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Electric Guitar

Some best electric guitar (2018 update)

Electric Guitar – Buying Guide, Opinions, and Analysis in 2018


When we face the search for an electric guitar, we observe the different models and benefits that your purchase brings us.

In this sense, we make a rigorous revision of the fundamental characteristics, such as its measurements, number of strings, materials that compose it and even the brand. It must have the necessary accessories that sustain its handling, an amplifier that projects sound, a fingernail, a solid mast, and quality strings.

Considering this, on this occasion, we will see several optimal models. The first is the Epiphone Les Paul Special II, which is suitable for those who are starting in the world of music since it is a model with an acceptable quality and price that is also presented with a comfortable handling.

 Followed by the renowned Gibson LPST60TSECH1. Talking about this model is to comment on the quality and cleanliness.

Not only in its finishes but in the sound, it emits, in addition, it comes with its respective carry case.



Comparison chart

Epiphone Les Paul Special II




Sound & Design


Doesn't have case

Gibson Les Paul Tribute 






High Price

Squier by Fender Bullet




Include Amp


Not in Tuned


Electric Guitar
Epiphone Les Paul Special-II – Electric Guitar, Heritage Cherry Sunburst (Amazon Exclusive)

It has an excellent quality-price ratio since for those who do not know the handling of an electric guitar, it is presented as a good counselor, at an accessible price, therefore we will not suffer much at the economic level with your investment.

Its sound is not as powerful as some might think, so one of the user’s comments, however, for the price that it has, it is an acceptable product for beginners.

It is a model with which you can start in the world of music, comfortable and light that adapts to our initial needs.

Electric Guitar
Gibson Les Paul 60s Tribute 2016 T – Electric guitar, color satin ebony

Their finishes are clean since they grant a high level of professionalism. The finish of your mast, the materials, the way they are coupled and the solidity of their shapes make them reliable and worthy of a music lover to obtain satisfactory results.

One of its users emphasizes that, in spite of being a quite sophisticated model, the lining in which it comes is a bit poor and perhaps it could not offer the necessary protection to this electric guitar.

It is an electric guitar with professional quality, with which you can give continuity to our musical tastes to continue making this artistic skill with passion.

What is the best electric guitar on the market?


Music in every sense ends up being sublime and pleasant for those who become music lovers and begin to get passionate with different instruments, for example, guitars. But not just any guitar, but the electric ones, which allow us to project a more powerful sound to the acoustic ones and that allows us to fuse a series of amplified sounds for our taste and delight.

In addition, electric guitars allow us to create musical pieces and version traditional music to a fresher and more daring sound. Therefore, when venturing to review the various options that we find in the market, we first documented this and see what are the qualities that make an electric guitar is really what we expect.

Based on this, we propose to make a comparison of electric guitars to a position, to our liking, the most ideal, with the optimal performance and appropriate price. All focused on one thing: meet our musical needs.

Electrical Guitar Shopping guide

Why buy an electric guitar?

For satisfaction of our demands, we rely on the idea of looking for an electric guitar, as it must fit our tastes and establish the most appropriate identification process with us and our musical preferences, in order to give us that feeling of true rockers, like the legends of music to those who want to follow the steps. There are different reasons that motivate the purchase of an electric guitar, however, the main one is to learn to play it.

From there arises the need to create a guide to buy the best electric guitar and surprise not only our family and friends but ourselves. These are the skills that we can develop through this instrument, not only on a physical level with our fingers but the fact of sharpening the ear to be able to translate some emblematic pieces.

Whether it is for adults or children, an electric guitar helps us unleash our artistic abilities. There are instruments with which you can start from childhood and thus relate the ear with songs that are a hymn for many. There are also electric guitars for beginners and finally for experts. It is consecutive the variety of instruments that we can get to develop our musical skills with an electric guitar.


When looking for a good and economical electric guitar, we look at aspects like the type. It is well known that there is a variety of designs and models that can enchant or disenchant many. In general, an electric guitar has a personalized shape that identifies it from the others. Likewise, it has a standardized number of strings and allows it to amplify its sound.

Seeing those qualities that characterize the electric guitar, we take into account the types that exist. First, there are the guitars for children, which come with sound included to give them the feeling that they are experts in music. On the other hand, we find electric guitars that are suitable for beginners, although they have certain details not very positive in their amplifier.

In the third plane, we see the guitars for professionals, which have a powerful amplifier sound and their materials are solid.


