Guitar Music With Chords – How to Tug at the Heart Strings

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Practice Makes Perfect!

Some of you may think learning the guitar is a difficult task. But there have been guitar greats who started out knowing only the basic chords, and worked themselves into becoming musical geniuses that audiences love and admire the world over. If you wish to learn, first, it’s important to be very interested in music, it would certainly help to have an ear for music. You’ve got to have huge amounts of patience and you must practice, practice and practice. Then instead of people running helter-skelter when they listen to your music and you being confined to the four walls of your room, you’ll soon have a loving audience!


So how do you prepare to learn this beautiful instrument? Remember it requires a great amount of arm strength and physical dexterity to learn the instrument. Not just that, your fingers will hurt as you start playing, they may even develop calluses. But with regular practice the pain will go away. Keep your finger nails short, as that will enable you to hold down the notes more easily and your music will sound better.

Holding The Guitar Correctly

How do you hold the guitar correctly? If you’re holding the guitar in the right way, the thickest guitar string or the 6th string will be closest to your chest, and the thinnest string or the 1st string will be closest to your feet. You’ll be sitting on a chair without an armrest and with a good straight back for support. Now there is the fretting hand and the picking hand, for a right hander the fretting hand is the left hand. With this hand hold the neck of your guitar, and practice holding down notes with your fingers. You can strum the guitar with your picking hand.

Learning To Play Chords

Chords are a combination of notes which are played to create an effect of a fuller sound. Usually a chord involves playing at least three notes together along with strumming the guitar strings.

Here are the Major chords found in most western music that you hear. They are Major C, Major A, Major G, Major E, and Major D. They require an excellent muscle memory to become perfect at them. A trick to learning the chord patterns is to switch between chords while practicing, till your playing becomes fluent. It’s quite like learning a language, the language of music! Once you’ve learn to play some basic chords you’ll be able to play hundreds of songs from your favorite musicians. So if you like Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton, play away till you can play their songs with passion! Please keep in mind that chord sounds on the electric guitar and the acoustic guitar do not sound the same, so match the guitar to the music style you’ll be playing. But remember, practice and experiment a lot. This will allow you to master not only the simpler chords but the more advanced chords as well.

The Men And Women Behind The Music

Here are some of the evergreen male and female guitar players. We hope you enjoy playing your favorite guitarists.

Among the female guitar greats are Bonnie Rait, Carol Kaye, Joan Baez, Emily Remler, Jennifer Battern, Joni Mitchell, Lita Ford, Mary Osbourne, Melissa Etheridge, Phoebe Snow, Sheryl Crow and Tracy Chapman.

Andres Sergovia, Charlie Christian, Chet Atkins, Derek Bailey, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, John McLaughlin, Les Paul, Pat Mentheny, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Sonny Sharrock are superb male guitar players of the past and present times.

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