Guitar Lessons For Beginners and the Options Available

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Guitar lessons for beginners have always been so common, especially since the instrument has had much popularity for the last several decades. Aspiring guitar players nowadays have several ways to learn strumming, plucking, fretting and all the other techniques of playing the guitar. Here are some of the modern methods through which you could find your first guitar lessons.


Printed and published guitar lessons for beginners have been around for quite a while, and you’ve probably seen at least some of the older ones with diagrams and drawings. The modern version has all that, plus a couple of extras.

Aside from the typical diagrams and instructions, a lot of the guitar lesson books today also come with music on CD’s. While learning the techniques, you could play along to the samples and lessons on the CD’s to check if you’re doing everything properly.

The Internet

Similarly, the worldwide web is also a good place to find guitar lessons for beginners. Online, you’ll be able to find the kind of drawings and diagrams that you’re bound to see in the books. Many websites now also offer the audio lessons similar to what the CD’s carried. But the websites usually go a little further.

Instead of just photos and diagrams, a lot of the guitar lessons you’ll find online are now also in video. That is, you’ll have someone demonstrating the proper handling and technique for you, all while you’re able to hear what’s being played and how it’s being done. It’s a great approach to teaching the guitar basics in a method that’s free more often than not.

A Teacher

Many seasoned guitar players will say that, no matter how far technology goes, sessions with a real live teacher just can’t be beat. Guitar lessons – for beginners, most especially – have a different depth, they say, when you’re being taught directly by another person.

You’ve got to admit that there’s an advantage to someone who can literally guide you as you learn your way around a guitar. A teacher can position your hands on the fret board for you, adjust your stance as you hold your guitar or notice your little errors while strumming and then put it right. Books and online tutorials can do none of these things.

There’s no ‘right’ or ‘best’ way to pick up guitar lessons for beginners. You just have to choose the method that’s most convenient for you, or at least the one where you think you’ll learn the most.

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