The sound is another aspect that we evaluate when having an electric guitar because it is the essence of its use. That is why the amplifier must have a satisfactory power, although it depends on the type of guitar that is chosen. Electric guitars reach powers that vary from 10 to 20 watts, at least, in their amplifiers and reach higher numbers.

Electric guitars for children, for example, have an additional sound that gives the child small harmonies to create the feeling that he is a great music artist and wants to continue studying to develop his skills. This serves to encourage their artistic spirit and want to grow up surrounded by an instrument like a guitar.


Electric Guitar Accessories

The accessories are also a support that helps us define a successful purchase, since the fact of having a certain amount of additives makes us think about how much an electric guitar costs, however, the standard states that almost all have accessories such as user manual, user guide, nails, transfer lining and its amplifier with its respective cable.

An economic guitar is one that manages to comply with all that series of criteria that make it ideal, added to good quality materials. In all this, there is the fusion of wood, plastic, and aluminum, to play the songs that you like the most.


What is the best electric guitar in 2018?

By falling pleasantly into the networks of music, we look for different instruments with which we can express our tastes and individuality. The electric guitar is part of one of those forms of expression since it allows us to develop the ear and in the measure of practice and study, we can create musical pieces. For this, it is important to select a model that fits our needs, inform, ropes and ease of use.

Taking into account these aspects, we prepare below a list of five models that can help you refine that search, either for yourself or your children, for your use or for a gift. Thus, to help in the selection of the best electric guitars of 2018, we focus on its main qualities.

Recommended Products

Epiphone Les Paul Special II

Electric Guitar

Main advantage:

It is similar to the Les Paul models, in terms of sound and design, since Epiphone is an economical brand by Gibson, so those who wish to enjoy classic models will enjoy this guitar a lot.

Main disadvantage:

The guitar does not have a hard case, so you will have to buy it separately, however, this does not affect its functionality.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

His body is manufactured with high-quality finishes, also comes in reddish mahogany, which means it is very elegant, so it may seem attractive to many people.

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This electric guitar has a body of American basswood, a softwood native to the United States and Canada, which provides a neutral sound with good bass, so you can perform alone using all the bass guitar, that is, the strings Mi, La, and Re. Of course, it also gives good resonance, so it’s a good option to play live.

The fretboard is of rosewood, a wood very used in electric guitars and basses, because it offers to sustain and softens the highs, in addition, it provides resistance to the humidity or climatic changes. In addition to this, due to its natural color with veins does not need to be dyed, this wood by itself offers beauty to this Epiphone guitar.

This means that this instrument is quite attractive to the eye and the ear, because what is a good purchase option if you want a high-quality retro electric guitar.

Electric GuitarDesign

It has a classic design like the famous Les Paul by Gibson, in addition, its exterior model is Heritage Cherry Sunburst, that is, with a pretty elegant reddish mahogany color.

Brings 22 frets and along its fretboard has white inlays that indicate the fret number, for example, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, among others. These help you find the notes more easily while you are playing the guitar. The mast has a Slim Taper design of the 60, which is the finest of the Les Paul.

On the other hand, we mentioned that the scale length is 62.86 cm, that is, the standard size of almost all Epiphone guitars.

It does not weigh much, only 3.58 Kg, so you can play with it comfortably, likewise, it is possible to move it easily from one place to another to play at your friends’ house or in different concerts.


This model of electric guitar is composed of 2 Epiphone microphones, the 700T and 650R open coil, which achieve that tone similar to the original Les Paul Gibson.

In addition to this, it should be noted that this guitar comes equipped with 500 K potentiometers for the volume and tone buttons, and even includes a 3-way microphone selector, which you can adjust to your liking while you are playing the guitar.

To make matters worse, the Epiphone Les Paul Special II has nickel hardware, a material quite resistant to corrosion. Also, this model includes the Tune-o-magic bridge from Epiphone, as well as the StopBar tailpiece, which provide greater sustain.

In addition to this, we mentioned that the strings with which this guitar comes are of the D’Addario brand, which is one of the best on the market.


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Gibson Les Paul 60’s Tribute 


Electric GuitarIf what we are looking for is the best electric guitar of the moment, the Gibson Les Paul 60’s Tribute model could be, since it has a solid body construction with tonal cameras that will give better acoustics to the harmonies that we are playing.

This Gibson electric guitar has a Les Paul body shape that gives the product style and sophistication. It has a number of 6 strings, very attached to the traditional model. In addition, the constitution of your neck is glued, for greater comfort when you touch it.

