Get Custom Cases Made For Your Instruments

by | Dec, 2019 | Blog

There are many manufacturers that have emerged with customized casing options for your musical instruments. There are an ample amount of designs and materials to choose from that will match your taste. From custom guitar cases and flute cases to tuba cases and drum cases, there are designs and colors galore to pick from. Some music custom cases offer patented humidity control systems that protect your instruments from the external fluctuations in temperature and humidity that can rust and corrode your instruments.

A number of manufacturers make creative cross ply or breathable wooden cases, which are sturdy, weather-resistant and elegant. You can also opt for brass latches for securing your music case, which offers elegance and style. Your music cases from custom guitar cases to custom tuba cases would also feature various support fixtures inside the case along with humidity controlled systems, hygrometers, thermometers and other compartments for accessories.

If you do not mind spending a little bit more for an innovative customized instrument case, then you could opt for the latest air-plywood cases that are not only light but also very sturdy. A sheet of aluminum, which can withstand pressure, shock and humidity, apart from its lightweight, covers the outside of these cases. You can also get the dimensions done to a perfect fit and get the interiors covered with luxurious velvet.

If you are looking out for lightweight custom cases, then you can opt for carbon fiber molded cases, rather than the traditional wooden variety. These cases are easily molded and crafted to fit like a glove with perfect measurements. Apart from all this, you can also opt for other various personalized options for your customized musical cases. Items such as personalized nameplates, straps, leather trimming, customized monograms, and D-rings are all available.

The wooden and carbon fiber custom cases are slightly more expensive, and if you are on the lookout for a cost-friendly option then you can opt for a high quality leather-cloth that promises you durability with price. This instrument case is available in the choicest of colors and they make sure they build the interiors with extra care. There is adequate padding in the interior and you can select your velvet or plush fabric in multiple colors. The hardware and trimmings used in these cases are also very durable such as solid leather handles and nickel-plated hardware. These customized musical cases are easy to use and are increasingly being used by professional musicians from around the globe.

Source by Ariel Norton