Guitar Lessons For Beginners – 3 Easy Steps – Play in One Week

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If you ever had a desire to play the guitar then follow these 3 easy steps (guitar lessons for beginners) and before you know it you will be playing some of your favorite tunes in front of your family and friends. Now I'm going to assume you know nothing about the guitar but would love to learn how to play and do it in one week.

1. Step one: If you don't own a guitar the first step is pretty obvious, your going to have to buy one. Now you don't need to buy anything expensive at this stage because your just learning. Go to your local music store and buy a cheap acoustic or electric guitar for approx. $ 70 – $ 150.

2. Step two: Now you will need a simple guitar chord book for beginners, to show you how to place your fingers on the fret board to play some very basic chord patterns. Most popular songs can be played on just three chord shapes believe it or not. Eg. A, D, E. (Learn these three chords first)

3. Step three OK this is where the fun begins. Open your beginner's chord book and place your fingers on the black dots indicated on the fret board. (Chords A, D, & E) This will feel really weird at first if this is your first time. Then strum down the strings and you will hear the first sounds of your first chord.

That's it, it's as simple as one, two three.

Now the secret of course to your success is practice, practice, practice. Remember anyone whoever started out to play the guitar, started from this point. Nobody just picked up the guitar and could suddenly play. No way! Your first chord and your first sounds might not sound to hot at first, but don't let that put you off. Keep moving your fingers around till the sound becomes clearer.

Put in an hour every night (or more if you feel like it) and before you know it your first chord will start to sound clearer followed by your 2nd and 3rd chord. Once you have mastered your first three chords start humming a tune you like to the three chords you have just mastered. You should have mastered these steps in a week (7 days) or sooner. TO YOUR SUCCESS …

Source by Vince Doug Low


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