Grizzly H3123 Guitar Review

by | Dec, 2019 | Blog

I quite like the Grizzly H3123 Electric Guitar Kit, however, it is an entry-level guitar kit offered in a reasonably low price cost bracket.

Because of this, it should be kept in mind that within this price range you can experience some minor problems you will need to stay mindful of.

These issues are usually not impossible to get past by any means. However, it’s useful to be aware of what you may face before purchasing.

So that you’re better prepared to make the minor adjustments that may end up being required.

This electric guitar won’t be appropriate for a working musician unless a fair amount of work is undertaken and the hardware is upgraded.

Nevertheless, it may become a good starting point if you are scouting around for a guitar. That you may improve gradually and acquire an understanding of and develop your electric guitar building skills over time.

If this is your first project guitar you are going to learn a great deal as you go relating to the mechanisms. That comprises a guitar in addition to some rudimentary guitar set-up skills which can be of real value for all guitar players.

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The real advantage of this guitar kit when compared to others within this cost bracket is the alder body. Almost all of the electric guitar kits below $ 200.00 offer a basswood body and this isn’t essentially regarded as a tonewood and it is mostly made for a flat color finish.

The Grizzly, however, boasts some nice wood grain patterns and looks suitable for a stained or less than opaque color depending on your individual tastes.

This allows for additional possibilities in terms of customization of the guitar, and let’s face it this really is why most of us acquire an affinity for electric guitar kits in the first place.

This electric guitar kit has everything that you will need for the purpose of building and contains all the crucial hardware. It is realistic to consider you may be playing the instrument the very same day that you obtain it, without taking into account applying a finish to the body.

The guitar neck is maple and includes a rosewood fretboard, so the look and feel of this kit are undoubtedly quite attractive.

Be prepared though as you likely will run into one or two concerns, as these guitars are relatively hit and miss as far as production quality.

Case in point you could potentially face some screw hole placement issues (Based on the exact extent the screw holes are out of position this can be a troublesome problem to get around and could necessitate a certain amount of filling and drilling).

As stated you are also going to have to learn the basics associated with a guitar set-up, on the other hand, this is typical of most guitar kits available these days and it’s a handy skill to understand in any case.

Taking into consideration its cost it’s actually a reasonably good guitar kit and together with the alder body makes it quite attractive too. The main thing to consider is the guitar truly does have a good quality neck and body so the hardware is only going to be entry-level at best.

Nevertheless, you’ll be getting an excellent base to work from if you bought this guitar and you’re in a more suitable place to look at long-term personalization if you start off with a high-quality body and mediocre hardware as opposed to starting your journey with decent hardware and a poor quality body.
Source by Jamie G Stevens