Although its price could be high, it is one of the models that is committed to perfection in sound. Its material is rosewood and its weight is 4 kg, for a comfortable handling with dimensions of 98 x 33 x 5 cm, which supports the rich sound that its mahogany body and maple top give it.

To acquire the best brand of electric guitars it is necessary that you know the qualities that each product offers you, therefore, we present the advantages and disadvantages of the Gibson Les Paul 60’s Tribute.



Sound:  It has been elaborated in a combination of mahogany and maple pieces that allow the guitar to retain a unique sound clarity because they manage to maintain the sound solidity and tonal depth.

Weight: It is a light product, manufactured with Gibson technology, because of this you can hold it comfortably while you interpret your melodies.

Mast: This piece has a depth of .800 “in the first fret and of .875” in the twelfth, in addition, it is mahogany and its glued design manages to accommodate the shape of the hand.



Buzz: A client pointed out that at a certain moment when playing the guitar it is possible to hear a humming sound, which although it is not very intense, may affect the melody interpreted a bit.

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Spectrum AIL 79V-S


Electric GuitarWhen we ask ourselves which is the best electric guitar, the Volt brand could be closer to what we are looking for if its qualities meet our needs. First, because it is an electric guitar set with amplifier and its respective learning guide. Also, it comes with its respective accessories.

It is the ideal kit for those people who are starting in the musical world. To go to guitar lessons or take our music wherever we want, this model has a special case for your transfer. Your amplifier includes a CD input and thus have an exact track of the music that we like.

A total of 11 pieces make up this model and with batteries included, this will be of great help for beginners who really want to learn how to use the guitar. It is an electric guitar that is composed of wooden materials.

One of the doubts that some people have is what electric guitar to buy and, due to its specifications, this model could give you the answer, we recommend you take a look at its characteristics.



Accessories: It includes an amplifier with CD input, a learning guide and other accessories that will allow you to have the necessary tools to learn to play.

Design: Its modern style, as well as the combination of white and black colors, will make you stand out when using it on stage.

Case: It has a transport case where you can store it to transport it more easily and keep it safe when you are not using it.


Language: A user commented that the guide included with the product is written in German, which makes it difficult to understand, however, he maintains that the information is available on the Internet.

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Squier by Fender Bullet 


Electric GuitarWith a competitive price, we could find one of the best and cheapest electric guitars with which to learn. The model Squier by Fender Bullet comes with an amplifier with the power of 10W RMS / 25 W to be able to spread our musical creations. This includes a 5-way selector, as well as 1 volume control and 2 tone controls.

To take it wherever you want, the Squier by Fender Bullet includes a carrying case. With an ST style, it has a three-color sunburst finish plus three single-coil pickups. Your amplifier comes with headphone output and distortion.

The model comes with six strings, as well as straps for the transfer of the backpack, a cable to connect to the amplifier, three nails, a DVD to learn to play the electric guitar, all so that the experience when starting in the world of music be complete.

Apart from being one of the best, it is also among the cheapest on the list, knowing its advantages and disadvantages will help you decide if it is the appropriate model for you.



Set: Includes 7 pieces, including an amplifier and carry case type backpack, for this reason, you will not have to buy more equipment to use it.

Amplifier: Works at a power of 10 W RMS and 25 W peak, also has a headphone output.

Settings: It has a volume control and 2 tones, also have a 5-position selector, so you will have the possibility to regulate its functions and adapt its characteristics to the type of music you will play.



Tuning: A buyer said that it is not tuned, therefore, you should perform this process before using it.

CD: The informative discs that are included in the accessories are written in German.

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Epiphone SG Special VE


Electric GuitarIt is an ideal model to fulfill its role as an electric guitar for children, as it measures 56 cm in length and has metal strings, which give great support and durability to the product below. It is robust and solid, ideal for children who are a little careless with their toys, also has an affordable price.

One of the cheapest electric guitar models on the market. Works with two R6 batteries that are included in the package. Necessary to take into consideration that it is a guitar suitable for children, less for children under 36 months.

A model made of plastic that makes it light to be carried by children aged 4 and, since it has a weight of 730 grams. To get an experience of true rockers, just press the demo button of the Epiphone SG Special VE and feel that we are true experts in the electric guitar.

It is considered by some users the best electric guitar for 30 euros, if you have not yet decided which model to acquire you can know its characteristics and determine if it suits your needs.



Toy: It is a toy model that measures 56 cm, with which your child can take their first steps in the musical world because when you use it you will know more about electric guitars.

