/Exercise for drummer to become invoice to pro
exercise for drummer

Exercise for drummer to become invoice to pro

What is the first suitable exercise for a drummer?

Are you interested in playing the drums or do you already have the instrument, but do not know what to play? This POST will help you develop your coordination and thus start your journey in the fascinating world of the battery.

exercise for drummer

Exercise for drummer Right – Exercise with/without battery

We will start by moving our feet and hands, touching our drums, or any surface that we have at hand, be it a table, a chair or our own body. Start by counting 1, 2, 3, 4 – 1, 2, 3, 4 – 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on consecutively, at a not very fast speed (use the second hand of a watch as reference).

Now we assign to each number, a limb of your body:

1- Right foot – Bass drum

2.-Right hand – Hit Hat

3.-Left hand – Tarola

4.-Right hand – Hit Hat

And we begin: while you are counting go moving each limb to the rhythm of your account…

1: Right foot – 2: Right hand – 3: Left hand – 4: Right hand

O well:

1: Bombo – 2: Hit Hat – 3: Tarola – 4: Hit Hat


Exercise for drummer LEFT – Exercise with/without battery

The configuration of the battery SOMETIMES changes for people who are left-handed, but this is a matter of attitude. I have known a lot of left-handed people who learned to play like a right-handed man and without any complication develops the ability to play the drums. In this case, we are going to work as lefties.

We begin by assigning to each number, a limb of the body (or part of the battery)

1- Left foot – Bass drum

2.-Left hand – Hit Hat

3.-Right hand – Tarola

4.-Left hand – Hit Hat

And we begin to count and move our body …

1: Left foot – 2: Left hand – 3: Right hand – 4: Left hand


1: Bombo – 2: Hit Hat – 3: Tarola – 4: Hit Hat

You are already creating your first rhythm … CONGRATULATIONS! Try to keep it for a good time (1-2 min or more) to develop your coordination and that is recorded in your memory.

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NOTE: this rhythm is used in the SKA genre, only that in some songs it is interpreted to more than 250bpm (black) ßIt is not important that you know what this is referring to, you are just starting out).

exercise for drummerI hope that these exercises will help you to start practicing on the drums in the next few days I will continue posting tips for drummers, which I am sure you will find very interesting.

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exercise for drummer
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