Easy Guitar Lessons For Beginners – 4 Basic Studies

by | Dec, 2019 | Blog, Guitar Lesson

In this article are 4 easy guitar lessons for beginners. These don’t quite rock guitar lessons yet, but they will get you started on your way to playing killer guitar riffs with the best of them. Did you know that with a little searching, you can find free guitar lessons online?

Most Easy Guitar Lessons For Beginners.

1) How To Hold Your Guitar Most musicians play while resting their guitar on their leg. This works for both acoustic and electric.

Many lefties successfully train themselves to play right-handed. I know one guitarist personally who did this with stunning success and quickly became a powerful rock guitarist. After all, you must train both hands to a new skill, and you can adapt either hand easily. An advantage is that right-handed guitars are plentiful, therefore easier to purchase.

Keep the guitar straight, and close to you. Sometimes the guitar may slide off your leg while you are playing if you bend over to look where you are placing your fingers. This is normal as a beginner, but try not to make it a habit. Remember, straight and close !! Or, you can hang your guitar from a shoulder strap and stand. This can get tiring, so you will have to build up stamina.

2) Getting to Know Your Chord Chart. For the 3 chords you are learning today, you will be concentrating on the first 4 frets of your guitar, nearest the headstock. (Frets are the spaces between the metal bars crossing the guitar neck). There are 6 strings on your guitar, represented on chord charts as 6 long, horizontal lines. Number your strings 1 – 6, highest string to lowest. Number your fingers 1-4, starting from the index finger.


  • D chord: Place finger 1 on the 2nd fret, on the 3rd string. Finger 2 on the 2nd fret, on the 1st string. Put finger 3 on the 3rd fret, on the 2nd string. Now strum and you are making music!
  • C chord: Place finger 1 on the 1st fret, on the 2nd string. Put finger 2 on the 2nd fret, on the 4th string, put finger 3 on the 3rd fret, on the 5th string.
  • A chord: All fingers – 1, 2 and 3 – are positioned on the 2nd fret. Finger 1 goes on the 4th string. Finger 2 on the 3rd string. Finger 3 on the 2nd string

4) CHANGING CHORDS AND STRUMMING. Those 3 chords will enable you to play songs. Get someone in a music store to help you choose some good picks. Every guitarist has a good supply. Strum with your pick, up and down across the strings. Keep a fluid, continuous motion.

Take time to find the sounds which fit your vision of music. Eventually, you will master your own style and increase your speed. And look out for buzz, which comes from not holding down your fingers firmly enough, or in the right spot. Work to keep the rhythm steady when you change chords. Anticipate the shift just before.

It may seem a little lame, but it’s good to practice with well-known songs. It helps you to be aware of what you need to achieve. Everyone knows “Smoke On The Water!” That famous riff is just from these 3 basic chords, A, D, and C. You can get more good practice playing Stairway To Heaven on your guitar, and soon you’ll be creating your own original songs.
Source by Tyler K. Avery