Batteries: It works with two batteries R6 and does not require any connection, for this reason, children will have the possibility to use it at the time and place they want.

Sound: With just pressing the demo button you can get rock effects, which guarantees more fun for children.



Variety: The amount of melodies you have is limited and some customers feel that more effects are needed.

Strings: The strings are metallic and thin, so your child should be very careful when playing it, it is recommended that he always use this guitar under the supervision of an adult.

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Epiphone Les Paul Special II


Electric GuitarIn the opinion of many, this model could be the best electric guitar of value for money, since it has a body of American lime wood with a pink rosewood fingerboard on a scale of 24.75, for the comfort of those who go to use.

The bridge system of the guitar is LockTone Tune-O-Matic, which gives it an appropriate firmness to emit the sounds we want and thus harmonize appropriately the melodies that we want to follow. With a weight of 4.5 kg and dimensions of 99.1 x 43.2 x 17.8 cm, it is comfortable to start in the world of music.

The configuration of the pickups of the electric guitar is 650R & 700T Humbucker. It has 22 keys in total, as well as 6 strings to play our favorite songs or new versions.

To decide which is the best electric guitar of the moment it is necessary to take into consideration the features offered by several models, then we will introduce you to this from Epiphone.



Wood: Its fingerboard is made of rosewood, while the body is American linden, a type of softwood that provides lightness to the instrument and offers a full-bodied sound, as it helps to balance the bass tones.

Utility: It is an appropriate model for beginners who are learning to play this instrument because it gives them a pleasant tone and sensation. It will also be useful to those users with more experience due to the sound quality it offers.

Warranty: It has a lifetime warranty, so you can contact the manufacturer in case there is a defect.

Points: It has white dots in the fingerboard, which can be clearly seen in several frets and will serve to facilitate the location of the latter while you are playing.



Tuning: A user commented that performing the tuning process can be a bit complicated, however, it is about isolated opinions.

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How to use an electric guitar

Learning to play a new instrument can be a fun experience for music lovers; for this, you must know the steps necessary to make good use of the instrument. So, below we show you a brief summary with the correct way to use an electric guitar.

Electric Guitar

Tune the guitar

The first thing you should do before starting to practice is to properly tune the guitar. You can ask for help from a guitar expert who will teach you the right procedure to refine.

Slowly turn the pegs, which are on the fretboard or neck of the guitar until you get the harmonious sound of each string. Use a tuner to corroborate that the sound of the strings is correct. Currently, you can access online tuners that help you much more to accomplish this task in an easy to understand way.


Connect the guitar to the amplifier

After tuning your instrument, continue to connect the guitar to the amplifier. An amplifier is a device designed to make the sounds emitted by the guitar clearer and stronger. Connect the end of the amplifier cable to the hole on the bottom of the instrument and turn on the appliance.


Maintain a correct posture

It is very important that when you start playing the guitar, your body is in a comfortable and adequate position. If you want to play the guitar sitting, look for a chair not too high; support one of your legs on the ground and the other leg can semi support it on a smaller chair. If you want to do it standing, it is necessary that you adjust the instrument to a strap at the height of your body. Keep your shoulders and back straight at all times; if necessary, bend your back slightly for a better grip of the ropes.


Support the guitar on your leg

Being a heavy instrument, you need a support surface to maintain yourself. Place the body of the guitar on your right leg diagonally to your body. This way your guitar will be safe and ready to be used.


Put your hands in the right place

It is important that your hands and fingers are in the right place at the time of playing. Place your right hand on the strings delicately without applying pressure. At the same time, your left hand should surround the neck of the guitar; Put your thumb on the back, while placing your other fingers on the strings.


Use a plectrum if necessary

Electric guitars are characterized by the thickness of their strings. The strings tend to be thicker than the strings of an acoustic guitar; therefore, it is recommended that a plectrum is used to touch them since due to the thickness blisters and calluses may appear on your fingers that will slow down the movement between the strings.

Electric Guitar

Start with simple notes

If this is the first time you play an electric guitar, begin to learn the basic notes on the guitar. You can consult with a teacher or videos on the Internet what are the appropriate exercises according to your level of learning. As you progress through the process, try to practice harder songs and combinations until you become an expert.

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Store the guitar in its case

When you finish your lessons with the guitar, disconnect it from the amplifier and proceed to clean it. Carefully clean the guitar with a dry cloth removing any dust and dirt adhering to it; this will keep your instrument in optimal condition and with greater durability. Then, store it in its original box in a place away from sunlight.


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