Easy to Learn Guitar Songs – 3 Fun and Simple Songs That Require 3 Easy Chords

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Well first of all, what counts as “easy to learn” depends greatly on your current skill level. An “easy” song for an expert player could be so complex that no beginner or intermediate could touch it. Since you’re searching on easy to play though, let’s assume you’re a beginner. Here are three simple songs you can play with three chords or less.

1) Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This popular 90’s tune is made up of three of the simplest chords out there, D, A and G. These are the three of the most common chords you’ll find among three chord songs, and they can be combined in a number of ways. You probably won’t even need to look at the music for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, if you can play A, G and D, you’ll be able to pick the easy progression out by ear.

2) Semi-Charmed Life

This song again uses G and D much like the last one, but instead of an A chord, Semi Charmed Life used a C. Listening to this song will reveal an even simpler strumming pattern than Breakfast at Tiffany’s as the strumming is more or less just rapid and continuous. This is a song that’s also very easy to sing over while playing.

3) Love Me Do

This classic Beatles tune uses G, C and C7. Whoa, whoa, C7? That isn’t one of the standard beginner chords! Don’t worry, a C7 is just like a C but with one extra note, and switching from C to C7 is just as easy, or easier, than switching to a different chord, since three of your fingers are already in place!

Source by Randy Rhoads


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