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Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019

Guitar accessories list for 2019

Maybe you are looking for guitar accessories for your first guitar. Which you recently bought.
I am sure you are so interested in your music instrument. How can you modify this? Or all the possible accessories to buy to design your favorite guitar.

I was also that much excited as like you. When I bought my first Taylor gs mini acoustic guitar. If you want to know about that, I wrote about this guitar in another article.
I was in love with my first guitar. And wanted to make it look better also buy all the accessories which should I buy.

Every musician has their style. I want to say Estas Tonne play classical guitar and put an Incense on this. I love his style. Or I must mention Les Paul the great guitarist. He always plays guitar with a casual cloth like coat & pant.

But these are their style. You have to understand what you are playing and have to give your best on this.
Why am I writing about guitar accessories? Because you have pulled out all the feature from your guitar which it can give you.

In my post, I will give all your answer which you can ask for guitar accessories.

What will you get from my article?

1. What guitar accessories to buy.
2. What guitar accessories do you need?
3. Where to buy guitar accessories.
4. Guitar accessories for beginners

Let’s get started

Instead, you play classic, acoustic, or electric guitar. These guitar gadgets you must have.

Guitar accessories you must have.

1. Guitar Strings.
2. Guitar pick.
3. Guitar Straps.
4. Guitar Tuner.

Guitar accessories you should have.

1. Guitar amplifier.
2. Guitar cables.
3. Guitar Case.
4. Guitar capo.

Another Guitar accessories list.

1. Guitar stands.
2. Guitar pickups.
3. Guitar slides.
4. Guitar pedals.

First one:

Guitar strings have three kinds:

1. Classical String: Every Guitarist can understand an entire guitar string how much important for them. A wrong selection can destroy their music carrier. Because you can’t feel the right tone without it. A set of a string is not a thousand-dollar thing. Right? I suggest the D’Addario EJ45TT model.

guitar strings, guitar accessories list

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 1

2. Electric String: To consider the best electric guitar string everything you should concern of Gauges. The light string gauges are easy to play, and heavy gauges string hard to play. Range of gauges is 0.008 to 0.56. I suggest the 0.008 measures. You should use the Fender 250R Supermodel. What are the string gauges?

guitar accessories list

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 2

3. Acoustic String: For the acoustic one I suggest to use Elixir strings. Because it’s sounds, remain three times longer than the other expensive guitar strings out the market. This is the perfect string to make melody sound. Strings selection is the crucial point of a guitar.
I suggest every beginner player tie a guitar string on his own. I have written an article about this on my blog “How to tie a guitar string.” If you follow this one, I bet your string won’t fall its tune.


Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 3

Guitar Pick:

Not all the guitarist use Pick to play the guitar. But almost everyone uses it. I don’t use a pick to play on.
At first, you should use a pick. And trust me for the beginning player all the pick is perfect to use. After a while, you will know the difference between good and the worst one.
I don’t use one. So, generally, I can recommend the THIN one is perfect for all. The thickness between 0.40 to 0.60 mm or less is ideal for all player. And 0.80 to 1.20 mm go for the Electric guitar player.

guitar accessories list

Guitar Straps:

A strap is a thing which will hold your guitar when you are playing guitar in a standing position. But a player who will play guitar by setting he/she doesn’t need a strap.
By the way, when you buy a guitar, a strap comes with your guitar package — no need to upgrade that one.
But if you are so unlucky or want to buy a good looking one. Then I suggest buying this cheap one Ernie Ball Black guitar strap. Or if you’re going to buy for heavy duty. Then go for a Leather Strap. I like the PRS Paul Reed Smith. For its heavy duty and professional look.

guitar accessories list guitar accessories list, guitar straps

Guitar Tuner:

Now you have all the essential parts to get started. But don’t forget to have a guitar tuner.
All music instrument with string must use a tuner to stay in tune. You won’t play the guitar without its perfect song.

There are many kinds of guitar out there. But I like two of them personally because of, It is low price with a lot of features.
Korg GA1 Tuner is the classic one. What I most like about this. It has a plug-in button, which can plug with your guitar and gives you a 100% output?

guitar tuner, guitar accessories list

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 4

For the plug-in method, your tune won’t get any background noise, and you can tune it correctly.
And the other one is the Snark Tuner. I recommend it is the best of all type of clip-on tuner.

guitar tuner, guitar accessories list

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 5

The best side is, Whatever the background is. How much noise doesn’t matter? This tuner will receive the vibration of your guitar neck and tells you what note is playing now.
I am using this tuner science 2012. And I am so glad — it was lasting more than the other one.

This is in good quality and so much accurate. What else can you ask for?

Second One:

Guitar amplifier:

This is the 2nd essential part for guitar. You can ask a guitar player which should I use. 100$ guitar and 1000$ amplifier. Or 1000$ guitar and 100$ amplifier.
They will answer; it depends on your condition. So, what are the requirements?

• Practice at Home.
• Record in the Studio.
• Perform Live.

I must add a point here. You can’t make a plan for what you will do next with your passion. Music is a passion. So, if you think to only practice at home and after a while, you will perform live.

It’s a thing you can’t buy daily. So, make a good investment in all types of use. And because when you buy a cheap or 2nd hand one. Then if it doesn’t sound well, your full music carrier will be gone in depression.

So, when buying an electric thing buys a new and good one. I don’t tell you to purchase million-dollar stuff.

I suggest these two.

