Guitar Practice – How to Learn Two Note Bar Chords in Three Easy Steps

by | Dec, 2019 | Blog

A great set of chord tools that the guitar player has at their disposal is the ability to learn what are called bar chords. These popular guitar chords are a great way to play different styles of music the most popular being rock and heavy metal. There are all sorts of Bar chords, however, the simplest of all these kinds of chords consists of what is called the two note fingered bar chord.

The best part about learning to know bar chords is that they are super easy to learn. Whether you know your notes on the guitar or not you can still play bar chords.  During your time of guitar practice I would like to show you how to learn your bar chords in three easy steps. 

1. Finger Position

2. Right Hand Techniques

3. Bar Chord Theory

Let’s learn the A major two figure bar chord.

1. Finger Position: Curve your fingers into how you would normally play your guitar chords. Place your first finger on the fifth fret, sixth string. Next take your third finger which is commonly known as your ring finger and placed that on the fifth string, seventh fret. Place your thumb behind your guitar neck and your fingers just before the frets on your fretboard.  You are now ready to play your first two fingered note or chord.

2. Right Hand Techniques: With your right hand, only play the two strings that you’re fingers are touching on the fretboard. With a guitar pick in your right hand play each note individually. If your notes are not sounding crisp and clear you will need to reposition your left-hand fingering position. In a downward stroke, strum the two guitar strings at the same time. Congratulations, you have just played your first bar chord.

3.  Bar Chord Theory: The two finger guitar bar chord that you have just played is called an A bar chord. In guitar theory a two finger note guitar chord is also called a perfect fifth. The beautiful part about playing a perfect fifth two note bar chord is that in music theory when you have what is called a triad chord I.e. your generic A major or minor chord; the third note determines whether a chord is major or minor. Perfect fifth chords are neutral and are neither major or minor which means that as long as you know what the chord root note is; you can play either major or minor chords just using bar chords.

Source by Jeremiah La Follette