and adults. So many people can use it without problems.

It has a black cord that you can use when you need to adjust the strap to the mast of your acoustic guitar.

In addition to this, it is very comfortable to use and comes with a small pocket to store a spike.

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