1. Marshall Amps DSL1CR. (For its sine wave output).

guitar amp, guitar accessories list

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 6

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 7
Buy From UK

2. Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue. (For its features with low price).

guitar amp, guitar accessories list

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 8

Guitar Cables:

Guitar cables you need if you want to play an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar which has a pickup for amplifying.
There is no mandatory selection for guitar cable. Just go for the long wire around 10-20 feet long.

There are three kinds of cable. Both ends are straight, one is straight, and the other one is a 90-degree angle. And rest of one both ends is a 90-degree angle.
It’s your choice; you need a short or long one. I suggest KIRLIN 10-Feet Premium Plus. It’s very high quality with its minimum price.

guitar cable, guitar accessories list

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 9

Guitar Case:

This is an essential guitar accessory. People use different types of guitar case. I recommend GIG bag for acoustic guitar and classical guitar. And hard guitar case for electric guitar.
Transit Series gig bags are only design for the acoustic and classical guitar.

Transit Series gig bag, guitar accessories

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 10

In this bag, there has a cold comfort zone for the guitar. Sometimes, I call it a baby sitter. It has enough space to carry extra items. I don’t think it’s waterproof, but I am sure it is water resistance.
Titan Series bag only design for the electric guitar. I bet these are the coolest guitar case out there within the minimum price.

Titan Series guitar bag

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 11

With water and dust proof and short grip comfort handle of course lightweight. Make this case a perfect choice for every guitar lover.
I don’t think this will not be in your list. If I were you, I must buy one for my collection.

Guitar Capo:

I am sure not every beginner guitar player doesn’t know what a capo is? When your friend plays your guitar, someone asked about this thing. Right?
It’s a thing that changes your guitar tune from down to up or vice versa.

These guitar accessories you should buy if you want to be an extraordinary guitarist. Some song you can’t play with open chords. But if you don’t want to play the Bar chords or can’t represent those.

You can easily play that song, just put a guitar capo on desire fret. And play that song with open chords and enjoy. Life is good. Yeah, Feel it.
You can’t feel the difference between good and lousy capo. You have to try some. But here I will make your work easy.

Not all the capo is good. I suggest to buy one and put on your guitar case until you need it.
Trigger Capo is the universal one. You can use any kinds of guitar. Such acoustic, classical, electric guitar. I like it because you can move it quickly to any fret while playing guitar.

Trigger guitar Capo, guitar accessories

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 12

Want to buy a unique one. I suggest Spider Capo. But it’s only for the professional guitar player.

Spider Guitar Capo, guitar accessories

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 13

I have a collection of Expensive Guitar capo in the world. It just for collecting. I don’t say it’s the best, but yeah it has a pro look. So, it can enhance your guitar looking while display it — Thalia 200 Series Guitar Capo.

Thalia 200 Series Guitar Capo, guitar accessories

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 9

Third One:

Guitar stands:

It depends on you. You can put it on the mandatory list for guitar accessories.
Why I mention that, because the guitar is a thing, if you want to be a professional in this, you can’t help yourself being regular.

What is the relation between guitar stands and regularity? Right?
My personal experience is. When you put your guitar in your guitar case? You feel lazy to open it. Make it tuned and then play. And do the same task daily.

It’s annoying or not inspirable.
When you see your guitar is waiting for you. And standing on that stand make your work so easy. Just take it and play. It assumed like begging you bring me and play.

Fender mini acoustic guitar stands, guitar accessories

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 15

Otherwise, you will forget that you have a guitar to play on.
Here is the guitar stands list for you.
Or I suggest one to buy.
Fender mini acoustic guitar stands.

Guitar Pickups:

Someone doesn’t think that a pickup will be in your guitar accessories list. It’s a build in part of an electric guitar.
Nowadays some acoustic guitar company makes it a build in accessories for an acoustic one.

Fishman Rare Earth Blend, guitar accessories

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 16

Why you need this? It will enhance your sound quality and amplify your sound as well.
Some guitarist won’t change their pickup for the whole life. They don’t know that a little change can make his experience better than before.

Here are Top 6 guitar pickup for you.
Or I suggest this one.
Fishman Rare Earth Blend

Guitar Slides:

Like some other guitar accessories this one, I don’t recommend for the beginner. Even It hard for the pro player to play with it.
If you are a newbie than ignore it.

Ernie Ball Glass, guitar accessories

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 2

It’s a matter of style nothing else. Or you can compose your new tone with it.
If you want to buy one, go for this Ernie Ball Glass.

Guitar Pedals:

As I said earlier, guitar pedals are in less essential guitar accessories. It’s a thing for an electric guitar player.
I think you have a guitar amplifier that I mentioned. But pedals are a kind you won’t get satisfied how many you have.
I suggest you go for this one. Snark SN-10S.

Snark SN-10S, guitar accessories

Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 18

Some FAQ.

What guitar accessories to buy?

A guitar itself is an accessory of the music industry. But, for guitar accessories, the above lists are the best list to buy for your guitar. You can’t ignore those if you want the best output from your guitar.

What are guitar accessories?

A guitar accessory is a thing which can enhance your guitar playing. And makes you so professional.

And That’s the A-Z guitar accessories list for all player. Hopefully its answer all of your questions, I think. Enjoy. Cheers.

Guitar accessories for beginners

There is no specific accessories list for the beginners. But some gadget can make your guitar learning more easily than others. I personally suggest buying a guitar tuner must. And you can add a capo, a guitar case, an amplifier, and a guitar stand. That’s more than enough for a beginner.

Thank you.


Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019
Guitar Accessories List A-Z Buying Guide 2019 19

Guitar accessories list for 2019 Maybe you are looking for guitar accessories for your first guitar. Which you recently bought. I am sure you are so intere

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